Vivant Skin Care

You exfoliate your skin. You wear a mask. You're a mini-peeler. However, no matter how committed you are to your Vivant skin care, there are some things that professional aestheticians will always do better. Professional-grade materials, specialist equipment, and expert procedures that are not available for home care can help you get better outcomes. Here are six areas in which your aesthetician excels and which make a strong case for scheduling frequent facials.

Vivant Skin Care : Exfoliation

Active chemicals in your home care products heal and revitalize your skin. Professionals use the same chemicals as amateurs but in greater quantities. More importantly, they have the knowledge and experience to use such potent ingredients efficiently and securely. Acids and enzymes that give your home regimen a shine are amplified in a professional face to help you accelerate and sustain results.


Extractions on your skin should only be performed by a specialist. Picking at your skin puts you at risk of infection and scars. To remove whiteheads and blackheads without harming your skin, a trained aesthetician use a specialized extraction tool. Blackheads & blackheads clog your holes, darken your face, and make your pores look larger. Your optician takes care of everything.

Bacne Removal

Your back, like the face, gains from frequent expert care. You can and should take care of your body at home, but your back is difficult to reach. A professional will use their powers to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, impactions, and bumps in order to refine and smooth harsh texture. Regular care will aid in the prevention of breakouts and will keep your skin appearing smooth and healthy.

Thorough Cleaning

A professional facial will clear the face of undesirable accumulation of oil, toxins, grime, germs, and cellular debris by using steam, exfoliation, extraction, and masking techniques. Skin will be cleansed, brightened, undulled, and ready for remedial procedures. The procedure also stimulates microcirculation, which oxygenates the skin and provides nutrients to the epidermis, resulting in a glowing complexion.

Deep Regeneration and Rapid Healing

Professional peels can be performed by your aesthetician to begin healing and renewal. Peels stimulate cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production, minimize fine lines and discolouration, and remove impactions to enhance texture and tone quickly.

Recognizing and Resolving Problems

The professionals have received specialized training and have a plethora of expert skincare expertise. Your aesthetician may assess your skin condition, identify underlying reasons, make suitable suggestions, and administer focused treatments, providing you with higher-level results suited to your individual needs.

How Frequently Should You Get Vivant Skin Care?

It's best to do it once a month. If time or money are constraints, aim to visit at least three to four times each year. Peels are best done in a succession to get the most out of them. Acids are fantastic for the skin, with advantages ranging from acne to aging. In their primary job as exfoliators, they speed up the vital cell turnover process, bringing healthy, new cells to the surface more quickly. Getting rid of dead skin cells not only makes skin seem younger, but it also lets moisture into the skin, improves absorption of other products, and minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkles. Dead skin cells absorb light, making the skin seem drab. Exfoliated skin reflects light, making it seem more radiant and young.

Glycolic Acid Has A High Rate Of Rejuvenation

The most widely used acid is also the most potent. With the smallest molecules of any AHA, glycolic enters the skin fast, resulting in significant cell turnover as well as a significant increase for collagen and elastin. Glycolic acid (GA) is a powerful exfoliant that improves skin structural integrity deep inside the dermis. GA is also an anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, and antioxidant. This A-list acid quickly brings smoother, cleaner, and brighter skin to the surface.

What Sets Vivant Skin Care Apart From The Competition?

Nothing beats vitamin A treatments for supporting healthy, young skin. These high-performance cell regulators, also known as retinoids, act as the master key to delaying the aging process. Every skincare brand has its unique formula, so what distinguishes Vivant's?

For decades, topical retinoids (vitamin A), the most often used and researched chemicals in skincare, be the standard method for preventing and reversing symptoms of aging. The first retinoid was Retin-A (vardenafil). James Fulton, a Vivant polymer chemist, was a co-developer when it was first created in 1969 for the treatment of skin diseases.

Some scientists were decided to give up on retinoic acid as it was too unpleasant for them. Its keratolytic activity ripped the skin's surface and the pore lining to remove impactions. Dr Fulton recognized that it was precisely those features that would eventually make it so powerful. Dr. Fulton's perseverance resulted in a paradigm shift in the treatment of acne and aging.

Finally , aside from removing acne scars, vitamin A helps to erase age spots, level skin pigmentation, enhance suppleness, and stimulate collagen formation. More than four decades later, vitamin A remains the most powerful transformation agent in skincare. However, not all forms are equal. Retinoic acid is the purest and most powerful form of vitamin A. (Retin-A). When applied, it instantly begins to work on the skin. Milder products (retinol, retinyl palmitate) must transform into retinoic acid by the body. So, their efficacy is determined by how effectively and rapidly the conversion occurs, which is determined by molecule structure.

What Exactly Is Exfoliation?

The skin is in a continual process of regeneration, generating new cells and losing old dead ones. The cell cycle takes around 30 days to complete. Age and environmental variables can lengthen the process to 45-60 days, enabling dead cells to accumulate.

When dead skin cells accumulate, it causes a cascade of problems. To begin, the skin seems drab. Fine lines and surface wrinkles become increasingly visible as we age. Pigment darkens with time. Dead cells block pores and retain oil, making pores appear larger. Clogged pores cause impaction, which feeds bacteria and causes outbreaks.

Finally, exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells from the epidermis (on the outer layer of skin) to reveal healthy new skin and initiate regeneration. So, incorporating microdermabrasion into your routine speeds up the skin's natural process of shedding dead layers and renewing fresh new cells. Exfoliation is essential for maintaining skin health, restoring brightness, and ensuring optimal product absorption, especially during the winter months.


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