Black Hair Care Products For 4C Hair

Black Hair Care Products For 4C Hair

People often ask us how to take care of their 4c hair extensions. We can tell you that it's not that different from taking care of your own 4c hair with the best black hair care products for 4c hair.

Our 4c hair has the tightest texture of all the curl patterns we carry. The hair is curled in very tight "Z" shapes that are sometimes hard to see. Like other curl types, 4c hair has different levels of density and openness. But there are a few things about 4c hair that make it stand out from the rest. 4c hair doesn't hold on to moisture well and dries out faster than hair with looser curls. A lot of 4c hair shrinks when it gets wet. It can shrink by as much as 75%. It can get tangled and matted if you don't take care of your 4c hair well. The hair on a 4c head is very thin and breaks easily.

Keep your scalp clean and healthy, but don't wash your hair too often with shampoo. It's fine to wait between 2 and 4 weeks between each cleanse. Don't use a shampoo with sulfates, and wash your hair with a conditioner and a shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates. To keep your hair from getting tangled as much as possible, you should always wash it in small sections. Pre-pooing your hair before you wash it is another great way to keep it from getting tangled. Before you get in the shower, put oil or conditioner on your hair and gently untangle it with your fingers.

Moisturizing Black Hair Care Products For 4C Hair

Even though 4c curls need moisture the most, the hair doesn't do a good job of holding on to it. Sebum can't move through 4c hair because the curls are so tight. You need a good conditioner that is made for curly hair. Most of the time, these moisturizers are thicker than other moisturizers.

Once your hair is properly moisturized, you should use a good sealant, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, or shea butter, to keep the moisture in. Even if you wear a style that protects your hair, you still need to moisturize it often. Even though it can be a pain, 4c hair needs to be detangled often. It has very tight curls, which makes it tangle much more quickly than other hair types. If you don't pay attention to this, your hair will tangle and break.

It is easy to get knots out of 4c hair. It's best to use your fingers and gently run them through hair that has been wet. To help you do this, use a conditioner with a lot of slip. Don't pull at your hair when you get a knot. Use your fingers to pull the hair strands out of the knot in a gentle way. You can run a wide-tooth comb through it again when you are done detangling your hair with your fingers.

Black Hair Care Routine For 4C Hair

Deep conditioning is great for 4c hair. We suggest that you deep condition your hair once a week and then use hot oil to seal in the moisture right after. To keep your kinks healthy and shiny, use a thick deep conditioner. For a hot oil treatment, we like to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Just heat the oil in the microwave, but make sure it's not too hot before you pour it on your hair and scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and a towel. Just leave it alone and watch what happens.

Not every hair product is the same, and not every hair product is good for 4c hair. Make sure you know how porous your hair is before you go shopping for hair products. Also, stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates and conditioners that contain silicones and parabens. Also, avoid gels that contain alcohol and leave-in conditioners that contain mineral oils. Many naturalistas were able to be successful by using products with only natural ingredients or just the natural ingredients themselves. Shea butter, rose water, and chebe powder are all natural things that are good for hair. You could also use natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and so on. Try out different things to see which ones work well for you.

Ingredients To Avoid In Black Hair Care Products For 4C Hair

As a side note, pay close attention to your products for this method. Don't buy or use anything that has silicone in it. At first, they might make your hair look shiny and healthy, but they could cause your hair to break a lot more over time. Silicones coat your hair strands, but they don't let water stick to them. Here, water is very important, and we don't want you to be left wondering what went wrong. Do your research, because there are many great conditioners, moisturizers, and creams that don't contain silicones.

Here's another golden nugget: If you use products with a lot of silicone but shampoos without sulfates, your hair will build up a lot over time. Only sulfates are good at getting rid of silicones.

YouTube is the best place to go for anything to do with natural hair. The trick is to find people with hair like yours. There are a lot of great natural hair YouTubers with 4c hair, but you'll have to look for them. Find out what hair products they buy, how they style their hair, and what they make themselves. They will also tell you what works and what doesn't, so you won't feel so alone on your journey.

How To Style 4C Hair?

Don't try too hard to style 4c hair. Instead, just enjoy its natural beauty. A protective style is the easiest way to change up what you do with your hair. Since 4c hair is very fragile, too much styling can cause it to break. You might want to try braids, wigs, twists, or 4c hair extensions. The important thing is to be happy with your texture and not want it to be different. Your hair looks great just as it is. Just make sure to keep your hair moisturized and know when to take it down if you choose a protective style.

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