Old School Black Hair Care Products

Old school black hair care products were less effective. However, with the developing technology today, the contents of most hair care products have increased. Special care products are produced for each hair structure. In this case, you can choose the product that suits your hair structure.

Black hair type dries more than other hair types. It is also more sensitive. Therefore, hair care is very important. For this, it would be more logical to choose natural hair care products for black hair. The moisture of your hair is very important. This moisture both protects the hair structure and fights against external factors. Water allows more oxygen to go to the blood vessels in the scalp. And it prevents graying of hair. Therefore, drink plenty of water. When choosing hair care products for black hair, pay attention to the presence of biotin. Because biotin benefits hair. Also, use conditioner after washing your hair. Because moisturizing the hair prevents the hair from drying and breaking. Hair care products help nourish and repair our hair. Because our hair wears out over time.

Old school black hair care products didn't offer much choice. But now it's easier to choose hair care products. Shampoo is one of the main care products. When choosing a shampoo for black hair, make sure that it does not contain SLS, dimethicone, parapen. Choose products that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C supports hair follicles. It also keeps the blood vessels in the scalp healthy. Black hair is generally more sensitive and dry than other hair types. For this reason, use shampoo, conditioner and hair oil specially produced for black hair.

Black Hair Structure And Care Products

Every hair needs different. For this, we need to know our hair type. Taking care is very important. It also takes less time. In addition, regular hair care will make your hair more lively, voluminous, durable and healthy. Our hair consists of two parts. The first is the hair root. The second is the part where the hair shaft is. There are pigments, minerals and proteins that make up our hair color. We also have a sebaceous gland at the base of our hair. This oil gland nourishes our hair. This is why our hair gets oily. Black hair is usually drier and more sensitive. Therefore, it requires more maintenance. Apart from care, water also keeps our hair moist. Because this moisture prevents hair breakage.

At the outermost part of our hair is a shell made up of dead cells. Improper care or neglect of hair damages its structure. For example, chemicals used damage hair pigments. And it causes the hair color to fade. Old school black hair care products did not contain too many chemicals. However, with the developing technology, most hair care products contain chemicals. Because marketing the product becomes even easier. However, these chemicals do more damage to our hair. The most preferred products in hair care are masks and serums. Maintenance oils are also effective. Oils like coconut, argan, macadamia and garlic oil are mostly organic. And these are plant based oils.

As we explained, your hair nourishes the layers in its structure. It also strengthens the hair shaft and prevents breakage. And they provide the necessary moisture to the hair. These products both nourish and strengthen your hair. In this way, the hair is held tighter. And shedding is reduced. It also reduces breakage as it is moistened.

Hair Masks For Black Hair

Hair masks are more useful to add moisture to the hair. It is an effective care product for black hair. Because black hair is drier than other hair types. In short, it is a more concentrated form of conditioner. However, hair masks are not used as often as conditioners. Masks usually need to be used once or twice a week. In addition to moisturizing, masks also have features such as restorative, nourishing, and paint drying. Old school black hair care products these were hardly available. Dry hair looks dull and weak.

Hair that is left without moisture is worn out, falls out and loses its vitality. In addition to softening the hair, the hair mask provides deep care and repair to your hair. Choosing hair masks is very important. First, determine the structure and needs of your hair. Choose the appropriate product according to this situation. There are different types of hair masks; For oily hair, dry hair and color treated hair.

Hair Serums

Hair serums help nourish the hair from root to tip. Old school black hair care products serums wouldn't be much. However, it is quite common nowadays. The purpose of hair care products is to repair and nourish the hair. In addition, it does not disturb the structure of the hair. Therefore, when choosing all hair care products, we should choose according to our needs. At the same time, we must pay attention to its content. It would be logical to use hair serum before processes such as heat application. Because in this way, the hair is protected from the external environment. Hair serum gives shine to your hair thanks to the silicon structure it contains. It is important to apply the right technique for proper care.

Hair should also be clean before applying hair serum. Because if the scalp is not clean, the serum cannot show its effect. And on the contrary, it makes the skin more oily. Do not cover your head after applying hair serum. Let your hair roots breathe. Because if our scalp sweats, the serum is useless. When applying hair serum, it is necessary to apply from the hair to the ends.

It is important to be gentle with the ends of the hair. Because the ends of the hair are more fragile. Also, exposing your hair to too much serum is counterproductive. Adding coconut milk, egg white and coconut oil to the serum will provide even more benefits. You can consider these. Investigate carefully when choosing the care products we mentioned. Also, pay attention to your diet. Thus, you will have healthier and well groomed hair.

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