Anti Aging Skin Care Routine 30s

The anti aging skin care routine achieves success with continuity in the 30s. It will be good for you to do these things so that your skin looks bright, moist and smooth against the aging effects that start gradually. Because although it has not fully started at this age, wrinkles may begin on your skin gradually. Timely intervention will save you from harm for later years. It will help in reducing or covering the wrinkles that will occur. Therefore, anti aging skin care routine becomes thoroughly important in the 30s. Toxins are balanced and your skin starts to shine again. For this, it is necessary to establish two cleaning routines, day and night. The anti aging skin care routine is ideal for those in their 30s.

Anti Aging Skin Care Routine 30s

In the day care, you should first wash your face with a cleansing gel. In the meantime, you can massage your face by making circular movements with your hand. You will finish the face wash by drying it with warm water and a soft towel. Next comes exfoliating the skin. This is done by taking a small amount in your exfoliant and applying it to your face. Because it can cause irritation. After doing this application for about a minute, wash and dry it. Afterwards, the serum application phase begins. You can complete this step by applying two or three drops of serum to your face.

Finally, it remains to moisturize and protect from the sun. Continue to protect your face with a good moisturizer followed by sunscreen. In the night routine, complete your care by washing the face, exfoliating the skin and using a moisturizer. When you start your anti aging skin care routine in your 30s, you will notice the difference in your later years.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water For The Skin?

There is no one who does not know that drinking water beautifies the skin and how important it is to drink it during the day. These are not false information. Water has many effects on the skin. First of all, drinking water helps to remove the edema in our face. The reason for the formation of edema is due to the skin's desire to store water. That is, there is a certain amount of water that the body needs. And if you do not drink this water, the water in the body is retained. It is stored. This edema continues as the thirst continues. Drinking enough water a day is enough to get rid of this edema. Even drinking a glass of water before going to bed at night is a reason not to wake up with a swollen face.

At the same time, drinking water is also good for wrinkles on the skin. Dry and dehydrated skin is more likely to wrinkle. Therefore, you should both moisturize your skin and drink water. As a result of the researches, it is understood that the most important thing for the regeneration of organs and cells is water. If the cells under the skin do not meet with enough water, the face starts to become dull and wrinkled.

During the day, on average, our body expels 1500 ml of water with urine, 400 ml of water with sweat and 200 ml of water with feces. Based on these calculations, our body loses about 2500 ml of water per day. Gaining water into the body is not just about drinking water. We can meet some of the water we need with the food we eat. Therefore, drinking two or three liters of water a day is sufficient for a healthy life.

Effect Of Sun On Aging

The UV rays of the sun are the biggest factor in skin aging caused by external factors. UV rays do this by acting under the basal layer of the skin. 80% of signs of aging are caused by UV rays. UV light is divided into two types of rays, UVA and UVB. And the answer sought for the sun's aging of the skin is actually within these rays. The sun's rays react with the oxygen in the air. As a result of this reaction, free radicals are formed. For this to occur, one of the electrons must come out of orbit, destabilizing the oxygen. When these free radicals come to our face, our cells are damaged. It even damages the basic DNA of the skin.

Our body and skin are frequently exposed to these free radicals. But we don't realize this until we get older. And as we get older, we notice these effects. By the time we realize it, it's usually too late. Because wrinkles have formed and people begin to think that they are getting old. Keeping the skin young and in good condition helps to reduce the effect of these energy particles. It is obvious that the signs of aging on your face are caused by the sun. Wrinkles or crow's feet are wrinkles caused by the sun. Skin sagging, uneven skin texture, visible pores on the cheek, redness, uneven color tone of the skin are also signs of aging caused by the sun.

Should Anti-Aging Products Be Used?

Dermatologists and skin care specialists do not see any objection to the use of anti-aging products. They even state that the anti-aging skin care routine should start at the age of 30s. Anti-aging products are used without the need for a doctor's prescription or permission. But for its effect to increase, the anti-aging skin care routine should start at the age of 30s. However, you can understand the difference that will occur in this way. Access to anti-aging products is also very easy. You can find these products in many stores around you or on the internet. You should review the products and choose the one that suits you.

If your anti-aging skin care routine starts in your 30s, your aging will be delayed considerably. And maybe you will pass these ages without dealing with problems such as wrinkles, sagging, pore opening. Therefore, do not think that it is earlier or that I do not have wrinkles. Start when you find the time and use it regularly. Thus, you will achieve the image you have dreamed of.


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