Anti Aging Face Wash

The elderly demand these anti aging face wash products. They aim to minimize some physical problems in old age in this way. Among these anti aging face wash products, we can count products such as stain removal cream, moisturizer, face serums, tonic, rose water, face wash foam.

Anti Aging Face Wash

Tonics are lotions specially produced for skin cleansing. It contains selected compounds with skin cleansing and purifying properties. The most important feature is that they are antiseptic. Anti aging face wash tonics can clean and disinfect dirty and oily skin all day long. After the first step of cleaning, they wipe the dirt left in the pores as a second step. The label of a toner you will use for dry skin should include phrases such as moisturizer or lotion. There should be no oil on the label of the anti aging face wash tonic that people with oily skin will choose.

Anti Aging Face Wash Rose Water

It maintains the pH balance of your skin. Excessive use of soap and facial cleansers can disrupt the pH level of your skin, which can cause problems such as acne. Rose water helps balance deterioration by bringing your skin's pH levels back to normal.

Prevents acne. Rose water helps to remove excess oils from your face. It also helps to deter bacterial growth caused by acne with its pH balancing feature. Helps reduce acne.

It tones your skin. Rose water cleans pores and oils and prepares your skin for the best hydration. Rose water is an excellent tonic thanks to its pH balancing feature. It helps to remove dirt from your skin.

It moisturizes your skin. A common misconception about toners is that they dry out your skin. This is not true when you use natural and gentle ingredients like pure rose water for the skin. Rose water helps refresh your skin by settling in your pores and providing hydration.
It reduces swelling. The anti-inflammatory property of rose water can treat your swelling. In particular, it allows you to cope with your under-eye puffiness.

After cooling the rose water in the refrigerator for a while, squeeze it on a cotton ball and place it on your eyes. Within a few minutes, you will observe that the swelling is reduced.

It can be used on sensitive skin. Rose water is a product that can be used for sensitive skin with its natural and light structure. Relieves redness and irritation. The best part about rose water is that it has no side effects.

Old Age

Two terms are frequently used in the field of old age; geriatrics and gerontology. Geriatrics is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of health problems of the elderly.

Gerontology is a field related to the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of old age. As expressed in these definitions, geriatrics is a medical specialty, whereas gerontology is more of social interest. However, when examining the problems of the elderly, the geriatric approach and gerontology practices should be considered together.

Aging and old age are complex phenomena. Biologically, aging is the accumulation of a series of damage that occurs at the molecular and cellular levels. This damage leads to a decrease in physiological capacity and an increase in the risk of various diseases over the years, resulting in a decrease in the capacity of the individual.

However, the correlation of changes with age is rather weak; does not increase linearly with age. Therefore, for example, a 70-year-old person may lead a physically and mentally active life, while another may need significant medical support to meet their basic life needs. The aging process occurs randomly; It is not possible to predict in advance what position individuals will be in when they get older. However, various environmental factors and individual characteristics can be effective in this process.

Being Old

With advancing age, many physiological changes occur in the organism, and the risk of non-communicable diseases such as heart and respiratory diseases, cancer, and diabetes increases. Physiological changes and diseases also occur randomly. In addition, there are significant differences among elderly individuals in terms of the severity of the emerging health problems and how they can be controlled. For example, the incidence of hypertension increases with age, but hypertension does not occur in every elderly person. On the other hand, while the blood pressure of some hypertensive patients can be easily controlled, in another patient it may be necessary to use various drugs to control hypertension.

Social Aging

They always make different age groups of the population as “child - young - adult - old”. The group that includes the basic education years from birth (0-14 years) is the child group. The period from basic education until people start working life (15-24 years) represents the young population.

The period between working age and retirement age (25-64 years) is the adulthood, and after retirement (65 and over) is the elderly group. In the middle of the last century, the worldwide life expectancy at birth in this classification was below 50 years of age and the number of elderly individuals was not high, the share of the over 65 age group in the population was around 5%.

At that time, deaths in infancy and early childhood were high due to excessive fertility and infectious diseases in societies. In this case, health services aimed to prevent premature deaths and prolong life, and this aim was expressed as “Add years to life”.
As a result of the developments in education and health services over time, fertility has decreased in societies, infant and child mortality has decreased and human lifespan has extended. As a result, more people began to live to old age, the elderly population increased.


In the middle of the last century, the share of children in the world population is about three times the share of the elderly. Over time, while the child population decreased, the elderly population increased and in these years, the child and elderly populations became equal to each other. In the next 30 years, it is estimated that the share of the elderly population will exceed twice the child population.

The increase in the elderly population is accelerating gradually; In countries with a young population structure, the increase in the elderly population is faster. For example, while the share of the elderly population in the total population increased from 7% to 14% in countries such as France and Sweden in 100 years, the same change occurred in a short period of 20-30 years in countries such as Thailand, China, and Brazil, which have young populations today.

Healthy Aging

It is desirable for people to live long. However, people living for a long time have some health problems and their need for health services has increased. This, on the other hand, negatively affected the quality of life of the elderly due to health problems. However, not everyone who gets older has health problems. Some people can lead a healthy life despite their advanced age. They can live their lives in harmony with their simple problems that do not affect their quality of life.
“Healthy aging” programs started to be developed to live as a healthy individual until old age without any health problems.

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