Don't Go Shopping For Hair Care Products Without Me

Don't go shopping for hair care products without me; is a must-have book for your bookshelves. Consumers are naturally perplexed by the dozens of hair care products that line supermarket, pharmacy, and salon shelves, each with its promotional claims. The "Ralph Nader of rouge" (for her critiques of the cosmetics business) applies her rigorous standards to shampoos and conditioners in this new volume, which contains over 75% new content. She goes through styling gels and mousses, hairsprays, colors, and permanents, among other hair treatments. She also devotes a chapter to the issues that women of color may be concerned about, ranging from different popular relaxing methods to braiding and weaving hair.

What Is Don't Go Shopping For Hair Care Products Without Me About?

Is it possible to restore, mend, nourish, or restructure hair? Are salon products superior than those found at drugstores? Shampoo, conditioner, and styling product labels and advertisements promise amazing results, and fashion publications back them up. Who are we to believe? Consumer advocate Paula Begoun evaluates over 150 name-brand product lines, from Redken to L'Oreal, in this objective, comprehensive evaluation of hair care goods. The performance, dependability, pricing, and claims of almost 4,000 items are detailed and assessed.

Comparisons of good and bad components are included, as well as assessments of what helps and harms hair and descriptions of how to identify the difference between truth and hype when it comes to a product's effectiveness. Sprays, shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, and salon products are all investigated. It's simple to locate suggested goods thanks to a user-friendly rating system. Paula Begoun will become your idol in no time. Begoun, dubbed the "Ralph Nader of rouge" by some, has exposed the beauty industry's $30 billion worth of lies and half-truths. She's the lady everyone in the cosmetics business despises. That's because she's completely forthright.

This book is jam-packed with useful information that can assist you in making better decisions. You can honestly state that since purchasing this book, it helps you to save money and rethought a few of hair care things that will also help me save money, and you may have not noticed a difference in the health of my hair. Even if the book is a little out of date in 2008, it is still worth reading.

 Don't Go Shopping For Hair Care Products Without Me Reviews

Is it really worth it to spend $20 on shampoo and conditioner? Is it possible to get decent hair-care products in a drugstore, or are salon goods truly superior? Consumer advocate Paula Begoun answers those questions and more in her assessments of more than 130 drugstore, salon, and department store hair product brands in this comprehensive reference to all things hair care. Thousands of goods describe and rate based on their functionality, dependability, pricing, and promises. Begoun examines good and poor substances, debunks industry misconceptions, assesses what benefits and harms hair, and explains how to identify the difference between truth and hype when it comes to product performance.

Sprays, shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, pomades, silicone serums, and other hair products are all addressed. Her "Best Products" listings make it simple to discover new products in any area. Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me, is the consumer bible on hair-care goods. It explains how to get the finest products at the best rates. Finally, Begoun demonstrates to customers how to have great hair without spending a fortune.

You've bought numerous of these books over the years since the cost of the book may save you a lot of money on mistaken cosmetic purchases. This book is superior to her cosmetics books in that it contains a wealth of additional information. There are plenty of product evaluations. However, she also goes into further detail regarding the chemistry of most hair care products. Reviewers appreciate that she mentions that there aren't generally significant distinctions between drugstore shampoos and professional shampoos.

About Paula Begoun

Paula Begoun is the originator of Paula's Choice skincare and cosmetics, as well as its creative force. She has 18 self-published books, the most popular of which are about skincare. She has a thriving website where she sells her books and cosmetics. The author has appeared on several talk shows, and neither Paula nor any of her staff are dermatologists or medically certified in any manner.

This is a really useful book. It is well-researched, as are her previous works, and debunks many hair misconceptions. It includes information on the scalp, the effects of the sun, humidity, and other environmental factors on hair. Also, damaged hair, hair development, and hair transplantation. Hair coloring, numerous types of shampoos and conditioners, and scalp issues such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, and psoriasis are all covered in this book. Paula also examines a variety of brands and compiles a list of around 15 to 20 top products in each category for various hair types. She also divides them into two price ranges.

Why Should You Read This Book?

This is a must-read for everyone with hair. Not only does she go through every product on the market, including chemical analyses and discussions of why certain chemicals are harmful to the hair. She also goes over what hair "is," the cuticle and other components, and how we damage it every day and how we may avoid it. Paula offers tips for every type of hair, from thin to thick, on how to care for it. She also discusses which goods are the best value for money on the market. Oh, and don't believe hairstylists who tell you that just salon products will suffice.

Paula is a consumer reporter who is honest in her assessments and provides firms an opportunity to respond to her comments. She will save a lot of money for many ladies and will most likely affect the market as a whole.

This is an excellent resource book. It's jam-packed with useful information. For you, the information was helpful. However, you were also a little overwhelmed when you learned that most of the items you use on a daily or regular basis are probably not good for my hair or physical well-being. You'd like to go back to all-natural components in every aspect of my life, but the reality is reality, and owing to time, money, and situation, that's not going to happen. This book, on the other hand, maybe a blessing and provide you with a wealth of valuable information if you are considerably more attentive and devoted.

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