Homemade Skin Care

When we say homemade skin care, we think of many products. Skin care at home is one of the most popular things these days. You ask why? As we all know, all beauty salons were closed during the pandemic process. We decided to take care of people ourselves. We have prepared very nice tonics, creams, and much more with the ingredients at home. For example, we made the coffee we drink a face mask. We used vegetable oils as a hair mask. I think these are innumerable.

How Do You Carry Out Professional Skincare at Home?

To answer the question of how to do skin care at home, it is enough to understand the cleaning phases and which products to use at each step. To begin professional skin care at home, remove any make-up from the skin. After that, the care is completed by opening the pores with steam or a similar application, removing the substances accumulated in these pores with a tonic or mask, and giving the skin with the required moisture with an appropriate moisturizer and around the eyes.

Homemade Skin Care

Our skin is exposed to external factors such as filthy air, masks, and make-up during the day. As a result, our skin's capacity to exchange air is hindered. As a consequence, it is important to visit beauty centers for medical skin care on a regular basis and to leave our skin to professionals who are experts in their field. Daily skin care may be done at home.

While performing practical skin care at home, the following goals are intended: acne eradication, pore tightening, and uniform color throughout the skin, face, and body. Furthermore, routine care, such as the correction of skin deformities that develop at birth or adolescence, should be performed at home. There may not be much time during the week for skin care and cleansing. So, at the end of the day, possibly immediately after a shower, there are numerous practical methods to finish the day by taking care of it. The pores of the skin should be opened and relaxed before proceeding with these practical procedures. If you have the practice of showering in the evening, you may conduct your skin care immediately after a hot or warm shower. Because your skin will soften and your pores will be totally opened in this scenario.

Daily Skin Care at Home

It carries out the maintenance of the sequence of objects to be worn every day to reflect the skin in the home. This order will be detrimental to the educational process as well as external education.

1) Cleaning

The cleaning phase begins with the initial cleansing in the daily skin warmer. First and foremost, you must remove your make-up. It is essential to remove your make-up with a make-up remover that is safe for your health. This makeup remover might come in the form of a cream, mousse, or toner. If it's convenient for you, you can clean it up at your institution. If they are not makeup items, you should definitely first wash them down with a degreaser. Those who use the non-flowing items removed from the items evaluated as the foundation for them. It would be helpful for you to wash with these cleansers or lukewarm water to remove the filthy freckles that have been collected all day after putting on makeup. When you get up in the morning, make sure to remove the sebum from the night before.

2) Exfoliation

At this stage, you use a tonic or serum to remove make-up and makeup remover residues from your skin. If you do not use tonic or serum, a skin care mask can be used to remove dead skin, make-up, and cleaning residues from your skin. Alcohol-based toners that dry out the skin have been replaced by chemicals that trap moisture in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid. These tonics retain moisture in the skin and serve as a barrier against environmental elements. Tonics contain compounds such as alpha hydroxy acid, glycolytic acid, lactic acid, peeling agents such as beta hydroxy acid, and salicylic acid that are beneficial for eliminating dead skin, opening pores, and speeding cell regeneration.

3) Eye Cream

The tissue around the eyes is thinner and more susceptible to environmental influences than the skin on the rest of the face. As a result, wrinkles, color changes, and bags around the eyes appear more quickly. As a result, these regions must be kept wet at all times. Before using serums and creams, wipe the eye region with tonic. Creams used on other regions of the face should not be used in these areas. As a result, it is critical to use eye creams after the serum and tonic phases of daily skin cleaning and care, as well as the cream to be applied to the entire face thereafter.

4) Mask

The cleaning and tonic stages, as well as creating masks at home, are the simplest forms of natural skin care at home. For this, you may do simple skin care at home using masks and cleaning products that are simple to make and can be stored for a long time under the appropriate circumstances.

It is often misunderstood at what stage skin care masks are used. It is very important that you choose an exfoliating mask that will cleanse your skin at night. At this stage of skin washing, it is also possible to use masks that are not cleaned well and are absorbed by the skin.You don't need to apply any more serum because these masks also replace the serum stage. You can skip forward to the moisturizing stage. Masks are often made by combining nutrients obtained at home and applying them to the skin.

Homemade Skin Care

I can list a few of the masks of homemade skin care.

  • Banana mask
  • Apple cider vinegar mask
  • Milk powder mask
  • Yogurt mask
  • Lemon mask
  • Avocado, egg, lemon mask
  • Honey, Banana, Ginger Mask
  • Cucumber and honey mask
  • Pomegranate and honey mask
  • Strawberry and yogurt mask
  • Honey mask
  • Olive seed mask
  • Green tea mask

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