How To Take Care Of Hair?

How To Take Care Of Hair?

Sometimes hair is your best friend, and sometimes it can turn into a situation that depresses you. But still, hair continues to be both an accessory and a reflection of your health. As a result, you should know well about taking care of your hair. You can keep your hair healthy with the right hair care products and a few tips. By continuing our article, you can learn how to best care for your hair.

What Shampoo for me?

Before talking about the application method, let's talk about the product! A healthy scalp and healthy lengths need to choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

Whether your hair is curly, stiff as chopsticks, or colored, there is bound to be a shampoo adapted to your needs.

If you have oily hair, be very careful with products that promise you light roots for 72 hours: most of the time, they are very aggressive and do more harm than good.

They excite the sebaceous glands, which, in the end, end up producing even more sebum. Instead, you can prefer to use a mild shampoo with neutral pH. Same if you have dandruff, don't use any product lightly!

How Often For Shampooing?

Washing your hair day by day is a bad idea.

In addition to getting your little head used to regular stripping, which makes it grease faster, hair care shampoo's daily use ends up attacking the scalp and the hair fiber.

In the long run, you risk creating dandruff and dryness problems, which are much more complicated to treat than a small excess of sebum.

Hairdressers endorse washing your hair twice a week or less, but it's up to you to decide what works best for your hair, keeping in mind that sometimes the best is the enemy of the good.

How To Wash Your Hair Properly?

Before putting your head underwater, start by brushing your hair from roots to ends to detangle it, remove the last residues of styling product and make the dead hair fall out.

Then wet your hair and apply a dab of shampoo to your roots. Use the pulp of your fingers to lather the product and take the opportunity to offer a little relaxing and invigorating massage to your scalp.

Once the top of the head is well cleaned, lower the product around the ears and on the nape of the neck.

No need to rub your lengths, the flow of foam and water is sufficient to clean them. With a solid shampoo, lather the bar directly in your hands and apply the lather to your hair.

If your hair is often in contact with pollution, you can do a second hair care shampoo, the same way as the first.

Dry shampoo, Another Type of Hair Care

Dry shampoo is not used to wash your hair without having to wet it but to allow you to refresh your roots on days when you don't have time to spend in the shower. It can also help you delay your shampoo for a day or two and even serve as a texturizing spray if you have thin hair.

To absorb excess sebum from your roots, spray dry shampoo from a distance of about 5cm from your scalp. Once the product is well distributed, massage your scalp to restore volume to your hair. You can then use a brush to remove the excess powder.

Experts advise you to take it easy on the dose of dry shampoo. Otherwise, you will end up with pretty white streaks and even your hair all dry and cardboard!

Scalp Peeling

Many people miss this stage, and in vain. After all, proper scalp care is the first step towards beautiful and healthy hair.

Scalp peeling can be of different types: with abrasive particles or acid-based. They have the same effect, but acid peels are softer and more delicate. The result is the same, but you do not have to suffer from the washing of abrasive particles.

Hair Mask

Masks provide additional hair care, and sometimes you can get an effect no worse than a salon one. And in caring for dyed or curly hair, they become merely irreplaceable helpers. Due to masks, you can restore damaged hair, return its softness and shine. So do not rush to trim dry strands.

All masks are best applied to clean, towel-dried hair. This helps the active substances penetrate deeper into the hair structure and gives better results. And there is no universal answer to the question "how long to hold the hair mask." It all depends on the composition and active ingredients, so pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Hair Serum

Fluids, serums, oils, in general, serve one purpose - additional care and protection of hair throughout the day. Most serums give the hair shine, smooth, and soften it, and usually, there are some other functions as a bonus. Therefore, choose what exactly your hair needs.

This can be thermal protection, hydration, elimination of dullness and brittleness, or intensive recovery.


The spray is a nourishing hair care product with moisturizing and protective properties. Moreover, it is not necessarily light: sprays can be oil, two-phase (the composition contains both oil and water), or water. 

They are added to dry or damp hair, do not require rinsing, and can perform various functions: nourish, add shine, facilitate combing, protect against ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and harmful styling with hot tools.

Protect Your Hair in Summer and Winter

Negative external influences have an extremely detrimental effect on the hair structure, so they need to be protected from UV rays in summer and from frost in winter.

Otherwise, the hair becomes dull and brittle. Instead of using hats, you can apply unique thermal hair care protection products to your hair in the summer.

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