How Often To Use Beard Oil?

Beard oil is an exciting option for facial hair products. They add a little more smell and safety to the beard as a whole, thanks to its components, which is an exciting alternative for those who already use other beard products and want to protect it from specific effects, such as those caused in the coldest periods of the year such as autumn and winter.

However, some still see the oil as an unnecessary or even a bad alternative, depending on the case. This is because they do not know its benefits, such as the confusion with the beard balm. The balm has some additional help, but there are other situations in which oil is more useful and even more economical. To clarify all these doubts, let's show you how beard oil works, but without a great guide.

How To Apply Beard Oil And How Often?

You should apply the beard oil after the shower. At this time, the skin's pores and follicles are open, allowing better treatment absorption. This will correctly hydrate his beard. Most beard oils are equipped with a pipette or a measuring eye, which helps the therapy be precise. Be careful. The maneuver's goal is to moisturize his beard, and therefore, only a few drops are enough. The amount of oil to apply depends on the length of your fleece. The dosage is necessary because using too much product will make your beard greasy and shiny. And this is precisely the opposite effect of what we are looking for.

How Beard Oil Works?

In addition to care purposes, facial hair helps protect the face from the sun's rays. However, they can also attract dirt and dust, leading to a dirty and messy beard.

The sun's rays can also cause dry skin and enlarged follicles, also known as blackheads. Beard oil works to relieve all of this. It usually contains different ingredients, 90% of which are essential oils.

These oils work to soften the beard and eliminate the itchiness caused by dry skin. The oils also contribute to the hydration and nourishment of the skin.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Whether your beard is in an early stage or if it has already grown regularly, a good quality beard oil will be useful at every stage of your growth process.

Because it helps keep hair nourished, hydrated, and under control.

Regardless of what stage your facial hair is in, if you've ever grown a beard, you're probably familiar with the itchiness that comes with it.

Well, be prepared to forget that once you add this product into your daily routine!

By applying this product to the skin every morning and evening, your facial hair will have access to the nutrients it needs to eliminate dryness, itching, and flaking - leaving you with a soft, glowing, full, and healthy beard.

The reason it works is that the best beard oil will give the sebaceous glands the necessary hydration.

These glands are found at the root of each hair and provide the beard with the precious sebum oil it needs, liquid gold for facial hair.

Your sebaceous glands can only produce a limited amount of sebum oil each day, and this is where this substance comes in as a natural supplement to your body's natural sebum production.

The Benefits of Beard Oil

  • Nourish the beard

  • Moisturize the skin underneath the hairs

  • Delicately perfume

The effects are immediate from the first use. The beard oil helps the beard look healthier, shinier, and more robust. At the level of the skin, no more slight tightness due to dryness. The beard is then in good health and will allow a healthy and robust regrowth.

How Many Times Should You Use It?

There is no optimal frequency to apply your oil. It depends on the length of your beard but also the texture of your hair. Your needs may also vary depending on the time of year, as cold, dry weather is more likely to dehydrate your beard. Some will prefer to apply it every day. Others will only need one application every two or three days. Ideally, for a long beard, daily application is best.

Should We Use It In The Morning Or The Evening?

To make the most of all your oil benefits, apply it in the morning or evening, preferably after washing your face or showering. Indeed, the heat will have the effect of dilating your pores and hair follicles, thus promoting the absorption of the oil. Be careful never to apply the oil to a wet beard. Dry it beforehand by patting it with a towel.

Applying your beard oil in the morning has the benefit of making brushing more straightforward, helping you discipline your hair while protecting it for the day. In addition to all the benefits it brings you, you can also enjoy the scent of your oil. Conversely, the skin can absorb certain substances at night, and the active ingredients penetrate more easily. Note that by applying it in the evening, you risk dirtying your cushion with the oil.

What Are Its Effects On The Beard And The Skin?

Beard oil provides all the nutrients essential for the excellent health of your beard in a single step. Among its many benefits, here are the most important:

Hydration: The secret to a silky beard goes above all through adequate hydration. Indeed, dehydrated hairs will quickly become prickly and will give your beard an unkempt, shaggy, and uneven appearance. Beard oil is a mixture of essential oils and vegetable oils, nourishes both your skin and your hair. The skin's hydration also plays an indispensable role insofar as the latter provides all the elements that your beard needs, thanks to the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Skin that is not nourished enough can cause itching and even the appearance of unsightly dandruff.

A softer hair: a regular application of beard oil will soften your hair by softening it, thus improving the texture and the look of your beard. Thanks to the detangling active ingredients, the hair becomes easy to comb and to discipline.

Faster Growth: If your beard hair break while combing without stretching out, that's a bad sign. The oil helps repair your weakened hair and makes them more resistant to attacks daily. There are even certain oils that speed up the growth of your beard hair. We have listed the best sales of the year in our Top Growth Accelerators.

The aesthetic aspect: throughout applications, your beard will quickly become silky and disciplined. Besides, some beard oils will let you enjoy their delicate scent.

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