Black Owned Hair Care Products For Natural Hair

Black Owned Hair Care Products For Natural Hair

In addition to consistency, commitment, and patience, you need to know how your hair grows and the best natural hair care products during this phase. If you want to keep your hair long, you should know that you can switch to natural hair without doing a big chop. But whether you cut or not, you should expect it to take a while for your natural curls to come back and take shape. The process of transitioning may seem hard at first, but before you know it, you'll have a natural hair routine down pat, and your curls will start to show. Here's what you need to know about black owned hair care products for natural hair.

Everyone's hair is different, so even though the steps to go from relaxed to natural hair may seem the same, the way your hair reacts may be different from someone else's. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way—the goal is always healthy hair.

Whether you do a big chop or slowly grow out a relaxer, it will take at least three to four months to start to see real changes. It may take a whole year to be free of all chemicals for some people. It depends on how long it takes your hair to grow and how well you take care of and protect it while it's in the transition phase.

How To Add Black Owned Hair Care Products For Natural Hair To Your Routine?

Try not to put a deadline on when you want to rock a certain curly hairstyle. It will be hard. Keeping track of what you want to happen will make the stages less frustrating. You'll get there, but it might not be in your set time frame. You should also give yourself some wiggle room to figure out how to take care of your natural hair and style it to protect it. All of these things can slow down your growth goals.

Only cut when you have to. If you want to go back to your natural hair without cutting it, there are a few ways to let your curls grow. But for the health of your new curls, you need to do some cutting. It doesn't have to be a buzz cut or a big chop, but trimming the ends of your hair gradually every six to eight weeks (something you should do whether your hair is relaxed or natural) will not only speed up the process but it will also keep your hair from breaking as it goes from being straightened by chemicals to being natural.

When hair is changing, it is very weak. It's the weakest right where your new growth and previously straightened hair meet, so you'll need to pay extra attention to that area. To do this, don't let the hair dry out. This is what will cause things to break.

Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair

Plan out how you will protect yourself. You don't want to set time limits during this process, but you can map out your styling options. Set up a schedule of different hairstyles, whether it's box braids for a few months and then flexi-rod sets for a couple of weeks or something else entirely. This will give you something to look forward to in the short term and take your mind off how much your curls have grown.

There are a lot of protective styles you can try, and the idea is great for transitioning in general. It gives your hair a break and a chance to breathe. This makes it easier to grow and lessens wear and tear. No matter what style you choose to protect your hair, don't let it pull on your hairline, temples, or nape of your neck. The baby hairs in these areas are just as fragile as the hair that was chemically treated before, so you should also avoid pulling on your edges.

Avoid Heated Styling Products

Use less heat to style your hair. For the same reason that you should deep condition your hair more often, you should also use less heat on your hair. This is one of the most important hair tips for making a change. You might want to keep your hair straight until you have enough new growth to wear it curly, but using hot tools can dry out your hair even more and cause it to break. It can also change the way your new curls are growing, which can be bad for their health. Curls may look flattened, twisted, and damaged by heat.

Don't worry about the loss of hair. When making a change, there can be a lot of emotional stages. One minute you think you've got it all under control, and the next, you're staring at strands of hair in the sink that used to be on your head. Does hair that is in transition shed a lot? If you don't moisturize your hair often, it will break more. But remember that your hair should naturally fall out—about 50 to 100 hairs a day, to be exact. So, no matter what happens, you can expect some effects.

Whether you're transitioning or not, you can expect to lose some hair when you take down your braids or twists if you're protective styling. This is because some hair couldn't come out while your style was in place. This is very normal and nothing to worry about. You should sound the alarm when you see hairball-sized clumps of hair every day. This could be a sign of a bigger problem than a hairdresser or dermatologist can help with.

Avoid Drying Ingredients

Using the wrong products is another thing that could slow down the transition process. In the same way that too much heat can dry out your hair, sulfate shampoos and conditioners and alcohol-based stylers can do the same thing. It is more likely to break no matter what caused the dry hair. Instead, look for moisturizing formulas like sulfate-free shampoo for natural hair and moisturizing hair conditioners. Replenish moisture, often focusing on the point where your new growth and relaxed hair meet.

Protein treatments are also on the list of things to avoid when making the switch to natural hair. In general, these are great for strengthening hair and can be one of the best natural hair products, but they don't moisturize as well as other products. Protein treatments can make hair more dry and brittle, which is not good for transitioning hair, which needs all the moisture it can get.

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