Metformin Anti Aging

Before talking about metformin anti aging treatment, the effects of the drug on humans need to be investigated in detail.

In this article, we will talk about metformin studies on aging and longevity. We will also look at the consequences of using metformin in the fight against aging-related diseases.

Metformin is an oral hypoglycemic medication commonly prescribed by experts for type 2 diabetes. But over the years, experts have discovered other properties of metformin. Metformin delays aging and reduces the incidence of diseases such as neurodegenerative disease and cancer in humans.

However, not all individuals using metformin will benefit at the same level. And metformin shows side effects in some people.

Experts do not accept aging as a disease on its own. However, it is also a fact that aging is directly related to the life span of an organism. In addition, aging is the main cause of all age-related diseases.

Age-related diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. For this reason, experts concentrate on research on anti aging treatments. One of them is the effect of metformin on anti-aging. In the last few years, the concentration of experts in such research has led to the discovery of various drugs that increase health and life expectancy.

The biguanide compound metformin is widely used in the treatment of people with type 2 diabetes. It also provides protection against cancer, inflammation and age-related pathologies.

History Of Metformin

Metformin has been the first and most widely prescribed antidiabetic drug in the world for people with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) for the past two decades. In addition to this use, experts also prescribe it for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, polycystic ovary syndrome and gestational diabetes. Moreover, it shows promise as a cancer treatment.

Historically, experts favored metformin in the 1950s because of its antidiabetic properties. And experts used metformin to treat hyperglycemia in England in 1958.
However remained contraindicated after metformin caused a great deal of lactic acidosis problems.

It has now become clear that lactic acidosis rarely occurs in >0.01 to 0.08 cases per 1000 patient-years (mean, 0.03) due to inadequate clearance of metformin by the kidneys. As a result, there is a low risk of side effects as the benefits of metformin are so great.

Metformin is a biguanide compound that experts have derived from a guanidine derivative in the Galega officinalis plant. Metformin acts as an insulin sensitizer. And shows its main metabolic effect in the liver. 

Metformin acts directly on the hypothalamic centers. Hypothalamic centers regulate satiety and nutrition. As a result, the patient takes less food. Metformin is also effective in inflammation, fatty liver and oxidative damage. In addition, it is effective on protein glycation, decreased autophagy, apoptosis, cellular senescence.

It also affects metabolic and cellular processes resulting from chronic aging, such as the development of various types of cancer. Experts have seen in their recent research that metformin has a positive effect on health and lifespan in different animal models. As a result, metformin has similar benefits on human health and longevity.

Effect Of Metformin On Anti Aging

Recent studies by experts have clearly demonstrated that biguanides, especially metformin, are geroprotective. As we mentioned before, metformin treatment increases insulin sensitivity.

In addition, metformin induces glycolysis and suppresses hepatic gluconeogenesis. Some of these studies have revealed that metformin may also have cardioprotective effects and contribute to the prevention of certain types of human cancer.

All these findings show that we can also use metformin for age-related diseases and longevity. Moreover, with many studies, experts have proven the positive effect of metformin on the lifespan of worms, rats, mice and flies.

The survival rates of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease using metformin have also increased. Recently, experts found that metformin prevents frailty in older adults with T2DM. In this way, metformin will also be able to support longevity.

Additionally, chronic treatment with metformin in patients with diabetes reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. And using metformin in various types of cancer reduces the death rate.

Caenorhabditis Elegans

Caenorhabditis elegans is an experimental model widely used by experts to identify new pharmacological agents that can delay the aging process. Thanks to this experimental model, experts have revealed many molecular mechanisms that play a role in aging and age-related diseases. Experts have recently found that metformin supplementation increases the average lifespan of C. elegans by approximately 40% without extending its maximum lifespan. Carbohydrate levels are increasing in worms that experts treat with metformin.

Active bacterial metabolism is a critical nutritional requirement for the lifespan of C. elegans. The experts cultured the worms they treated with Biguanide only with a drug-susceptible strain of Escherichia coli. And they discovered that the worms lived longer with this method. Increased ~30% compared to normal lifespans.

This contrasts with the pathogenic effects of drug-resistant bacteria on nematode health and senescence. It is a change in microbial metabolism of folate and methionine that serves to explain the longevity, which is consistent with the idea that metformin is a CR-mimetic drug.

As we have said many times before, experts use metformin mainly for the management of hyperglycemia in T2DM. In this way, experts began to test whether high glucose negatively affects bacterial growth inhibition by metformin and thus the lifespan of C. elegans.

With metformin-induced reduction in lifespan in response to glucose supplementation, the researchers thought that altering the gut microbiota might represent a new therapeutic approach to delay aging and treat age-related diseases.

As A Result

Experts are still investigating the effects of metformin therapy in many areas, including use as an anti-aging. So far, the results obtained by the experts seem quite positive. But the work still continues.

For this reason, we recommend that you stay on track until experts come up with a definitive opinion on the use of metformin therapy in anti-aging treatment. If everything goes as we hope, breakthrough techniques and products will emerge in the treatment of aging.

We have transferred the whole process to you. We hope we were helpful. take care of your health.

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