Japanese Skin Care

Japanese Skin Care Secrets

Japanese skin care is a type of care that is known and wondered around the world. And Japanese skin is on everyone's tongue. And they have pretty, smooth, vibrant skin. In this regard, we see that rice comes to the fore during Japanese skin care. The use of rice is quite common in Japan. In addition, even tonic is made from rice. A glass of water and a handful of rice is sufficient for the tonic recipe made from rice. Throw the rice into the water and let it sit for about twenty minutes. Then drain the rice. And use the remaining water as a tonic. In making masks, three tablespoons of rice flour, milk and honey are required. In making a rice mask, add milk to the rice flour. Mix until you get a paste-like consistency. Then add honey and use it. Use when your skin is clean.

Seaweed has a great share among Japanese skin care secrets. As they use rice effectively, they also use seaweed effectively. They make a seaweed mask and apply it to their skin. Seaweed mask is very rich in omega 3 and vitamin C. In fact, an intense antioxidant feature of the seaweed mask comes from here. With this mask, the things that harm the skin and should be disposed of are easily thrown away. The antioxidant properties of the seaweed mask and its anti-aging effect are also visible. It has properties to reduce wrinkles and prevent premature aging. In the recipe of the seaweed mask, which is one of the Japanese skin care secrets, you need to take some seaweed powder. Then add some water to a tablespoon of seaweed powder. And add aloe vera when it is in paste form. Apply to clean face, leave for thirty minutes and rinse.

Mochi Skin Trend

The mochi skin trend is also a Japanese care trend. It is inspired by a Japanese dessert called Mochi. Mochi dessert is made from rice. It is a sweet that looks soft on the outside and takes its old form when touched and pulled. The main point of this trend is that the hydration is strong and plump. In other words, it is desired to create a dooku like Mochi dessert. The first step is to clean the skin. You need to get rid of excess oil and make-up residues on the skin. In addition, products applied to clean skin are much more beneficial. Use a suitable facial cleansing gel for this. After the cleaning phase, you need to use tonic. With the tonic, your pores will be thoroughly purified.

After the tonic application is finished, the main point is reached, moisturizing. As you can see, the most important step in the Mochi trend is to moisturize the skin. Moisture and fullness balance should be well maintained. Moisturizes your skin away from dryness. And it reduces some of the wrinkles that are formed. Or it causes the reduction of wrinkles to occur. The last step is sunscreen. UV rays cause serious damage to the skin. To prevent this, you should use sunscreen every time you go out. You should use it all the time, not just in sunny weather.

What Is J-beauty?

Japanese skincare and Japanese skin has always been its own. And there is a point of view that associates beauty with health. This is why Japanese skin care has gained importance. J-Beauty is a method suitable for Japanese skin care. This method has three main components. It is based on the principles of authentic, preventive maintenance and holistic approach. From the Japanese point of view, imperfections make people unique. And inner beauty and outer beauty affect each other. A beautiful and clean skin means a healthy skin and a healthy person. The said healthy skin can only be achieved with a holistic approach. In short, even a healthy life is not enough. Your mind should also be comfortable and peaceful so that beauty can occur in your outer appearance.

Moreover, there is no focus on the short-term solution at J-Beauty. On the contrary, they focus on long-term and permanent results. For this reason, the products or methods produced make the skin much more resistant. So you do daily treatments to get a long-lasting effect. One of the most important points in Japanese skin care is to be able to clean the skin deeply. You need to use every necessary product such as facial cleansing gel, tonic, mask, peeling and take good care of your skin. Only in this way will you get long-term results.

What Are The Differences Between J-Beauty And K-Beauty?

J-Beauty is not a trend that originated and spread around Japan. But everyone thinks this way. It is a trend in the western region named after K-Beauty. Because the Japanese were not even aware of this trend. They have standard and specific daily care for them. And they didn't think it was special. But things changed when Western people became aware of these methods, this daily routine. And the result was J-Beauty. Japanese women only continued the care they received from their mothers. And that's how they got beautiful, glowing skin. J-Beauty creates long-term solutions, not short-term solutions. And it is a method that should be applied every day.

K-Beauty, on the other hand, is a care trend originating from Korea. K-Beauty also includes the care of Korean women. Because Koreans have very beautiful skin and they are on everyone's lips. Imported products in Korea attract worldwide attention. Some of the ingredients here are made only from herbs produced in Korea. Therefore, it is not found everywhere. The main purpose of K-Beauty is beauty, staying young and creating a undamaged skin. To get these results, you need to devote time to skin care every day. And you need to make it a ruitn. You have to do it in a certain order and at certain times. Thus, you fit the K-Beauty trend. But K-Beauty is a trend that came before J-Beauty. And in J-Beauty this name is similarly removed.


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