Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women. In hair loss, hair follicles are being more and more thinner and in the end, disappear. In normal life, most people go through a hair loss stage; however, it happens excessively for some people. It has nothing to do with a specific age group. Many factors are leading to hair loss. While some people suffer from it because of hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances, stressful environment, others are affected by ''vitamin deficiency'' in the hair loss problem. Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that are vital for hair loss. You should take the needed amount for your body with some hair loss vitamin supplements.

What is the function of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential element for the human body. It is known as sun vitamin because of being produced by the sun when we are exposed to the sun. People generally know its strengthening immune system, and bones. Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphor. It takes a role in balancing them. If not taken enough, many diseases arise such as diabetes, or bone and muscle weaknesses. In the deficiency of it, immunity, neuronal, and muscle systems altogether get harmed. In other words, its benefits are innumerable as well as helping hair loss problems. Probably, you are wondering about the relation between hair loss and vitamin D. Let's clarify it.

What is the relationship between Vitamin D and Hair Loss?

According to the studies the scientists do, vitamin D has the power to help hair follicles grow rapidly. Many patients having hair loss problems get diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.

There is a strong relation between them:

  1. Vitamin D is thought to prevent hair loss by warning hair follicles. Vitamin D also activates the cells on the scalp. The more cells are healthy, the more hair follicles will be healthy.
  2. In low vitamin D, the important amino acid is obstructed by the reason of deficiency of vitamin D. When there isn't needed amino acid in the body, hair loss may start.
  3. Many studies have proven that most of the people suffering from the falling out of their hair have vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Maybe the most thing that should be cared for is some patients having cancer cells use vitamin D gel and supplement and see that their hair follicles start regrowing.
  5. Increasing Vitamin D means increasing hair quality as well.

What are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency besides hair loss?

While you are having hair loss trouble because of low vitamin D, you experience the other symptoms of it. 

  • In the deficiency of Vitamin D, people often get sick. They can feel tired, so they feel pain in bones and muscles
  • People can feel pain in legs, back, and hips
  • Because of tiredness and uneasiness, they also feel like in depression
  • After a medical operation, the wounds heal slower if you have low vitamin D. 
  • People generally feel cold and their body doesn't warm easily.
  • While trying to lose weight, their process is slow.
  • They often feel headaches.

If you have vitamin D deficiency, you may identify it with these symptoms; however, some blood tests give better results. 

How Can I treat Vitamin D Deficiency?

  • You can find a solution to low vitamin D by using some supplements. If you have a problematic life condition like a stressful job, consuming excessive fast foods, you should use vitamin D supplements. As long as you use them in a standard amount, you can solve the hair loss problem.
  • Vitamin D supplements aren't expensive, and they are becoming more and more common. When your vitamin D deficiency is lowest, you should start using them without waiting any time. Of course, this process should be under expert control
  • Generally, all people know that vitamin D exists in sunlight. That is a correct belief; however, sometimes sunlight doesn't exist. For instance, people can't get enough vitamin D in some countries because of climate conditions. What's more, people can't take vitamin D in winters as well. Then taking vitamin supplements is maybe a good choice.
  • People also take vitamin D by consuming food which includes vitamin D like some kinds of fishes, yoghurts and mushrooms.
  • Some drinks containing vitamin D are available on the markets. They are generally available in every market, but using them is not a permanent solution for reaching enough levels of vitamin D.

What happens in taking vitamin D excessively?

While taking vitamin D, you must decide how much you need to take. If you take vitamin D from sunlight, there is no problem for you. Because our body functions set the balance of taking vitamin D. You can want to be exposed to it a long time. It is okay. On the other hand, you may experience vitamin D toxicity if you take vitamin D excessively. Suppose that you take vitamin D from some products for hair loss. If you can't find the taking balance, your dreams about your hair will be in vain; in addition, you will have other problems in your body. 

Are vitamin D supplements the best effective way for vitamin D deficiency?

It has been mentioned that sunlight is a priority in vitamin D deficiency. This is correct, but some people can't take sunlight because of their job condition or tasks that they have to do in their life. For instance, students can never pay attention to their eating habits. They are mostly in the classroom. When they go to the cantine, there are junk foods everywhere. For them, vitamin D is also a problem. Furthermore, people get used to eating snacks mostly. Because of being practical, consuming them is easy. Vitamin D deficiency results from all these problems. 

Taking a vitamin supplement will be the best effective way for vitamin D deficiency in hair loss. Even for some women giving birth, doctors recommend that vitamin D supplement should be used every day with proper amounts. Vitamin D supplements also include other vitamins, which means they also help your hair. People shouldn't forget about the fact that vitamin supplements being of poor quality never must be bought as well.  

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