Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products For Sensitive Skin

What kind the dermatologist recommended of skin care products did for sensitive skin, what kind of skin care is needed are frequently asked questions. Skin care products recommended by dermatologists vary according to your skin structure. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a brand or variety directly. Therefore, instead of the question of what kind of skin care products the dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin care products, we will explain how the dermatologist recommends for sensitive skin. Strengthening the barrier function in sensitive skin is good for problems such as redness, burning, itching and flaking. So, let's talk about what to do to strengthen the barrier function of the skin.

What Skin Care Products Does The Dermatologist Recommend For Sensitive Skin?

Dermatologist recommended less foaming skin care products for sensitive skin. Chemicals in foaming cleaning products are very similar to those used in detergent production. These chemicals are intended to remove sebum from the skin. Instead, it would be better to choose cleansing milks. By using perfume-free dermocosmetic products, you will not harm your sensitive skin. In addition, it is necessary to avoid substances that increase the absorption of the skin. For this, there are chemical substances consisting of acid-containing peeling, propylene glycol and alcohols. Make sure that the care products you use are for sensitive skin. Try not to do peelings that require scrubbing. Additionally, you need to avoid sunny environments.

You should choose products that contain lipid supplements and substances that will repair and strengthen the barrier function. These are; phospholipids, fatty acids, cholesterol and peptides. You should choose fragrance-free skin care products. And every day, even if there is no sun, you need to go out with sunscreen.

Sensitive Skin Diagnosis

We know that sensitive skin has effects such as redness, itching and swelling. But these effects are sometimes seen in everyone. And we may not know if our skin is sensitive or not. We'll tell you a few things about how to find out. First of all, of course, it is difficult to distinguish between ordinary skin and sensitive skin. Because the chemicals or cleaning products in the products used for skin care also have an effect on the skin. Therefore, it would be better for the doctor to diagnose sensitive skin. Maybe you are having problems like this because of the unhealthy care products you buy. Therefore, before researching which  dermatologist recommended skin care products for sensitive skin, find out about your skin sensitivity.

If your skin type is sensitive, you can start researching which  dermatologist recommended skin care products for sensitive skin. Or you can research what dermatologist recommend when choosing skin care products for sensitive skin. It's clear what doctors do for diagnosing sensitive skin. They look at the effects of pustules, skin bumps and skin erosion. Then they look to see if there is a very dry skin structure that cannot protect the nerve endings in the skin. And finally, they examine whether the rate and tendency of blushing on the face and body are the same.

Genetic sensitive skin problem is found in people with fair skin, red hair and colored eyes. The epidermis is thinner in these people. When this happens, blood vessels become closer to the surface. A skin structure that is very sensitive to sun, heat and cold is formed. Skin layers and protective oils are also not enough. Disturbances in barrier functions occur more easily in such skins. Irritation of their skin is also expected from many unexpected things.

What Is Skin Type?

Skin type differs from person to person. Every skin is different from the other and every skin type has different characteristics and problems. Sebum in the skin is one of the most important factors in determining the skin type. Other than sebum; Gender, age and genetic effects are also very effective in determining skin type. Even the skin type may not always stay the same. Your skin type may change over time due to environmental conditions and factors such as humidity in the air. The skin structure is generally examined under five headings. To do skin care correctly, you need to know your skin type. Each skin type has a different need for cleansing and moisturizing. In short, you need to know your skin type to get the necessary effect from the skin care you do.

There are five skin types: combination, sensitive, oily, dry and normal. In addition to these, there is also a blemished and acne-prone skin type. No matter how much you know about skin types, you cannot understand exactly what skin type you are without a skin analysis. This is immediately evident by the analysis made by the experts. In this case, you will be able to use the products you need for your skin.

Special Care Recommendations For Oily Skin

You can feel dirty as oily skin makes you feel a constant accumulation of oil on your face. Or, because of the lubrication that occurs, the skin becomes shiny, and you may be uncomfortable with it. You can get rid of them by choosing the right care products. Therefore, it will be good to use products that do not contain oil and cream. Whenever possible, try to clean your skin with water-based foams. And clean your skin regularly.

During skin cleansing, you may notice large pores on your face. Thanks to these pores, the skin becomes more oily. Additionally, these pores also promote acne formation. For this reason, you can use pore tightening products. In this way, the effect of acne and oiliness is also reduced. The main cause of oily skin is moisture imbalance. You can create moisture balance by using moisturizers suitable for oily skin type. It is also recommended to use toner for oily skin type. If you know your skin type and prefer a care according to it, you can get rid of this situation. However, in the products you use without knowing your skin type, you may not find the performance you expect, even if it is the best care product.

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