How To Care For Balayage Hair

Questions such as what is balayage, how to care for balayage hair, is balayage harmful to hair are frequently asked. And the balayage method is also preferred by many people. Because even if it is a small change, it affects the appearance quite a lot. In addition to what is balayage hair, how to care for balayage hair is also very curious. But instead of how to care for balayage hair, let's try to answer and embroider the question of what is balayage.

How To Care For Balayage Hair

Balayage hair is one of the processes in which women feel good with small changes. There is not much change in the color of the hair. A dyeing process takes place that only affects the ends of the hair. Thus, the hair dye does not come into contact with your skin and hair follicles. With this aspect, the balayage technique does not cause much damage to the hair follicles and hair structure. With the balayage hair method, you can get more shiny, lively and well-groomed hair. The right shimmers and light colors at the ends of the hair are indicative of balayage. In addition, with the balayage method, the hair looks more like bleached in the sun. With this aspect, it causes a more natural appearance. It looks more natural and more lively. Balayage is a suitable choice for those who love natural colors and natural stance in hair dyes.

Balayage is a different method than other dyeing methods. It is more preferred because it is an easy method. And the person can also apply it in his own home. But of course, hairdressers are more skilled at this. And it helps you get better results. The balayage method is done by dyeing small tufts of hair.

How Is Balayage Hair Made?

Dyeing processes are easier in making balayage hair. In a simpler way, you will have a better hair appearance. You can apply this method both at hairdressers and at home yourself. In the balayage method, dye is applied to the ends of the hair. This dye selection may vary according to your own hair color. Usually you should choose a color a few shades lighter than your hair color. Because the hair you make in this way causes a more natural look. And you do not need to apply dye to your hair roots during the balayage process. Thanks to this aspect, it does not harm the hair follicles.

In order for the balayage to look natural, the transition of your hair color and the tones of the applied paint is important. The transition from a dark color directly to yellow does not look very natural. It may not be very pretty either. Smooth transitions between color tones should be provided. That's why you need to use a comb during the dyeing process. You can distribute the dye you apply to your hair with a comb. Thus, you will have smoother transitions. In addition, you get a natural look. After applying the dye to your hair, you will have to wait. It will be enough to wait until the time written on the paint.

How To Do Balayage Hair Care?

We have said in the top headings that the question of how to care for balayage hair comes frequently. And it's time to explain how to care for balayage hair. After the balayage process, dryness occurs in the hair. And this dryness requires special care. You can use hair oil to remove the dryness of your hair. Or if you want to apply natural oils, you can also care with argan oil or coconut oil. It softens your hair and also takes away its dryness.

Be careful with the shampoo you use. Use shampoos recommended by your hairdresser or suitable for dyed hair. Examine its contents so that it does not further damage your hair. Also use purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is not used very often. It is enough to use purple shampoo once a week. If you don't use it, your hair may turn orange. But when you use it, your hair will return to the color it was originally dyed. Also, make sure to use a hair mask. Use the hair mask required according to your hair structure. Apply to your hair after shower. Or you can find natural hair mask recipes and apply them as well. Use protein and keratin supported hair care products.

Finally, you need to wash your hair with cold water. At the very least, use cold water when rinsing. In addition to all, do not forget to regularly remove the broken hair from your hair. It will be enough to remove the broken hair from your hair every two to three months. And it will be provided to look more lively and well-groomed. How to care for balayage hair, this is how it should be done. You will see the benefits during your care.

What Is Crepe Balayage?

Crepe balayage technique creates a more natural look than the balayage method. With this method, tonal transition can be achieved and more voluminous and shiny hair can be obtained. It changes depending on the density of the crepe thrown with crepe balayage. With this method, tonal transitions are better captured.

During the crepe balayage process, the hair is combed towards the roots with a fine-tipped comb. In this way, the hair swells. Unlike balayage, in the crepe method, much finer tufts are chosen at regular intervals in the hair. Before the procedure, the places where hair lightener will be applied are determined. And hair lightening application is done. In the meantime, paint adjustment is made according to the tonal transition you want. Tufts of hair are packed and the desired hair tone is tried to be achieved. After the desired hair tone is achieved, the packages are removed. Then the dye is removed from the hair. Drying and blow-drying processes are carried out. As a result, you will have the natural and shiny hair of your dreams.

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