Esthetician Skin Care

Today, esthetician skin care is done quite often. From time to time, home skin care may be insufficient. For this reason, esthetician skin care can be done for professional help. Our skin is one of our most precious parts. We have to take care of our skin as it is our body's clothing. Regular skin care protects the health of the skin. For this reason, we should pay attention to skin care. The skin care we do and the products we use for our skin should be compatible with our skin type. Procedures and products that are not compatible with our skin type tire our skin in the long run. Thus, our skin can age prematurely. During this time, our skin will show the negative effects it has at the highest level.

Esthetician Skin Care

If we give an example in this regard, if you have dry skin and use a product produced for oily skin, of course you will see the damage. Because products produced for oily skin tend to dry the skin. If someone with dry skin uses this, it will dry out their skin even more. For this reason, it should be noted that the products used and the care performed are compatible with the skin type. The number one rule for skin health is the right care and the right products. Apart from this, a healthy and regular diet is also an action that is very beneficial for skin health.

Today, skin care can be done both at home and in professional centers. At-home skin treatments are, of course, good for the skin. However, in some cases, the individual may want to seek professional help. For this, individual may prefer esthetician skin care.

What Procedures Are Performed Under The Name Of Esthetician Skin Care?

Esthetician skin care is a professional procedure. A care is made for the defect of the skin. With regular care, the problem of the individual is considerably reduced. Thus, the individual is satisfied with the procedure. Professional skin care is very common nowadays. Individuals who want to get rid of skin defects in a professional way should have an esthetician skin care. There are multiple procedures in this care. The care that the individual needs is applied. In this way, the individual gets rid of his problems with regular maintenance.

Treatments such as classical skin care, hydrafacial skin care, anti-aging treatment, collagen care, spot treatment, chemical peeling, carbon peeling, acne treatment are performed by the esthetician. All these techniques have their own advantages. These are detailed transactions. For this reason, it is definitely done by an expert esthetician. Classical skin care is skin cleansing, starting with facial cleansing and applying sunscreen. It is similar to home skin care routines. Hydrafacial skin care is carried out using various devices. The pores are cleaned with a device for vacuuming. Anti-aging treatment, on the other hand, is applied to the upper age groups, starting from people between the ages of 30 and 35. The goal is to reduce wrinkles.

Collagen care is a care that contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin. Collagen is what provides skin elasticity. With this care, the skin is given the collagen it needs. Spot and acne treatments are treatments for acne. Chemical peeling is a renewal process by peeling the top thin layer of the skin with various acids. Carbon peeling is applied in more than one session and has effects such as narrowing the pores and regulating oil secretion.

What Can Be Done For Skin Health?

Esthetician skin care is among the things that can be done for skin health. However, there are other things that can be done for skin health. The most important thing is to eat right. The skin of individuals with a balanced and regular diet is brighter and more vibrant. Likewise, the skin of these individuals ages later. Thus, skin health can be protected for many years. Because with a balanced and regular diet, the components that the skin needs can be obtained from food. Various vitamins and components can be taken through food. Thus, the skin looks very healthy.

In addition, drinking plenty of water is one of the best things to do for skin health. Seventy percent of our body is water. For this reason, drinking plenty of water has great effects on the skin, including all systems of our body. In addition, the individual can take components such as collagen, vitamins and minerals as an additional supplement for skin health. This improves skin health. The skin, whose health is taken care of, looks brighter, lively and vigorous. For this reason, skin health is a step that needs attention.

One of the other important points of skin health is skin care. The skin that is taken care of shines. The skin looks healthy. Regular maintenance is very important. As long as regular maintenance is done, positive effects are seen. Care means opening the skin pores. For this reason, it is an important issue.

How Can I Determine My Skin Type?

In order to perform esthetician skin care, one should have knowledge about skin type and skin imperfections. There are basically four types of skin types. They are normal, mixed, dry and oily. Each skin type has its own characteristics. Each skin type has its own flaws. With these in mind, a treatment or care should be given. For this, the skin type is determined.

To determine the skin type, the face is washed first. Then the face is never touched for an hour. One napkin is separated into layers. The face is then erased with these layers. If there are oil stains in the layers, the skin type is oily. On condition that there is skin rash on the napkin layers, it is dry, if nothing else, it is the normal type. If you have oil stains on the forehead and nose area and skin rashes on the rest or nothing, it means combination skin. Thus, the skin type is determined. Accordingly, maintenance and procedure can be done easily.

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