Vitamin D And Hair Loss

There could be multiple causes of people’s hair loss. Most commons are usually coming from the problems of the hormonal system. Meaning that hair loss is a problem usually triggered by the hormonal system. Although it seems like it’s an inner caused problem, there are other factors there are resulting in hair loss. Unhealthy life habits like being stressed, eating unhealthy, or not exercising are some of them. Also, there are factors that you can’t change, like age and genetics. But there is a specific problem that results in hair loss. It is a vitamin deficiency. It’s a problem that people usually takes it lightly but it is a dangerous condition in the long term. Apart from causing real diseases, vitamin deficiency may cause hair loss in the long term too. Because there are links that some vitamins take the role in the hair growth cycle, like vitamin D.

There are some researches about vitamin D and hair growth link. The shreds of evidence are usually not very precise but these researches found that vitamin D takes a role in the anagen phase of hair growth. Anagen is the phase that new hair is producing by the skin. And on this skin, there are vitamin D receptors, causing some chain process. So what is vitamin D, to begin with?

The Vitamin That We Produce

Yes, it’s a fact. Vitamin D is rare to find in food although you might find it in some fish and milk. Our body produces the needed amount of vitamin D with the UV rays. Whenever you go out and your skin is in contact with sunlight, your body is producing vitamin D. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin too. So this means that we can store vitamin D for later use in the body.

Vitamin D is responsible for many duties in your body. It takes care of bone health, muscle control, and muscle power, it promotes healthy cell growth, etc. It even takes a role in maintaining a healthy immune system. So it’s pretty needed for many processes. Deficiency of vitamin can cause many issues at the same time in the body. It might even cause serious diseases like rickets and osteomalacia. Those are the two main bone diseases that are affecting the healthy bone structure, making the bones bending and weak. So it’s generally better to take a walk around to restore those vitamin D stocks because of other things are deficiency might cause. For example, some people can have hair loss problem due to their vitamin D deficiency.

Hair Loss And Vitamin D

As we clarified before, some researches are showing that vitamin D deficiency may cause different problems, like hair loss. For example, one research found a detain interesting. Women 18 to 45 years old who are deficient in vitamin D are more likely to have some kind of hair loss problem in their past. Even though there is a statistic like that, the link between hair growth and vitamin D isn’t very clear. But studies suggest that vitamin D receptors play a role in the anagen phase which we explained before. It’s an important phase in which the new hairs start to grow.

So it’s better to go to your check-ups. Because you might have some kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency causing your hair loss. There are specific conditions that are giving the signal. If you are deficient in vitamin D, you can feel bone and muscle pain or you might have sudden changes in your mood. Saying that determining the problem in your body and diagnosing the situation by yourself is not a good idea. Your healthcare provider will know better. You need to clarify the situation correctly first to take the needed treatment to solve your problem. 

Vitamin D deficiency is not a rare diagnosis, to begin with. It’s more common than you might think. Roughly speaking there are close to one billion people deficient in vitamin D. That means roughly 13 percent of the whole population. Meaning that there will be people who are suffering from hair loss due to their deficiency of vitamin D. So taking supplements might help if you are suspicious that you are one of this community. But you need to be careful with the supplements too. Because too much vitamin D causes even more problems.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements are some kind of nutrition that doctors recommend to their patients who have vitamin D deficiency. But with the market being big, now everyone can easily buy those supplements. There is no problem with this step but some people over consume those products for the hope of the disappearance of their problem. There is a big problem with that because it may cause vitamin D toxicity.

“Overdosing” of vitamin D is not a thing. Because we generally receive the needed amount of it by sunlight. But when a person starts to use too much of vitamin D supplements, there is a problem and its name is vitamin D toxicity. This condition can show itself by vomiting, nausea, and weight loss. It may even cause problems of heart rhythm too. So it’s a very serious problem. The best solution for those problems is to stop expecting that you might solve the hair loss or other issues by yourself. Don’t diagnose yourself with something, just contact your healthcare provider. They can help you and determine the problem.

Best Solution For Hair Loss

Like we clarified before, you can get advantages by reducing the factors that are causing hair loss. Like getting the optimum amount of vitamin D per day. But for most of us, genetics usually play the dominant role. Meaning that if your genetics tend to actualize hair loss, it probably will. So the best solution for those who seek a real solution is hair transplantation surgery. Because it’s the most effective option. With the FUE and DHI techniques ( Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Implantation) our surgeons can treat effective surgery to our clients. Our clients can achieve their desired hair with minimum to no pain at all. Contact us for more information about this subject.

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