How To Care For Long Hair Hair Care?

How To Care For Long Hair Hair Care?

Healthy long hair is beautiful and remarkable. But, unlike short haircuts, they require great attention. And this is understandable the longer the hair's life, the more damage it receives, which affects the condition and appearance. To make our hair always beautiful and healthy, we will learn the hair care of it regardless of its length.

What is Hair Care?

Good hair care requires the care of both the scalp and the whole body. Most hair problems are caused by the scalp, producing too much or too little fat, dermatitis, or other infections. Hair growth is influenced by stress and how the body absorbs vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If your hair is too dry or greasy, brittle, falls out, splits at the tips, or is in poor general condition, all this may indicate that it is good to have a medical consultation. Malnutrition can be the cause of hair problems. Some experts say that our hair reflects the general state of health.

Hair Types

In general, there are several categories of hair. Some people have oily hair, which means that the sebaceous glands are super active, producing a lot of fat that lubricates the hair and skin, giving it a greasy appearance.

Hair can also be dry, with split ends due to the sebaceous glands' poor activity or excess chemicals (hair care shampoo, dye, conditioner, etc.).

But you can be lucky to have normal hair, neither too greasy nor dry.

Dandruff is also a problem faced by both those with oily hair and those with dry hair. This occurs due to a disorder of the scalp's sebaceous glands that produce more skin cells than necessary.

Long Hair Nourishing Olive Oil

Pamper your hair with oil wraps once or twice a week. Oiling will provide the hair with nourishment and hydration, strengthen the roots and rejuvenate the scalp. Heat the oil in a water bath to a comfortable temperature, and then gently massage the root zone with it. After the massage, you can spread the oil along the entire length, wrap your head in a warm towel and enjoy the procedure. You will like it, and your hair will be delighted!

Massage Your Scalp

Regular massages on your hair are essential for your care. Improves blood circulation for profitable hair growth. By the way, you can combine massage with oil and save time!

Choose Dry Shampoos

Did you notice that the roots have become greasy, and you immediately run to wash your hair? And the rest of the hair suffers greatly from this! So close to brittle ends! At the first sign of a "dirty" head, use dry hair care shampoo, using it locally.

Use Shampoo on Hair Follicle Only

With your hand, gently massage a small amount of shampoo into the hair follicle and then rinse. Believe that your hair will only have enough foam that slides down when you rinse off the shampoo to cleanse it.

Pay Attention to the Pillowcases

What your hair comes in contact with at night is very important for its health and beauty. Due to the slippery surface, Satin and silk cause less friction, which means goodbye to matted hair in the morning!

Eat Vitamin Foods

Both outside and inside. Improper nutrition immediately affects the condition of your head of hair, so try to make it mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, fish and seafood, nuts and legumes. To nourish your hair, add a few drops of vitamins A or E to your shampoo or hair care masks.

Make Masks for Your Hair

Apply nourishing masks to your hair at least once a week. Believe me, and well-groomed curls are immediately noticeable! You have a wide selection of ingredients. We will provide a list of the best, choose from the available ones, combine and enjoy! So, for long hair are useful:

  • Protein;
  • Yolk;
  • Honey;
  • Olive oil;
  • Coconut oil

Collected Hairstyles

If you often use elastic bands, it makes sense to opt for soft, seamless elastic bands-spirals, which are so popular now - they do not form kinks on the strands, the hair is not injured (which means it grows and looks much better).

By the way, about the rubber bands. To keep your hair long and beautiful, often collect it in a loose braid or ponytail, and at night too. This ritual also allowed our grandmothers to keep their long hair healthy, thick, and beautiful as long as possible. And there will be fewer hairs left on your pillow.

Use the Right Hairbrush

With long hair, it is essential that the hairbrush aligns the hairs and minimizes their breakage. Therefore, the hair does not tangle and remains smooth and silky with this hair care option.

How to comb: We start with the tips of the hair and gradually climb to the root. Thus, no pressure is put on the hair follicle, which means that we do not pull the hairs.

Tip: When your hair is damp, make sure you use a comb with thick, spaced teeth. Improper brushing of wet hair can cause physical damage to the hair - the comb stretches the hairs (rather than separating them).

Use Low Temperature To Dry Hair

As a general rule, one of the worst things you can do to your hair is to use a hairdryer (and other heat-using products) at maximum temperature. If you want to prevent your hair from becoming "elastic" (the first sign that it is damaged), dry and split, you should use this tool as rarely as possible or pay attention to how you use it.

Necessary hair care fact: Try to keep the dryer 5 cm away from your hair. Also, drying the hair from the side flies the hairs and tangles them, making the hair frizzy. Therefore, the dryer should be directed straight down (not perpendicular to the hair).

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