How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair can have all thicknesses, lengths, colors, and features. Understanding your hair's needs helps you find the best treatments and hair care products so that you have it excellent for longer. Does your wavy hair tend to frizz or break? Does the root have fat? Is damaged? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you find the tips and products you need for wavy hair. Check out our top tips on how to care for your hair below.

Wavy Hair Type

There is a classification to indicate the curvature of the hair type. This definition is made up of numbers, starting with 1, with straight hair, up to 4, which defines curly hair, followed by a letter that will specify the degree within the initial classification.

The wavy hair is classified by number 2 and divided into 2A, 2B, and 2C. The following are the characteristics of each type.

Type 2A: In this type, ripples are super light. Experts say, "Waves are almost imperceptible from length to end." This waving hair loses curls quickly.

Type 2B: Type 2B wavy hair has more marked waves. "Ripples come from the middle to the end," Carroll specifies. The root is smooth, but there are definite waves throughout the length of the hair.

Type 2C: Curvature 2C can also be defined as pre-curl. Because, depending on the refinement done, we get the excitation of the open curl 3a? Indicates the designer. The waves begin at the root already and are well marked to the ends.

Use a Specific Shampoo

The ends of wavy hair tend to dry out quickly. So, whether you wash your hair once or several times a week, you need a hair care shampoo that doesn't dry out your ends even more. Special shampoo treats the driest parts of your hair with an advanced formulation, and the result is hair ready to style and show off perfect waves.

Choosing Correct Towels

Scrubbing vigorously with a towel can turn your wet curlers into a frizzy nightmare, so always go for gentle touches when your hair is wet. Squeeze to remove excess water and gently flatten the hair against the towel - do not rub, which causes the hair fibers to break.

To limit further damage, brush and comb wet hair gently because the fibers are weakest when wet. It may sound strange, but combing your hair in small sections from the bottom up is much less aggressive on your hair and makes it easier to detangle the most unruly parts.

Using Diffusers May Improve Your Hair 

Blow drying wavy hair can lead to frizz if not done correctly. This is where the diffuser comes in. These hair dryer accessories help to minimize frizz and, at the same time, enhance curlers that could be left flat due to the hair's weight and extension. As with any heat styling treatment, it's a good idea to use a heat protection spray or hair care serum first to help minimize the damage that high temperatures can cause. Get ready to show off beautiful curls, alive and full-bodied!

Use Hair Gel

Women with curlers, we know you want those silky, defined corkscrew curls without that stiff, sticky feeling. The solution? Use a lightweight styling gel like TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold to help you create manageable, clearly defined curls without residue or dehydration effects. 

Extra Care With Colored Rollers

Colored wavy hair looks fabulous, but it needs a bit more grooming. If you feel like your colored curlers are particularly dry, give them some attention and affection with a conditioning mask once a week, as well as hair oil applied to the lengths and ends to provide intense nutrition. Your curlers will be hydrated, manageable, and healthy!

Beware Of Dry Rollers

Your natural curlers are beautiful but fragile. Hair ties can pull and stretch your hair (not to mention tangling and breaking it), so avoid styling your hair too tight with elastics. Plus, it's much better to scrunch and define the curlers by hand and a little styling product - not only does it help reduce damage, but it also helps limit frizz that can be caused by brushing.

Hair Drying Is Done With Care

Air drying is the primary way to achieve beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. Indeed, even if the heating devices are practical, their heat causes the hair fiber's destruction. The hair will therefore tend to be dry, brittle, dull, and fragile. After washing, it is recommended to dry them with a cotton towel without rubbing them but dabbing them. The previously applied balm or cream will form and accentuate the waves that will take shape with drying in the open air.

Take Care Of Your Hair At Night

During the night, the body's cells regenerate faster. Therefore, in the evening, it is advisable to apply hair care treatments to repair the hair in-depth, such as masks or baths in nourishing oils. Use the product liberally to dry hair, making sure to distribute it evenly. Then cover the hair and go to bed. The hair will display softness and shine with perfectly defined curls once the hair is rinsed in the morning.

What Cut For Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair can afford all hair lengths: from short to long, anything goes! However, the longer the hair, the more the waves tend to relax.

Romantic cuts

For a delicate and romantic look, wavy hair goes for fuzzy and layered cuts. These cuts highlight all the softness of the hair's natural waves.

Graphic cuts

Wavy hair can also afford straight and straight cuts, graphic, for a modern and fresh side: a straight bob, plunging or asymmetric. For straight cuts and easier hair care accomplishments, we prefer to keep them above the shoulders.

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