Curly Hair Serum

Curly or frizzy texture calls for a creamy curling serum to inject hydration into the strands.

This sort of hair tends to dry out quickly and needs much moisture.

In addition to using a specialized washing system, this hair needs a nourishing mask and hair serums.

You have to be very gentle when choosing this final product because not all formulas are the same.

If you want to know which is the best serum on the market, keep reading, because here we are going to reveal it.

All about Creamy Curl Serum

Why a creamy curl serum?
After studying several hair serums carefully, we found that Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Creme Serum is the best.

This creamy curl serum works, and after using it for a couple of weeks, you will notice the difference.

It is the first deep penetrating serum that is applicable to wet or dry hair.

Thanks to its quick-drying technology and its lightweight formula, you can apply this product at any time.

Enriched with Omega 9 and buriti oil, in addition to moisturizing, this serum creates a barrier against frizz.

Because this product contains glycerin, it deposits on the inner layers of the strands.

The result is soft, hydrated, manageable curls, without frizz, and with much bounce.

Creamy Curl Serum

Serums not only moisturize, but they also offer a definition.
How to use this product on the hair
As we mention, these creamy curl hair serums are applicable to wet or dry hair.

It should be noted that freshly washed hair is more vulnerable and susceptible to receiving nutrients.

That is why we recommend applying this serum 10 minutes after getting out of the shower.

Place a little of the product in the palm of your hands, and apply it first to the tips.

Work the product from the bottom up until you reach the roots.

This method of application is recommendable since the structure of the curl is thicker at the ends.

Usually, the products are concentrated from the roots to medium, and therefore this part of the hair is
more hydrated.

On the other hand, the mid-to-toe section tends to be a bit drier, rebellious, and frizzy.

Benefit of Serum

As you well know, the premium cosmetic treatment for the face is hair serums, the only cosmetic capable of including the maximum concentration of active ingredients in its formula. Therefore, you indeed have more than one in your toiletry bag to care for and improve the skin's look on your face. The same is valid for hair serum, a cosmetic preparation that takes the same utmost care approach to hair.

A hair serum or serum is a cosmetic with an aqueous base that contains a high concentration of powerful active ingredients to repair any damage that the hair may present. This is not one of the best times for hair. Apart from the aggression caused by the usual dyes, the sun, salt, and chlorine, they influence a lot! When it comes to punishing the hair. Altogether, with the collaboration of the heat tools, they provide terrible mistreatment that, in all probability, will lead you to resort to scissors. If you do not want to have to do it, or at least not drastically, you need the invaluable help of serum, an infallible cosmetic, which you must learn to get the most out of.

The six beneficial effects of the serum:

  1. Seals cuticles
  2. Deeply hydrates hair.
  3. Avoid and combat frizz.
  4. Provides extra shine and softness to the hair.
  5. Repair split and damaged ends.
  6. Protects hair from the use of heat tools.

The serum is a universal treatment that adapts to the needs of all hair types, cut styles, and coloring. (Image: Jean Louis David).

Types of Serums

While all hair serums have a positive cosmetic function, their formulas can be more specific, targeting more precisely protection, straightening, repair, split ends, or anti-frizz. Also, some textures are more suitable if the hair is fine, thick, oily, or dry.

Anti-frizz: The most effective option for treating curly or dry hair. Its way of acting is by moisturizing the follicles and smoothing them for a more or less prolonged period. Formulated with natural oils, including argan, they help prevent frizz by blocking moisture and other possible environmental variants. They are applicable with both wet and dry hair because they can be in usage throughout the day as maintenance.

Shine: On all types of hair with extreme opacity and dryness. They are presented in a spray to evenly disperse their micro drops throughout the hair in charge of providing shine and luminosity. Don't overuse them because they could make the hair greasy.

Protection: Ideal for colored hair and / with manes that frequently use heat tools. They are usually made in cream to envelop the hair strands with oiliness, and its application would be with damp hair; although, in minimal doses, it can be used on dry hair. They are also applicable to texturize and facilitate styling on unruly or wonderful hair.

Restorative: Suitable for hair damaged and abused by straightening or curling techniques, coloring, and bleaching. Generally, they are applicable generously all over the coat at night, before sleeping, the next day, wash the hair regularly. The result will be a supple scalp and smooth, moving hair. They can also be applied during the day, always in minimum doses so that the hair strands absorb it without a problem and the subsequent rinsing is not necessary.

Expert Word

The frequency of use is fundamental; if you notice that your hair, although needy, is not very dry, dull and its ends are only somewhat dry, but not broken, you can limit the use to once or twice a week with a formula that does not require rinsing. Otherwise, to check its benefits, you need to do it every time you wash your hair, wet hair and work it wick by the wick.

You may likely have interest in more than one, for example, if you have fine hair, one that increases the hair fiber, to apply from root to tip; and if you do your hair with an iron, another to protect you from the heat from medium to ends. The hair serums are combinable and can do their job without interfering with each other's process. Here are 15 serums with different formulas and textures. Be guided by its statement, which is usually quite descriptive, so that it fully adapts to your requirements.

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