How To Take Care Of Low Porosity Hair

There is no single solution for how to take care of low porosity hair so that all the needs of the hair are met. The small amount of pores creates difficulties in many issues. For this reason, extra attention is required in all processes such as washing, drying, care, rinsing and styling.

Hair care is challenging in low porosity. This type of hair is much more difficult to control than highly porous hair. Common problems of those who have porosity problems:

      • It is difficult to moisture,
      • Hair never gets wet under the shower,
      • It takes a long time to break the hair,
      • Hair does not absorb the product in product use,
      • It is very difficult to shape,
      • Hair is usually fluffy.

As can be understood from the problems, low-pore hair needs support at almost every stage. Even soaking the hair under water on its own can take as long as 5 minutes. Much more time is spent styling the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to support the care of less porous hair at every stage.

Low Porosity Hair Wash and Conditioning

The hair act as an umbrella and water just falls without wetting it. The first step in how to care of less porous hair is to provide hygiene. To ensure hygiene, water should be used, shampoo should be delivered to the roots of the hair and a good rinsing and selection of appropriate conditioner required.

In hair with low pores, priority is on the roots of the hair, as the hair is not completely wet. In normal hair, the hair becomes wet enough for shampooing in a period of 1 minute under the shower. But if the same pores are open, it will stretch for 3 minutes. Therefore, the shower time of 10 minutes is now 20 minutes. Here are some advices that work with low porosity hair care:

      • Using the Bath tub instead of the shower to wet the hair,
      • To apply by sectioning the hair,
      • Using heat to ease penetration,
      • Increase the water absorption of the hair with pre poo,
      • Hand massage and using a spray bottle to wet,
      • Using shampoo and conditioner together,
      • Using a leave-in conditioner.

There are other ways besides these methods, and it is usually necessary to buy extra products to apply them. Buying a professional hair washing pool or steaming cap also works on low porosity hair wash.

Low Porosity Care With Oils

Dull and dry appearance, fluffy hair and low hydration are the main features of how to take care of low porosity hair. If we compare it from this point of view, it needs conditioner and oil therapies more than normal hair. Since it is very difficult to open the pores with a shower, it is useful to apply therapy with special oils during the day. It is also very common to use heat to create a greenhouse effect. Hair with less pores care with oils is good way to treat.

Use of single high density of the base oil is not efficient treatment. Olive oil therapy works best for low-pore hair. Shea butter is also extremely beneficial, but coconut oil does not have the same effect. Coconut oil is of high density and difficult to penetrate. For this reason, it is used by mixing with low density oils. Oil therapy with Shower Cap and massage is effective in less-pored hair care.

It is possible to use the hair care oils directly or by diluting them. There is no harm in walking around with an oil mask while wearing a shower cap. It is also possible to make a mask by mixing hair conditioner with oils. It is beneficial to keep the product in the mask for a long time, since the absorption level is low in low pores. Giving heat with a hair dryer while in the shower cap also helps the hair to absorb the oil. These methods help to open the pores in the dense structure.

Drying And Forming Difficulty

You can say that drying and styling the hair has never been this difficult, and you have every right to say that. As, the cuticle layer is very dense and close in low porosity hair, the hair is usually curly and stubborn. Some low porosity hair may not be dry even in three days. So how you can dry your hair without causing damage:

      • By using hooded dryer,
      • Without taking off shower cap,
      • Using moisturizers and dry shampoo,
      • Help of steamer,
      • Warm towel and leave-in conditioner,
      • Air-dry with diffuser.

How to take care of low porosity hair while drying and forming is also possible. If you do not want the hair to be curly, do not dry directly with the dryer. Instead, apply a moisturizer, whether oil or cream, after removing excess water with a few old t-shirts. For this, the hair that need hydration too much, locking in moisture is a good method.

How Often and What Care for Low Porosity Hair

Our hair is our finery and our personal property. This is why we accept and love our low porosity hair. We know it needs more care and attention than any other hair, and we pamper it with warmth. It is enough to wash it 2 times a week and to care for it 2 times in the same day. Not everyone has to do hair care that often, but we respect it. Say, you gladly accept them in the care of our less porous hair.

The cuticle cells get closer to each other due to the use of chemicals, applications with extreme temperatures or genetic structure. In this case, the hair becomes more difficult to dry and curl. You can do your own home test to see if the pore ratio is low. For the test, it is enough to throw a single strand of hair into a glass of water. If the hair swims at the top review the article “how to take care of low porosity hair”. There are many effective methods to care for pores. Again, there are many suggestions for styling, drying and care for hair.

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