Best Anti Aging Regimen

Delaying and preventing skin aging is something everyone wants. That's why almost every woman and man does a lot of research on the best anti aging regimen recently. Aging reflects its effects on people in every respect. One of these effects, and the most striking, is the effects of aging on the skin. With aging, the skin becomes wrinkled and stained. In this case, it can injure people psychologically. However, although aging cannot be prevented, it is possible to minimize the effects of aging on the skin. In case of going to the dermatologist regularly, the dermatologist informs about the best anti aging regimen. When you follow this regimen, your skin may be 15 years younger than you on average. I can sense your excitement. Let us see what the details are.

Best Anti Aging Regimen Details

Best anti aging regimen is the general name of the treatments organized by dermatologists for age ranges. To give an example, the care that should be done at the age of 25 and what should be done at the age of 35 are different. Because in this process, the needs of the skin change. As you get older, what you need to do differs. The reason for this is that the person's metabolism also changes. The functions of cells change as they age. It slows down and may stop. In this case, the path to be followed changes.

Best Anti Aging Regimen In Your 20s

Anti-aging products were previously used by people over the age of 35. But today this understanding has changed. Your 20s are the age when it's time to maintain your youthful and glowing skin. You must act before wrinkles appear. The best anti aging regimen is the one that starts early. No one can guarantee that your skin will be this beautiful and healthy in the following years. The first habit you should acquire at this age is to use sunscreen. In addition, you should not neglect to use a moisturizer to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Even if your skin is oily, you should choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. If you are complaining about acne scars, you should solve the source of this situation with a dermatologist. Because now you need to get rid of your acne.

Best Anti Aging Regimen In Your 30s

If you have made a habit of using sunscreen and have been meticulous about moisturizer, you have not seen a radical change in your skin. But that may be the decade when your skin may start to look dull due to slower cell turnover. For this reason, it may be time to put regular exfoliation among your priorities. Those who like to sunbathe and live in sunny geographies may see an increase in fine lines such as dark spots and loss of elasticity at this age. The best anti aging regimen of the 30s also starts here. You may not have gotten into the habit of using sunscreen yet. But it's not too late for anything. In addition, the age of 30 is the age when you should focus on your eye area care. It is quite possible that you will encounter dark circles, lines, and under-eye bags.

Best Anti Aging Regimen In Your 40s

Experts say that dark-skinned women in their 40s often face age-related issues such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume. They say that women with light skin color often face the problems of sun-related spotting, freckling and hyperpigmentation. And since the 40s are the pre-menopausal period, acne and dryness are also some of the problems seen during this period. If you have just started the best anti aging regimen, it may be too late. But you will definitely see the benefits. Using serum is also very important in this period. You should use serums containing vitamin C or E to repair and protect the skin. You can also use serums and creams that contain collagen or increase collagen production. Make sure to use it though. On top of these serums, use a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 spf.

Best Anti Aging Regimen In Your 50s

The best anti aging regimen is important at any age, but it is especially important now. Your happiness is reflected in your beauty and your beauty is reflected in the people around you. Experts say you should make happiness your first goal. At these ages, there are things that are more important than genetics in influencing the rate of aging. You can truly reap the benefits of making the right choices with a wise lifestyle.

Studies by experts on twin siblings have proven that not smoking, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and managing stress have a huge impact. You may be seeing your skin become thinner at this age. Also, your skin may be sagging. The bone around the jaw may melt at this age. For this reason, you may have a jowl. Your face may be sunken because you've lost fat. Your lines and wrinkles may have deepened. And your hyper pigmentation is greatly increased. You can also see in the mirror that your skin is drier and flakier.

Effects of Happiness on the Skin

Resolving stress-based skin problems is not that difficult. The key to a healthy life and healthy skin is hidden somewhere in serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. Serotonin causes blood flow to accelerate. Rapid blood flow also makes skin regeneration easier. Our cheeks turn red when we are happy. The reason for this is the reddening of the blood flow due to the hormone serotonin. Serotonin, which is directly related to the beauty of the skin, also has an important effect on important parts of life such as sleep, sexual desire, appetite and mental activities.

Another key to happiness is the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the body's biological clock and sleep times. A well-rested body also means healthy skin. In other words, people who secrete melatonin at the optimum level feel psychologically happier than people who are tired. As a result, these people have healthier skin.



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