Loreal Anti Aging

Loreal anti aging creams and serums have miraculous effects by hyaluronic acid and concentrated Prp-Xylane ingredients. Revitalift Laser has retinol based content for anti wrinkle. These three substances are generally main ingredients for anti aging product line. Loreal Paris studies these three substances as immediate, short-term and long-term effects.

Revitalift is an anti wrinkle product line of  Loreal Paris.  There are serums, moisturizers and night creams for eye contour care. Loreal laser 3x features mean 3 properties as;

  • reduce wrinkles,
  • have an immediate effect,
  • a brighter/ finery appearance.

It is possible to see these three features in all product groups. Besides Revitalift, the other products have ingredients of essential oils, aloe Vera, clay, sugar to moisture and hydrate as a base. Retinoid-based products are generally a great success against sun related spots and wrinkles. Mainly derived from vitamin A components, retinol and retinoic acid help with all anti-aging skin problems.

Retinoids in the content of Loreal Paris Revitalift have more effect together with other active ingredients. Thanks to the dense night creams in Revitalift, it is possible to have skin care treatment with Loreal anti aging products while sleeping at night. It is good to have a younger appearance and get rid of fine lines.

Loreal Anti Aging Eye Care

Loreal anti aging eye care is a new blend of the same active ingredient of hyaluronic acid. Revitalift eye contour care products finesse black dark circles, thin crow's feet wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and oil glands that occur on the skin around the eyes. With the use of Loreal Paris eye care cream, it instantly reduces the puffy appearance around the eyes, removes the roughness and creates a brighter appearance. When it is continued to be used, the appearance of wrinkles becomes lighter and decreases within 3 weeks. According to the researches, after 4 weeks of use, visible color tone equality is achieved around the eyes.

Loreal anti aging under-eye care cream reduces wrinkles and delight customers. It is important to be able to use eye care creams correctly. The application of care creams to sensitive skin requires extreme care. For applying Loreal eye creams follow these steps:

  • Take one scoop of eye contour cream for each eye.
  • Use the ring finger, to distribute it.
  • Accelerate blood circulation with light strokes, taps.
  • Again, with the ring finger, massage in a C-shape movements.
  • Do not apply any pressure as the skin around the eyes is extremely thin.
  • Make the skin absorb the cream completely with continuing massage.

After using Loreal Paris anti wrinkle eye cream, you will instantly feel relief and tension around the eyes.This occurs due to the firming effect contained in the cream. Thanks to the calming effect of the cream, the puffiness gets a brighter and finer appearance. Before applying the eye cream, the skin structure, which is more kind, instantly gets a smoother and brighter appearance after applying the cream. Within up to 4 weeks of use, you will notice more improvement or reduction in wrinkles around the eyes.

Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

Thanks to Loreal anti aging night cream, it is possible to treat wrinkles while you sleep at night. In a dark night environment, the body clock adjusts to renew itself. For this reason, 8 hour sleep is essential for skin beauty and it is important that the environment you sleep in is dark. We make much less gestures while we sleep at night, and it is possible to have skin rejuvenation care with night cream in these 8 hours.

Skin cells choose the dark environment to repair themselves and produce collagen at night. It is possible to help cells work in the production of melanin with the active ingredients in the Loreal night cream. Of course, the absorption rate of the cream is also the basic condition for the success of skin care. In order to increase the absorption of skin care cream, a clean and dead skin is required. For this, we purify your skin from environmental radicals before going to bed at night. After washing your face with face wash gel or foams, we provide hygiene with a purifying tonic.

The skin are now purified from residues and dead cells and is very ready for absorption After warming our hands by rubbing eachother, we apply the Loreal anti aging night cream to our skin by massaging against the direction of gravity. So you can see that there is no more cream left on the skin. After this stage, you can apply Loreal miraculous oils serum and essential oils with anti aging and antioxidant properties. When cells work for melanin production at approximately at 1 am, skin regeneration occurs with vitamin antioxidant supports. With regular use, skin rejuvenation shows full effect within 4 weeks.

Loreal Anti Aging Moisturizer

Loreal anti aging moisturizer helps with wrinkle care and softens skin with active ingredient of hyaluronic acid.  The most important reason for the aging of our skin is the lack of hydration. Aging begins with dull look of the skin, then cracks occur and then these cracks turn into wrinkles. In order to strengthen the connective tissues of the skin, it is necessary to have a complete nutrition, liquid consumption, vitamins and proteins.

With hormonal changes after the age of 40, this balance is thoroughly disturbed. For this reason, we can reduce cell repair with the moisturizers in Loreal anti-aging product line. With its active ingredients of Retinol (vitamin A compounds) in its content leads to the production of cell collagen production. Then, the skin cell will try to repair itself to renew itself and reduce wrinkles against aging. As a result, with regular use of Loreal Paris moisturizers, you will have a tighter, less tangled skin in about 4 weeks and have a more lifted skin.

As in other Loreal Revitalift anti-aging product line, it has both instant and long term effects. Apart from the Revitalift,  Loreal Paris have a new moisturizer for women over 40s. It has lifting effect for women who lose elasticity. It has an extra ingredient of caffeine for detox effect.



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