Hair Care Products For Black People

Are Today's Hair Care Products Suitable For Black People?

I have always wondered about hair care products for black people, which we call afro style in Turkey. Because their hair anatomy is different from normal white people. Today, this model is quite common. This hair, which is more curly than natural waves, works to make the person look cooler. These hairstyles are now very common in Turkey. It is important to think about our black citizens and to produce hair care products suitable for them. It will be more enjoyable to open hairdressers suitable for them. Because her hair is very difficult to shape and cut. In addition to containing chemicals in hair care products for black people, we can soften those hairs with more natural vegetable oils. We will see them in this article.

During the application of the African hairstyle, which we call the Afro model, we need to use a few care products to make our hair curly. We will try to capture the natural curl of Africans. This style, which we call the Afro hairstyle, has come from African musicians to the present day and has become widespread. Everyone can use and do the Afro hairstyle regardless of long or short hair. Because of this hair structure of black people, they have always marginalized and enslaved them in the past years, and they suffered a lot, let's see, their hairstyles are drawing attention now. In the old years, they wanted to be won by trying to straighten their hair by burning their hair in order to win the society. She invented a comb for curly hair by a woman entrepreneur and popularized it by presenting it to the public. 

Is There A Hair Care Product For Black People In Turkey?

One of the problems experienced today is that many African young people who come to our country to study cannot find a hairdresser who can have their hair cut. This is because hairdressers do not have materials according to their hair anatomy. In this developing age, I think that such a deficiency should not exist. Blacks suffer from finding a hairdresser because of the density and stiffness of their hair. There are a few suitable hairdressers for black people in the Flour traps of Istanbul. They are trying to have hair care product on hand for black people.

Does The Structure Of The Hair Change According To Climatic Conditions?

We get a lot of questions about whether the anatomy of the hair changes depending on the climatic conditions. We want to make this clear. The hair structure of people in very hot countries, that is, in sun-drenched areas, is more thick and curly than people in the Mediterranean region. The hair of people in cold climates is straighter and thinner than people in hot climates. In other words, the effect of climatic conditions on the hair is quite high. Although the sun can be good for the hair, when it is too much, it dries the hair and wears it out. For this reason, people's hair, especially in African countries, is fluffy, thick and hard. In its hard structure, the hair turns into a structure that can be broken quickly. There will be hair care products that we will recommend to individuals with hard hair in our articles below. Hair care products that we can recommend suitable for black people hair structure should be moisturizing.

When we move towards northwest countries, when we look at the hair type characteristics of people living in cold climates, their hair color is lighter and thinner. It is less voluminous than hot countries. If we look at the temperate climate, their hair structure is more variable than other climate types. So it can be mixed. That's why we recommend you to participate in our hair analysis tests to be able to recommend the appropriate conditioner according to their hair type. In Western countries, hair anatomy may appear wavy and voluminous compared to other climate types.

How Many Hair Types Are There?

If we look at the hair structure of Asian hair, it is a structure that grows faster than other hair structures. It is thick-wired but sparse. They have a hair structure that grows vertically. There is a problem in shaping, but since it is flat, you can use it that way. When you go to the hairdresser, it is the hair type that shows the error rate most in a dyeing or cutting process. As for European hair, it grows more slowly. Hair structures are bushy and dense. Hair structure is more curly. If we look at the color tone, it is in more red tones. We have no difficulty in styling this hair.

Finally, it is difficult to find suitable hair care products for African hair, because black people's hair structure is harder and difficult to comb. When they researched it as a science, they decided that it was the least growing hair type. This hair type is the type of hair we define as a bonus that expands upwards with self-curls. This type of hair is sensitive because it is very dry and can break easily.

How Should Hair Care Be Done According To Hair Types?

Hair is one of the most important elements that affect a person's appearance. We can say that hair types are divided into 3 types. Curly wavy and straight. First of all, let's look at straight thin and weak hair. It is difficult to wave or shape this hair type because no matter how much you shape it, the hair will fall out within a few minutes. There are some styling mousses etc but the chamber will not work. It needs to be washed when oiled. For styling, we can recommend more dry shampoo and curling conditioner for this type of hair. There is a different type of hair type. The room is both straight and wavy hair, this hair type is difficult because you don't know what kind of care product to use. You may need to use both products.

If we look at wavy hair, we can recommend combing it with argan oil or castor oil so that it does not interfere. You will not have any difficulty in styling, you can apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair and straighten it when you are going to straighten it, or if you want to make it curly, you can easily style the hair with dry shampoo or a curling iron. The only thing we can recommend for this hair is to comb your hair while it is wet. Finally, let's look at the curly hair, a hair that needs to be combed when wet and argan oil must be used, otherwise your hair may wander and break. Try to soften your hair by making hair masks once a week. Have your hairdressers make keratin botox every 3 months.

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