Black Hair Care Products Linked To Cancer

Effect of black hair care products and hair dyes has been determined In researches linked to cancer. According to these studies, are triggered by black hair care products and dyes linked to cancer effects. In particular, dyeing hair has been determined to be quite harmful. In recent years, the rate of use of hair dye has increased considerably. Almost half of the population uses hair dyes. When this is the case, the effect of black hair care products and dyes made linked to cancer has been the subject of research. Hair dyes are examined in three types as permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Approximately 80% of the products used in the market consist of permanent dyes. These dyes contain colorless intermediates and also contain dye binders. Normally, colorless substances create dark colors by forming pigment with hydrogen peroxide in the hair shaft.

Semi-permanent and temporary paints do not contain oxidant substances. Therefore, it flows after a certain wash. Hair dyes contain more than 5000 chemicals. Some of these have been found to cause cancer in animals. For this reason, it is desired to determine the importance of black hair care products and hair dyes in linked to cancer research. And as a result of research, it has been determined that hair dyes increase the risk of skin cancer. The reason why the results of these studies are not fully clear is the hairdressers. In such a case, it is thought that the hairdressers will suffer professionally.

The Risk Of Hair Colors

Hair dyes contain chemicals called aromatic amines and phenols. These products have a direct carcinogenic effect. It has been determined that these compounds affect the liver first while triggering cancer. Dyes and black hair care products come to the fore in the investigation of linked to cancer causes. Because these stand out in almost every, black hair care products and hair dyes linked to cancer research. As a result of research, the relationship between hair dyes and cancers such as skin, ovary, bladder, leukemia, breast, brain, lymphoma has been observed.

This situation has become clearer on the researches and surveys conducted. People who dye their hair the most in a year have twice the risk of cancer than those who never dye it. It has been revealed that people who dye their hair in dark colors for many years have a three times higher risk of developing cancer than those who have never dyed them. Moreover, even if hairdressers who dye their hair have never dyed their hair, the risk of getting cancer is 50% higher than other people.

Many scientists are doing research on this subject. And every time, similar results are obtained. Therefore, you should stay away from hair dyes. Otherwise, you may catch a serious illness such as cancer. In fact, hair dyes are also very harmful for hair health. It causes the hair to dry, break and burn. It requires extra care. And no matter how much you care, the damage to the hair will not go away. In addition, it also causes hair loss as it causes thinning and weakness in the hair follicles.

How To Care For Dyed Hair?

To dye hair means to disturb the balance of the hair. And it causes hair breakage and sensitivities. And hair care becomes very important. First of all, try to protect your hair from chlorine during your hair care. There is chlorine in the pools we enter, especially in the summer. Contact of chlorine with hair also damages it. Wash your hair less frequently so that your hair dye does not run. Otherwise, your hair dye will flow quickly and you will have to dye your hair frequently. This means doing more damage to your hair. Make sure that the products you use (shampoo, conditioner) are color protective. Both of these products have a caring effect for colored hair. It also helps you dye your hair later.

Moisture care is the best thing for colored hair. You can do this with hair masks that you will prepare with products available at home. In addition, eat healthy foods that are high in protein. Because the products you eat also affect your hair health. In addition, try to use products that do not contain sulfates and parabens. When taking a shower, try not to shower with very hot water. If you can't stop styling your hair in daily life, there is a solution. You can use heat protectant hair care products. So you do your hair the way you want and your hair will not be damaged too much.

Hair Mask Making Advice

Hair care masks, which are good for various issues, are made with various products. E.g; There is a special mask recipe for thin and sparse hair. Masks prepared for this type of hair structure should have a filling and strengthening effect. Bananas and eggs, which contain plenty of amino acids, are perfect for such masks. Mix two egg yolks, two bananas, two tablespoons of honey, half a glass of conditioner and two tablespoons of olive oil. After they are all mixed together, feed them into your hair thoroughly. Let it sit for about twenty thirty minutes and then rinse it off. Every pre-shower application will be good for your hair.

There is also a separate hair mask recipe for hair that breaks easily and becomes more dull. This type of hair has generally lost its vitality and shine. And that's why they break easily. You can make your hair healthy with hair masks that you can make at home. The main products in this variety of masks are eggs and lemon. Your hair will be nourished very well with this mask. Mix two egg yolks and a little lemon. Then apply from the roots to the ends of the hair. Leave it on your hair for about thirty minutes. If you add apple cider vinegar to it, your hair will regain its shine.

Coconut oil is great for damaged hair. Generally, hair styling is immediately affected by environmental conditions and air pollution. And it starts to break down. Split hair ends mean broken hair structure. To avoid this fatigue, heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in the microwave. Apply this oil to your hair. And let it stay in your hair overnight. Then wash your hair when you wake up.

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