How To Take Care Of 4c Hair

The question of how to take care of 4c hair asked by everyone. But 4c hair does not require much care. Normally done things are fine too. Therefore, it is easy to answer the question of how to take care of 4c hair. Then let's answer the question of how to take care of 4c hair.

How To Take Care Of 4c Hair?

This type of hair is also like normal hair. And it likes to be hydrated. Because hair tends to dry out and become dull. If it is not moisturized enough, the hair loses its volume. It looks limp and lifeless. Therefore, it is important to moisturize the hair. You can do this moisturizing job with hair creams. Buy conditioners that suit your hair. And practice it every day. There are many varieties of hair creams. There are many different types of conditioners for straight hair, curly hair, and spilled hair. Choose the one that suits your needs from these hair creams. You can also nourish your hair with hair oils. Hair oils nourish, moisturize and soften the hair.

Natural oils are also preferred as hair oil. Thanks to natural oils, you can give the same effect to your hair. Especially argan oil and coconut oil come to the fore in hair care. After your hair is dyed, you need to support it with such products. However, this way you can reduce the dryness. Also, be careful when combing your hair. Hard combs damage the hair. Prefer soft and wide combs. Not drying your hair after a shower is good for hair health. Because high-temperature treatments damage the hair. It breaks and destroys. But when you follow these suggestions, you will see the difference in your hair. You get more voluminous, brighter and stronger hair.

 What Is 4c Hair Color?

4C hair dye is one of the ash brown tones. And it is often preferred. Since it is often preferred, the question of how to take care of 4c hair is also frequently asked. The increase in the number of people using it tells us how beautiful this hair color tone is. The question of how to take care of 4c hair is also asked to make the already beautiful hair look more beautiful. But instead of the question of how to take care of 4c hair, we will give more information about 4c hair dye in this topic. This hair dye is from seven series specially produced for coloring hair.

4c hair dye has a gel structure. And so it can be easily implemented. It is suitable for use by mixing. And there are 36 more color options to mix and use. It has been dermatological approved as a result of the tests performed. And it is also suitable for sensitive skin. It has a structure that does not contain ammonia, resorcin, paraben and alcohol. In addition, it consists of 8 organic plant extracts. After applying it to your hair, it will be enough to wait for about 40 minutes. Then you need to wash your hair.

What Is Hair Structure Based On?

Hair structure is directly related to genetics. As a result of genetic effects, hair types such as straight, wavy and curly appear. First, let's start with wavy hair. The genetics of wavy hair structure is more dominant than straight hair. In addition, there are allele genes among the factors that affect the hair shape. The all gene has many features and is a special form of this gene. Allele genes have the greatest effect on the formation of wavy hair. Because hair types are curly and straight. With the effect of the allele gene, wavy hair structure emerges. Wavy hair is neither straight nor curly.

At the same time, there are hairstyles that are found more densely than the living areas. For example, in the geography where Africans live, the rate of curly hair is very high. The amount of straight hair is less. But when we look at Turkey, it is seen that this is not the case. In Turkey, there is no curly hair as dense as Africa. It is seen in fewer people.

With the effect of hair root structure, changes occur in hair shapes. Hair grows inside the follicle. And the shape of the follicles directly affects the shape of the hair. A rounded follicle means that straight hair will form. If the follicle structure is C-shaped, curly hair is formed. In addition, wavy hair is formed if it has an oval structure. Finally, the keratin protein is also effective in determining the hair structure. If the amino acids in keratin are connected with R groups, curly hair is formed.

 What Are The Harms Of Hair Dye?

-Hair dye damages the hair due to the pigments in it. It can even cause cancer. Therefore, it is not a good thing to dye hair frequently. It harms your health. According to a study, people who dye their hair frequently have a higher risk of lymphoma cancer.
-Hair dyes contain PPD. Due to this substance, wounds may occur in the hair follicles. Or itching, redness, swelling, skin rashes may occur. In addition, allergic conditions such as swelling of the eyelids may occur.

-After dyeing hair, hardening, drying and shedding occur in the hair. To prevent this, be careful to use hair conditioner and hair oil frequently. And in people who dye it frequently, hair thinning occurs.
-Hair dyes are not only harmful to hair health. It can also cause damage to the skin as it comes into contact with the skin. It irritates the skin and causes injury to the scalp.

-The chemical smell in hair dyes is very harmful. May damage respiratory tract. For this reason, the environments where hair dye is made need to be ventilated. People who are especially sensitive to odors should be careful. It would be better if they dyed hair using masks. Otherwise, there may be an allergy. Things like swelling of the eyelids, skin flaking around the eyes and nose may occur.

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