How To Care For 2B Hair

The question of how to care for 2B hair is among the questions frequently asked by people with wavy hair. Wavy hair care is a challenge. Caring for 2B wavy hair requires special care. Because curly hair wears out much more easily, is easily damaged, dries, swells and becomes electrified. Well, if your hair is 2B wavy, do you know what to pay attention to, how to care for curly hair? If your hair is very wavy, it will take a lot of time to wait for it to dry after washing it. But if you want to do your hair a favor, you should stay away from the blow dryer as much as possible. Excessive heat causes curly hair to dry out and become damaged. For how to care for 2B hair and more, you should consider the following information.

Although this does not apply to cold weather, you should at least quit when summer comes. Thus, you should ensure that your hair dries on its own and does not lose its moisture as much as possible. If you want to preserve those natural-looking and envied curls of everyone, you should stay away from frequent hair straightening processes. If you have 2B wavy hair type, you should bend your hair forward and gather it as high as possible before going to bed at night. But here, too, you should avoid gathering your hair too tightly. Fabric buckles prevent this problem. If you have very long hair, we recommend making a loose bun. In this way, you will not sleep on your hair at night and you can also prevent your hair from getting damaged and rising.

How To Care For 2B Hair And Hair Care Advice

You should never do hair cutting while your hair is wet. Otherwise, you may encounter results that you never wanted or expected. Curls gather up when curly hair is wet. Therefore, in order to prevent your hair from getting shorter than you want, you should take care to cut your hair when it is dry. Another problem is that the hair swells a lot after you comb it. Do you use conditioner during the bath but still have a hard time combing your hair?

Then, we recommend you to do the combing process while washing your hair and after conditioning your hair. This process will prevent your curls from separating and turning into thin curls. Thus, you can get hair that keeps its shape and less frizz. On the other hand, if you do not want to comb your hair in the bathroom, you should choose products that you can apply after the bath.

You should also be very gentle when drying your hair with a towel after the bath. Otherwise, this process may also damage your hair. However, this process damages all hair, not just curly hair. In order to avoid this problem, you should try to moisten your hair with a paper towel, not a towel, after bathing. If you have curly or wavy hair, it is useful to keep some distance between you and hair straighteners. Because the hair straightener you use more than necessary can cause changes in the structure of your hair.

How To Care For 2B Hair And What Should You Pay Attention To?

Those with wavy hair are often the ones who complain the most about their hair. Yes, it is a little more difficult to maintain than straight hair. If you follow the right care and styling recommendations, your wavy hair can actually turn into your most beautiful accessory. Here are 5 golden tips to do wonders with your waves!

You should not cut your hair wet and combed. Because you can't predict how it will take shape when it dries and waves. Thus, you cannot understand that the waves do not look beautiful but are fluffy and problematic. As a result, you can stay on multi-layered or vice versa low-rise hair. However, if your hair is cut dry, you can see the version closest to the possible result. Also from a celebrity, social media etc. If you are going to take an example, you should choose a suitable one for your own curl, hair wave and leave your hair curly after cutting. Of course, straightening blow-dry etc. You can do. But if you want to understand whether it is useful at first and if necessary, it will be healthier to leave it with its natural wave to fix it in a short time.

Curly and wavy hair is drier than straight hair and is more prone to frizz and frizz. Therefore, I suggest you to dry your hair naturally. But if you do not have the opportunity to dry naturally due to a health problem or time constraint, you can choose a new generation dryer that does not harm your hair. You will see, it will be a choice that you will provide comfort for many years.

Product Selection for 2B Hair

You should comb your hair with the right comb. Also, you should comb your hair when it is wet and choose thick ones instead of fine-toothed combs or brushes. You can even scan it with your fingers most of the time. If it tangles a lot and it is difficult to comb, you should definitely use a product that softens your hair and makes it easy to comb, instead of combing it as if it were plucking and damaging it.

You should apply the hair styler when your hair is wet. Since wavy and curly hair becomes electrified and fluffy as it dries, you should use hair stylers while the hair is still wet. You should choose a styler that nourishes and cares for your hair. When you leave the bathroom, you can style your hair with this product while it is half wet.

The last thing your curly hair needs is ingredients that dry out even more. My advice to you is to avoid sulfates and alcohol. You should also stay away from surf sprays and dry shampoos that contain heavy salt. Finally, instead of washing your hair every day, you can put a day or two in between.

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