Does Hair Serum Work?

Many women cannot afford to wear long hair because they begin to become brittle and weakened by regrowth processes. Succumbing to the intersection of the tips and the chaotic gun. The effect of serums on hair is wholly based on select active ingredients in their composition. The high concentration of natural oils, vitamins, proteins, biopolymers. Also, essential trace elements allow this cosmetic product to cure hair and protect them from possible problems.

Thus, it is the composition of hair serums that determines their functionality. For example, the oils available simplify the combing procedure, give the hair a radiant look, and get rid of the tips' effect. And in this case, it is not necessary to be afraid of the increased stickiness of hair. As well as its imaginary fat content.

How Hair Serums Works

Serums have their protective and nourishing effect because they envelop the hair; it is on their surface as a protective layer. That is why they should not be washed off. Moreover, this cosmetic can apply to both wet and dry hair. However, the greatest wow-effect is achievable when the serum is under usage to damp hair.

The serum's unique ability, designed to get rid of hair loss and dandruff, should be singled out. This cosmetic should be applied not only on the hair's surface but, most importantly, on the scalp. It is massage movements when using the hair serums to activate the microcirculation of blood flow. Which provides better nutrition to the hair follicles.

Each manufacturer of cosmetics indicates on the package or in the instructions for using the serum rule. However, there is the most common principle for all the applications of this cosmetic. You should pre-wash your hair thoroughly and collect the serum in the palm of your hand. Where it should warm up to body temperature. Then you need to apply a small amount on the hair, rubbing from root to tip.

Often the hair is out on air to bombing and damage and loses its strength and luster after using chemicals such as dyes, hair straighteners, or repeated use of a hairdryer. Perhaps due to the effects of weather conditions and in many cases, this results from neglecting the element of care or practicing it wrongly, and the damage usually appears.

What is the serum for hair care?

There are many sorts of serums available in pharmacies and beauty care products stores. Some of which are directed to skincare in various life stages. From these types, hair serums required for skin tightening and wrinkle care occupy the number one in sales. In addition to these types, there are several varieties and signs of the serum known as A “serum” for hair care that complements the shampoo and conditioner. Nourishing and protective care creams for the hair from external influences such as sunlight, moisture, and pollution to give it the desired health and shine

 As well as ridding it of tangles and ensuring protection from the effects such as pain, split ends, and falling. Since the serum is applied until the hair is washed. The serum is a product that usually contains silicone that fills the hair follicles to make them appear smoother and shinier. Especially if it is one of the types that have a more significant protective factor.

What is the importance of hair serum, and what are the benefits of using it?

Whatever the nature or type of hair, it needs a nourishing and effective serum to strengthen it, protect it, and restore health and luster to it. The serum carries many benefits for all types of hair. Including oily, dehydrated, curly, damaged, and dyed hair, and among these benefits we mention:

  • The hair serum fills in the hair follicles to reduce frizz, making the hair look smoother and shinier.
  • The serum contains a protective factor from external effects such as the sun and humidity, and from it. It creates a thin protective layer on the hair strands that play an instrumental role in restoring the moisture that the hair loses due to the effects of weather conditions or the use of harsh chemicals or repeatedly or the use of hair dryer excessively. Accordingly, the serum helps a lot in repairing and rebuilding damaged hair.
  • The serum provides impressive results in intensive hair treatment. So today, it is applicable by the most comprehensive beauty centers for clients who want to have smooth hair with guaranteed results in a short time The intensive hair treatment with the serum works to increase the smoothness and shine of the hair and reduce its fall for a period that lasts up to three months.
  • The serum nourishes and strengthens the hair and protects it from split ends. Returning health and luster, especially if it is dull or dry.
  • The serum contains a conditioner that makes hair softer and manageable.
  • The serum reduces hair loss because it contains essential extracts and vitamins such as vitamin E.
  • It stimulates hair growth and strengthens it thanks to its care from root to tip.
  • Being non-greasy, the serum softens hair and leaves it lightly.
  • Some serums contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to ensure adequate protection while keeping hair strong and healthy.

What is the correct way to apply hair serum?

The best way to use the hair serum is to put a small amount that suits the nature, size, and length of the hair between three to eight drops. Rub well between the palms of the hands and distribute evenly throughout the hair. Which must be clean, and the best way to apply it starts from the ends down to near the roots. It is better to have the hair is dehydrated, and if it is wet, it must be dried well with a towel after showering. As the serum performs its functions better on clean hair, and the serum must be avoided or applied to the scalp. Especially if the hair is of the oily type since the serum is for use on hair and not scalp nourishing oil.

If the serum is under usage on wet hair, you can leave it to dry automatically or use a hairdryer to dry it. Especially if the serum is styling and temperature-effective. Such as the pink serum from the brand "Swales" for all types of hair.

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