How to Take Care of Natural Black Hair?

Like blonde hair, black hair requires enough proper hair care so that it can be kept full of life, softness, and radiant shine all the time.
There is nothing beautiful than a mane with shiny and soft black hair, with which you will undoubtedly manage to captivate many looks.

If you have black hair naturally or dyed your hair black, you have to take special care in both cases. Since you have to try to preserve the beauty of this hair color as much as possible. For black hair to look beautiful all the time, much shine is necessary; for this reason, it takes several cares.

If you have decided to paint your hair black or think of giving this elegant color to your hair, you have to know that the placement of black does not alter the hair's shine.
The new intensive care color options highlight all the hair's shine and softness, which include nourishing formulas for what they have natural components such as argan or macadamia oil. This dye's challenge is knowing how to maintain this shine, which is why we present you with these cares for black hair.

The most essential tips that you have to take into account to take care of your black hair are those that we leave you right away. They are hair cares that have to be part of your daily beauty routine.

Protects from UV Rays

Black hair can be dried more easily than blonde hair if exposed enough to the sun's rays. So you have to start protecting black hair from UV rays; for this, you can use hats or caps. If you don't like these accessories to protect your hair from the sun's rays, then opt to apply products with a unique formula to protect your hair.

Although the main recommendation is that you avoid exposing your hair directly to the sun when the sun's rays are quite robust. Solar heat can make hair look dry, lifeless, and lead to split ends.

Be Careful with the Number of Temps

Black hair can look radiant and dazzling as long as it has a right hue. But, there are cases where the hair seems very dark and dull, looking unnatural. When the hair looks quite dark, the mane seems as if it were a wig, indeed in many cases, you have seen this type of color.

If you have naturally black hair, you will rarely have darker hair, but when you dye your hair, it is best to be careful with the temptation; it is best to use dye number 5 at most. It will be of help if you also remembered that it is not necessary to paint your hair frequently.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera has select properties to keep black hair radiant and shiny at all times. A good recommendation is to prepare an aloe vera mask with honey to apply to all the hair with gentle massages, leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse with plenty of water. Besides keeping hair shiny, it hair cares from chlorinated and treated water since black hair is quite sensitive to these damages.

I also recommend the use of hair products that have aloe vera as the main ingredient. Products such as shampoo, conditioner, creams, etc. These days there are many options for hair care maintenance products that feature aloe vera or aloe vera.

Moisturize Hair Periodically

Dark hair, by nature, is the one that has sebaceous glands, that is why it can become drier, so it has to be constantly hydrated. To hydrate the hair, many product options usually are marketed, and of course, there are also homemade options. The easiest way is to apply moisturizer frequently.

If you want to hydrate the hair naturally:

  1. Prepare a moisturizing mask of olive oil with an egg.
  2. Beat the ingredients well to form a homogeneous mask.
  3. Apply to all hair and scalp with gentle massages, leave the preparation to act for approximately 20 minutes, and rinse with plenty of water. This mask can be applied at least once a week.

Use Cold Water

To wash your hair, preferably cold water is in recommendation. But if you are one of those who use hot water to wash your hair, you have to be very clear that you are not doing your hair any good.

Use only warm water, as boiling water dries out the hair fibers. What is essential is to give the last rinse, you have to use cold water.

 Although many of the products on the market are designed to meet this shade's needs, very dark and dyed hair is another story. Image consultant Víctor Abril and stylist Alejandro Restrepo talk about the most common problems.

  1. Problem

    Black hair can be more dry than blonde.
    Women who have dark brown and decide to dye it black suffer the consequences of one of the most challenging dyes to care for. Although black hair is more resistant, the markedly dark stain can damage it a lot. To counteract this effect, it is essential to use masks.
  2. Problem

    Dyed black hair gets too dark over time, giving an unnatural appearance. Many times, dyed black hair looks too substantial and does not look natural, like a wig. We have all seen that type of color, so saturated as to impede the hair's natural movement and increase its appearance of heaviness. To avoid this effect, it is essential to apply at most one stain number 5 because this only happens with dark tones from 4 to 1 (from medium brown to black). If the color is impossible to hold, the advice is not to paint it so often.
  3. Problem

    Dark hair can show a tendency to look dull.
    Blondes and redheads often have shinier hair. By nature, dark tones are less striking and even less so if they become soft and lose their shine. To avoid this, it is essential to take good care of the scalp and nourish the hair. After balayage hair became so fashionable, the fall/winter trend is to wear it in one tone. Then, we must take advantage that this requires less care and highlight the characteristics of the dark. Using essential grape oil is a good alternative since it revitalizes the hair. While if you have strands or streaks, care is more demanding.


Females with natural black hair who want to modify their tone should consider that radical palette changes. Those of platinum blonde do not always turn out well. Those with a brown or yellow complexion have in brunettes, chocolates. Also candies, with reddish or copper highlights, the ideal shades to innovate with their hair care.

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