How to Take Care of Curly Hair?

How to Take Care of Curly Hair?

How cool are people with curls! Well-groomed hair, which falls on the face and curls, will not leave anyone indifferent. But many do not even know how to start hair care with curly hair, these sweet curls on the head.

And that is why the hair has a porous structure and the scales that cover it unevenly, making the hair unsuitable due to bad weather, before snow, rain, or just wet weather. So, hair care is very important; in contrast, the curls will not be shiny, dry, and split. And if it falls in the rain or snow, your sweet curls will instantly turn into a magnificent hairstyle, giving you discomfort and stress.

Rules to Follow for Curly Hair

Curls on the head always attract attention more than straight hair. Your recent acquaintances may ask you, "Is this your real hair, or are you done?" Or maybe it's a chemical wave? "And of course, many have to answer this question all the time, and sometimes this question is your enviable one because not everyone gets natural curly hair.

But many know that having curly hair isn't that easy. They need constant care. The waves aren't so obedient. To soothe them somehow, you need shampoo, a hair conditioner, and a mask.

But don't worry! Owners of straight hair also have a lot of problems with styling and giving hair volume. The most important thing is to know a few rules and subtleties for hair care, and then your hair will be irresistible, and no one can take your eyes off the curls! If you do everything well, then your curls will get shine and natural beauty. And most importantly, the hair will be less prone to the cross-section.

The Subtlety of Day Care for Curly Hair

Choose the right shampoo

Shampoo should be chosen exclusively from the damage and type of your hair. The base of the hair roots is often greasy, and the hair tips, on the contrary, are always dry.

The main value of shampoos for dry hair is getting rid of dry and giving them shine. It would be much better if your shampoo has more natural products than chemicals. Before you buy a shampoo, read the composition first, your shampoo should contain jojoba oil, lotus, or coconut extract. These listed ingredients relieve dryness and give your hair a natural look. If your hair is very poorly spoiled, it is recommended to buy nettle shampoo, which will help them recover and strengthen quickly.

From shampoos with increasing hair volume, you can immediately refuse. First, when you wash your head, it will be difficult to deal with curls, and second, they destroy the particles of your hair, making them more vulnerable to bad weather.

Use of hair balms

After washing your hair, you must use a special hair care conditioner. It helps to soften your hair, giving it shine even after everything, the hair was combed nicely. When shopping, don't forget to read the back of the product. If the bottle contains a hair conditioner, it just means that your hair will dry quickly and easily. 

Conditioners - rinses are needed to give shine to your hair; this process will serve as citric or lactic acid, as well as completely remove shampoo from your hair. You can also choose a conditioner for colored hair. When you dye your hair, the color damages them, thereby damaging your hair's pigment and color. Also, there are balms for dry hair as they should provide help on your part. You will help dry hair if you buy lemon balm with jojoba oil or essential oils as well as jasmine.

Drying and laying

In drying hair, you need to pay special attention. It is better to squeeze the hair with a towel and wait for the hair to dry. You can use a hairdryer in some cases, but keep in mind that the warm air captivates your hair.

For curls, the best comb is a comb with sparse teeth. When setting up curly hair, you need less use of the comb much less. Every person tends to cut their hair. So visit a hair care salon every month.

Do not blow-dry the curls with a hairdryer; otherwise, you will spoil them. It is better when the hair is dry. But if that's not possible and you need to blow dry your hair with a hairdryer, don't direct a jet of hot air at all of your hair; just dry the tips. The roots cannot be dried with a hairdryer as you can easily damage them.

To get beautiful curls, it is best to use your hands and fingers, not a comb. When dry, massage the hair at the roots to give them volume, use your fingers to roll them properly as you need, and then dry.

You can then use hair mousse.

The Secrets of the Beauty of Curly Hair


Since curly hair is often hard, there are special hair masks. They work by creating a protective film on the hair, preventing them from cutting.


Watch out for hairdressers. After all, hair has the property of cutting. Every three months, clip the ends of the hair.

Hair color

It is best not to be afraid at all because even the best color destroys the hair. But if you decide to do so, buy special hair care shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. They will help you not to make your hair worse.

And at the end of the conversation about how to care for curly hair, we advise you to never give up curls; yes, many people with curls discard them and buy ordinary roots, ruin their natural hair, but know that curls have always been in demand and the girl with the wave will be facing every look of the person. Nature gave you curly hair, took care of them, and you should do the same thing.

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