What Is Beard Oil?

We have been hearing about beard oil quite a lot lately. It is a product that is popular day by day, especially for men's care. The beard is important for men not only in the old years but also these days. After all, " the beard is a man's makeup." Celebrities, watched by millions of people, also appeared in front of the cameras with their well-groomed beards. And with the contribution of the entertainment world, the beard has taken an important place in our society today. 

Men who preferred beards became common. But we can see that the structure of the beard is much different from that of the hair. For this reason, sometimes beard care can turn into a nightmare for many men.  The hair that comes out on our face is not cylindrical like our hair. Beards are flatter. That's why beards are much more uncontrollable. And unfortunately, this makes beard care more difficult. If you want to grow a beard, you should make a lot of effort to care for the beard

The moisture of the skin under your beard is the most important part of beard care. Also, because our beards are so close to our mouth, they prevent bacteria from entering our mouth and nose. So, beard hygiene is just as important as the hygiene of our other parts. 

Fortunately, companies that realized the need for this hygiene soon began to produce beard care products. And beard care, which we will do with these products, will soon give us the image we deserve with the help of these products. The most common one among them is a beard oil that you probably heard about frequently. So, what is this beard oil that everyone praises?

What Is Beard Oil? 

Beard oil is a product with a moisturizing task for the beard and skin under the beard. Beard oil is a product that also good for the skin, in addition to the beard. And this oil does not make your beard and skin greasy. It is made from ingredients that keep your beard hydrated. They are usually created with a mixture of oils such as argan, olive, and jojoba oil

It benefits skin that stays under long beards. Moisturizes the skin, provides a vibrant appearance. It prevents dandruff that occurs at the bottom of the beard due to dry skin and uncomfortable itching at the bottom of the beard. Apart from them, beard oils have other benefits:

  • Nourishes and strengthens the beard.
  • It makes beards grow healthy and look groomed.
  • Gives your beard a shiny look. It revives the beard.
  • Removes the dull appearance of your beards.
  • Because it feeds the beard, it can make the beard bushy and it can make the weak beards grow thick.
  • Reduces split ends. 

What Are The Benefits To The Skin?

Beard oil is a product that also benefits the skin rather than the beard. It benefits neglected skin that stays under long beards.

  • Moisturizes the skin, provides a vibrant appearance.
  • Prevents dandruff that occurs at the bottom of the beard due to skin dryness and uncomfortable itching at the bottom of the beard.
  • Destroys the uncared parts. 
  • Makes beards smell good.
  • Makes the beard look clean. 

In short, beard oil is the most basic product preferred by beard-loving men who care about its care. If you want to have beards that make a difference, you should use beard oil

How Is Beard Oil Used?

Using beard oil is quite simple and effortless. you can apply it in a very short time in 2 steps:

  1. Drip 4 or 5 drops of beard oil into your hand. 
  2. Apply it by massaging the beard and the skin under the beard

If you apply beard oil regularly, you will moisturize the skin under the beard. In this way, you don't see dandruff from your beard on your clothes. If you are growing a beard for the first time, you should use beard oil. When you notice this comfort, you will not be able to give up beard oil. It is much more useful to apply beard oil to the skin first. The amount you will use depends on the beard length and your personal preference. But the recommended amount is 4 or 5 drops.

Once you feel your skin hydrated, you can start applying the oil to your beards. If you have a long beard, it is useful to use a comb so that the oil can spread evenly. On the other hand, it should be used after washing your face or showering in the morning to maximize the effects of beard oil. At this time, since the pores on your face are open, the skin will also be easier to absorb oil

Regardless of the length of the beard, beard oil is a product that must be bought by those who grow beards. Growing a beard can seem fun and easy for you. But the process may not be easy for everyone.

It is quite common to encounter problems such as itching, shedding, dry skin when growing a beard. If you do not want to encounter such situations, you should definitely use beard oil.  

Other Important Things In Beard Care

One of the things that are neglected in beard care is the condition of washing beards. You should know that you need to wash your beards. But it is not enough to wash with a shower. Or exaggerating the condition of washing your beards every day is harmful as well. You should wash your beard 1 time in 2 days.

Apart from the moisture of the skin and the cleanliness of the beard, the beard needs to be combed. By combing the hair follicles, training allows them to grow in a certain direction and this makes it look aesthetic.

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