Collagen Anti Aging

Collagen anti aging cure has successful results about prevent aging. And collagen is a type of protein. It is very important to make the most of this protein. And we suggest you know everything about this protein. If you want to have this cure you need to know everything about collagen anti aging cure.

CollagenIt is a structural protein found in many organs in the body, especially in skin, bone, tendon, and ligaments. It is the most abundant protein in the body and makes up one-third of all body proteins. Collagen, a very important component of connective tissue, holds the tissues together like glue. It is abundant in the body and has various functions in different tissues. Collagen is the basic substance that maintains the body structure.

What Are the Types of Colleges?

There are many different types of collagen molecules in the body. Although the main task of all of them is to support the connective tissue structure, each has several specialized tasks. Basic collagen types:

Type 1 collagen:

90% of the collagen in the body is Type 1 collagen. It is found in a tightly bundled filament structure. It is responsible for the establishment of bone, skin, tendon, fibrous cartilage, and tooth structure.

Type 2 collagen:

In this type, collagen fibers are more loosely packed than Type 1. It is found in the elastic cartilage in the joints.

Type 3 collagen:

It is the basis of muscle, organ, and vascular structures.

Type 4 collagen:

Found in skin layers.

As age progresses, collagen production in the body decreases, and poorer quality collagen is produced. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles occur. The cartilage tissue also weakens. There may be problems with the joints.

Collagen is also very important for hair. Along with collagen anti aging treatment, collagen is also used in hair care.

Collagen with Hair Care

As collagen is an important component for hair care, it is also very rich in amino acids that enable hair to regrow. Especially in hair with baldness and thinning in certain areas, new hair follicles can be obtained with the use of collagen.

The proline substance in the collagen component directly affects the keratin substance in the hair structure. Collagen care against the baldness problem caused by keratin deficiency will strengthen the keratin structure. Collagen, which contributes to the formation of new hair strands by stimulating the hair follicles, also nourishes the weak and undeveloped hair strands, ensuring healthier hair.

When we examine the effects of collagen on hair health, we see that it makes the hair look brighter and livelier. Due to aging, the elastic collagen substance in the hair begins to decrease. While the hair becomes more fragile, it begins to display a more lifeless and dull appearance. And it can be seen with problems such as shedding and partial sparsity.

In the case of collagen care, it can prevent all these situations in the hair and regain the elastic appearance it needs. Collagen feeds the fat layer at the bottom of the hair, creating stronger connections between hair strands and hair follicles. In this way, the moisturizing effects from the oil layer pass to the hair. Fractures and dullness caused by dryness disappear in a short time.

Collagen Care for Hair Growth

Collagen nourishes the skin in the middle layer of the dermis in the human body. The growth feature of the hair is also in the dermis, the skin in the middle part. If you use collagen products in hair care, you will see hair growth and revitalization. Collagen, which not only allows hair growth but also small hairs and hairs such as eyebrows and eyelashes, also increases the volume of the hair. People with lifeless hair structures can have denser and voluminous hair by strengthening the dermis structure with collagen.

Hair Loss Prevention Care

Applying collagen care in the prevention of hair loss can reduce shedding by 90%. In the researches carried out by Japanese scientists, it has been explained that the problem of hair loss is due to the decrease of the collagen substance in the hair follicles. Accordingly, increasing the amount of collagen in the hair follicles strengthens the intercellular peptide bonds. It will also prevent spills to a large extent. The researchers also found that people with high collagen production had less hair loss.

Free radicals in the structure of the hair cause damage to the hair follicles after a while. The proline substance in TYPE I and TYPE III collagen reduces the effectiveness of free radicals. In this way, hair loss is reduced and damage to the hair can be minimized.

Collagen Anti Aging Treatment

Collagen vaccine is one of the treatment methods that doctors use today for deformations on the skin due to age and various factors. This vaccine, which is one of the methods that will provide rejuvenation, is a type of treatment that increases collagen, one of the basic building blocks of the skin. Collagen is a protein that doctors infuse under the skin to improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

What Is the Collagen Anti Aging Vaccine?

It is a method that doctors do by injecting into the skin to regain the lost elasticity and brightness of the skin, remove wrinkles, and reconstruct the skin.

Who Can Have This Collagen Anti Aging Vaccine?

After the age of 25, they can do it for young people as a precaution, and for people who are in the aging process to stop it.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women,

For autoimmune patients, for diabetics, for those with skin inflammation,

To cancer patients,

Those who received laser treatment in the same period,

They don't apply to those who have chemical peeling.

Collagen vaccine stimulates fibroblast production, which they use in medicine's cosmetic and anti-aging treatments. It is an application made by specialist doctors to revitalize the skin and gives excellent results. This vaccine is single-use and is a safe method with no side effects. They also use the collagen anti aging vaccine for this purpose.

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