Skin Care Routine Order

Skin care routine order show you the right way and help you not to skip any important product. This order is divided into two that are daytime and nighttime. Because daytime you should protect your skin from pollution and free-radicals. These things affect your skin quality and may cause premature aging. On the other hand, using products in order is very important because of penetrating. You should use them from thinnest to thickest. Thickest ones need time to penetrate so if you use them firstly, you prevent thinnest ones penetrated sufficiently. Product order is really important than you think.

Skin care routine order helps you increase the effectiveness of products. By this way, your sunscreen can protect your skin effectively, moisturizer can influence all skin layers and so on. You should not confuse them and put them in an order precisely. In order to keep your skin healthier and shinier, add your beauty routine what your skin needs. For instance, if you have mature skin, add your skin care routine anti-agers. Anti-agers fight against aging signs such as wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

All skincare products contain plenty of ingredients to promote, to nourish, to rejuvenate the skin’s texture. These ingredients are determined by beauty experts and dermatologists to provide people healthy skin. Every people have their own skin concern because of that your skincare routine differs from anyone else. Yes, there is an order, however, there may be exceptions. Because of that, before starting your beauty routine please get in touch with your dermatologist.

Skin types and skin condition define the way that every person should go ahead. Acne, rosacea, dark spots, wrinkles, blackheads, and such things affect your skincare regimen. For instance, if there is a skin condition like rosacea, irritating scrubs or exfoliators can be skipped.

Build A Skin Care Routine Order For Healthy Skin

Skin care routine order is a key for everyone to have healthy skin. Many people want to have healthier and brighter skin texture. However, sometimes skincare routine does not provide what they predict. At this point, they think that the product is not effective. Whereas, if there is something wrong, product cannot show its effect sufficiently. For instance, after applying a product if you wash the area that you applied, effectiveness will be less.

Skin care routine order is important since products affect their effectiveness. For instance, oils and oil-based products produce barrier over skin surface and thus prevent water-based products to penetrate to the skin. Having healthy skin is possible if you apply them in the right order. You should start with water-based or thin formulas. After that, you can apply them step by step which goes through to the thickest one.

Especially, in daytime the last product should be sunscreen because this protectant is very significant. UV rays damage your skin texture by causing wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone. If you apply serum, cream or oil after using sunscreen, they dissolve sunscreen and make it powerless against sunlight. After that, your skin will be vulnerable against harmful UV rays.

If you do not know about how to put products in order, you may read the label and instruction of products. You may get in touch with product’s producer to learn about when you use and how to use it. Users of cosmetic products may help you to find out the right order.

Daytime Skincare Routine

Skin care routine order is the major factor of healthy skin. Pollution, sun, wind, cold, hot, free-radicals, dirt, dust are things that you expose in your daily life. These things affect your skin quality but you do not notice their damage instantly. Over time their damage occurs as a skin problem. Wrinkles, dryness, breakouts are some of the problems. In order to prevent such things place in your skin, in daytime you should start with cleansing. Cleansing is a base for products to penetrate each layer of the skin. Clogged pores prevents beneficial ingredient to go inside.

Skin care routine order is very important to prevent harmful things to reach the skin surface. After cleansing in the morning secondly apply toner. Toner is great for pores which provides deep clean. Additionally, toner restores the pH level of the skin. You should look for a toner which is right for your skin type.

Spot treatment is the third one in the order. Blemishes are the concern of aging people and who have acne-prone skin. Anti-ager and anti-acne products help treat blemishes. The fourth one is applying serum to face and neck. Its few drops are enough to see the difference. The fifth one is to pat eye cream all around your eye area- underneath, up under the eyebrow, and edges. The others are moisturizer, oil and SPF protection.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Skin care routine order should be done at nighttime. Your skin is exhausted because of environmental factors. You should purify your skin from all kind of residues and debris. Firstly, use makeup remover to clean your skin sufficiently. After that, you can use cleanser for more cleansing. Exfoliator (acid exfoliant or exfoliating mud mask) is the second but you should apply it weekly. Acid exfoliant can be applied twice or four times a week. Mud mask can be applied once a week. Additionally, if you use it at night, you cannot use it in daytime or vice versa. Toner is optional at nights; you can skip this. Hydrating serum is the fifth one and if you need, you can apply hyaluronic acid. Following step is using eye cream as needed.

Peptide moisturizer, retinol cream and oil is in the seventh order in a nighttime skin care routine order. However, you should choose one of them and use what you chose once a day. Once a week collagen or peptide mask should be the last one.

These order tips may give you idea about your beauty routine. In order to increase the effect of products you should do what is recommended, otherwise, you may cause to reduce the effect of products.


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