Order To Apply Skin Care Products

Order to apply skin care products is essential to get best benefit. Products such as moisturizers and serums have an effect under certain conditions. For this reason, while making a skin care routine, the way of application of the products is as important as the skin type. You may have heard this sentence when women are chatting. “yeah, is that the product? not good at all. I have used it and I have not seen any benefit. How did you like it" In the same skin care product, one person benefits while the other does not.

  • Incorrect sorting for the app
  • Using it on clogged pores without cleaning the skin
  • Not massaging, especially on dry skin
  • Not buying products suitable for skin type
  • Buying products with vitamins even though they don't need it.

Best order to apply skin care products is not same all skin types. Those with dry skin spend the most time on moisturizing, while women with oily skin spend the most time on cleansing. While one peeling per week is sufficient for those with dry skin, it is necessary to apply more than once in other skin types. Apart from this, the product contents also vary depending on the skin type and are important.

Order To Apply Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Best order to apply skin care products for oily skin is based on keeping purification longer. People with oily skin are lucky, they don't need extra effort to nourish the skin. Because their skin is with the oil produced by the body and ages late. However, if the oil balance is not maintained, the ideal medium for acne formation is formed. For this reason, bacteria cleaning is actually done during the skin purification stage. If there is a clogged skin pore, this is necessary to open it. In general, the following process is applied step by step.

  • 1st Step Face Cleanser, Gel (at least 4 minutes with massage)
  • Tonic,Tuner (everyday, morning and at night)
  • Eye Cream (every night)
  • Moisturizer (small amount of non-oily ingredient)
  • Serum and special treatment Care (acne,scar, spot, anti-wrinkle, anti aging, pigmentation)

The list of best order to apply skin care products changes according to the season. In other words, it is necessary to moisturize the skin a little more in cold weather. Additionally, apart from these lists, as a weekly extra to dead cells purification is needed;

  • Professional skin care session (once a month)
  • Weekly massage peeling
  • Mask (2 or 3 times a week)

What happens if we change this order? If we apply make-up or moisturizer without cleansing the skin, the cell pores will be clogged. Clogged cell pores cannot feed well or will probably produce bacteria. Your skin either looks dull or you have acne. Therefore, it is important to order to apply skin care products. Other than that, daily facial cleansing gels only clean the top layer. Deep cleaning is also required. For this, in the professional skin care application, the pores are opened for only 20 minutes and then the cleaning process is done. This provides a good deep cleaning. Dead residual cells are also a good food for some skin mites, and make-up is not fixed well. It is necessary to exfoliate at least once a week for dead cells. So the order to apply skin care products is essential for oily skins.

Order To Apply Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

Regional application is as important as the order to apply skin care products in combination skin. Combination skin should be treated very sensitively on the cheeks. They should order oily skin products for the forehead, chin and nose area, and oily and nourishing moisturizers for the cheeks. Therefore, if you have combination skin, you need to apply regionally.

  • 1st Step Face Cleanser, Foam(Only massage nose, chin and forehead area )
  • Tonic, Toner (use dry skin toner to you chicks and oily skin product to other areas every day, morning and at night)
  • Eye Cream (every night)
  • Moisturizer (only apply to chicks)
  • Serum and special treatment Care (nourishing, moisturizing, spot, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging)

For those with combination skin, it may be necessary to buy two of some products. Never apply face wash gel for oily skin on cheeks. In addition, applying a very oily moisturizer to the nose and forehead will cause acne. Apply the night cream only to the cheek area. Apply monthly peeling application only to the nose, forehead and chin area. It may not be helpful to apply the same mask for each area. Our selection of masks usually chooses anti-wrinkle masks.

Order To Apply Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

Order to apply skin care products for dry skin lasts longer than the other skin types. That's because dry skin pores are often shrunken and small or narrow. For this reason, it is necessary to feed it by massaging after cleansing it with tonic. If you do not do this process in this way, you will not notice any product residue on your face after every skin care application. Because your face is so sensitive but also so hungry. Dry skin is beneficial if they drink at least 10 glasses of plain water a day and are well fed.

  • 1st Step Face Cleanser, Foam (Keep it short massage for 1 minute only)
  • Tonic, Toner (use only dry skin toner, be kind, morning and at night)
  • Eye Cream (every night)
  • Moisturizer (apply at least 2 time and massage gently for 3 minutes)
  • Sun screeners (15 min before you go outside)
  • Serum and special treatment Care (nourishing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti aging)
  • Face Oils ( Use 2-3 times a week instead of serums)

Order to apply skin care products for dry skin is as it is but a little longer than other skin types. Pamper your face skin with weekly care with extra moisturizing masks. Apart from that, natural and oily products as much as possible will work. When using facial oil, avoid acidic ingredients or dilute the oil and massage it. Choose more intense moisturizers during the winter months. Avoid very hot and very cold environments.

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