What Is Hair Serum?

Everyone wants to have lively and shiny hair. Our hair may not look shiny and vibrant on its own because our hair wants attention. However, many people cannot provide enough care for their hair with the busy pace of life. Hair serums help us in these situations. Hair serums contain various fatty acids and vitamins that nourish our hair. Unlike hair care oils, hair serums contain silicone in them. The benefit of this is that the silicone and hair serum creates a protective shield for our hair. This shield not only makes our hair shiny and lively but also protects our hair from dust and dirt. Using hair serums offers us all-day comfort. In this way, we can continue our daily life without worrying about the deterioration of our hair. 

What Problems Do Hair Serums Solve?

Hair serums have many benefits because hair serums contain many beneficial nutrients for hair. The first benefit is that it makes our hair look thicker than it is. There are some disadvantages to having fine hair. Fine hair deteriorates faster, and they wear out more quickly. With these abrasions, people with thin hair may experience more hair loss. Hair serums protect our hair against deterioration by creating a shield on our hair and help our hair look thicker than it is. A second issue is hair frizz. With the busy pace of life, our hair gets puffed up, or we can see that our hair swells when we wake up in the morning. Hair serum keeps our hair the same for a long time. Hair serum can do this in the same way with the shield that our hair weaves around.

Nowadays, many men and women suffer from hair loss problems. Hair serums also help us solve the problem of hair loss. Hair serums increase the blood flow rate in our hair follicles and help our hair follicles to work. In this way, our hair starts to grow naturally. Finally, hair serums protect our hair from various external factors. These external factors are sun rays, hair dye, and hair straighteners. Too much sunlight during the day is often not for our hair. We can use hair serum in advance on days when we will be outside under the sun for a long time. In this way, our hair is less damaged by sunlight. Likewise, the procedures we do on our hair, such as coloring, perming, and straightening perm, can also damage our hair. The fact that we have used hair serum before performing these procedures makes our hairless damaged.

How Should We Use Hair Serums?

After finding the right hair serum for the right hair problem, the next step is to apply the hair serum to our hair. Before using the hair serum on our hair, we need to clean our hair for the best results. If our hair is not clean, hair serum can cause dandruff in our hair. Generally, experts recommend that we apply hair serum to our hair after taking a bath. We should thoroughly clean our hair with our shampoo in the bath and then dry our hair with a towel's help. Our hair is not completely dry; it is ideal if it is moist. After this preliminary preparation, we drop a few drops of hair serum on our hands, spread the hair serum in our hands, and warm it. This process does not need to take long. It is enough to distribute it for a short time, about 5 seconds.

We gently spread the hair serum, starting from the ends of our hair. While applying the hair serum, we have to behave like massaging our hair. Being harsh on our hair can cause damage. If we use hair serum for hair loss, we can apply it more intensely to the hair follicles. Hair serum should not contact the hair follicles for problems other than hair loss. After spreading the hair serum, check with a brush or a wide-toothed comb that the hair serum is distributed evenly on our hair for the best results. After finishing the hair serum application, we can shape our hair as we want. Hair serum will help our hair to be more comfortable and look voluminous. We can continue our regular life after drying our hair with a dryer.

Should We Use Hair Serum Every Day?

Hair serums have a specific frequency of use. We use hair serums at different frequencies according to the hair problem we have. If we have a hair loss problem, we can use the hair serum twice a day in the morning and evening or only in the evening. Our hair may not be clean enough in the morning. In these cases, we cannot use hair serum, so it is the right choice to use hair serum only in the evening. If we use hair serum to make our hair look thicker, brighter, or vibrant, we can use hair serum once in 3 days. Since the hair serum will protect our hair for a long time, we do not need to use hair serum every day. Sometimes, we should let our hair breathe.

We can also use hair serums to keep our hair straight for special occasions. That's why we can use hair serum closer to a more memorable event. In these cases, our hair should not come into contact with water for 8 hours. If we pay attention to this, we will not have another problem. In addition to these, the amount of hair serum usage varies according to our hair problem. If we use the hair serum to make our hair look more vibrant, thicker, or brighter, 1-2 drops of hair serum is sufficient. However, hair serums are not used only for the appearance of the hair. If we are using hair serum for hair loss, we may need to use more than 1-2 drops of hair serum.  In this case, we should use more hair serum as we use hair serum more often.

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