What Skin Care Products Do I Need

The question of what skin care products do I need is among the topics that many people research. This is a very important issue. You should be careful about which product you will use. There are skin care products that allow you to apply your skin care in the comfort of your home. Thanks to its wide range of uses, the products offer effective solutions to all your problems. Seasonal changes, unbalanced nutrition adversely affect the skin. You can find answers to your questions such as what skin care products do I need below.

Conditions such as inactivity and aging can cause your skin to wear out and become dehydrated. Considering these situations, you need to determine the appropriate sets for the needs of your skin. Products that provide protection against certain skin problems allow you to have a younger and healthier appearance. Unlike cosmetic products, you should provide the moisture and mineral supplements your skin needs. You should also renew the cells in the lower layer of your skin.

By deeply cleaning the makeup residues, oil, blackheads and white glands accumulated in the pores, you can ensure that your skin attains a smooth softness. You can make the most suitable choice for your skin among the world-famous professional skin care product brands. With the sets that create a therapeutic effect on the skin, you can relieve the tiredness and stress of the day. You can relax yourself before falling asleep.

At the same time, you can purify your skin from the dirt accumulated in the pores throughout the day. You should choose among thousands of different face and body care sets according to your skin type and needs. Natural and vegan content sets offer nature, animal and human-friendly solutions thanks to the organic extracts they contain.

What Skin Care Products Do I Need And How Is It Used?

A skin type that is transparent in appearance, balanced in moisture and oil, closed pores and smooth is considered normal skin. It is the smoothest skin. If you have a normal skin type, you can use cream or milk type make-up removers, soap-free foaming gel cleansers, and tonic with normal alcohol content. You can also choose light moisturizers and peeling cream 1-2 times a week. In the thirties, you should add anti-aging serums and creams containing plenty of vitamins and nutrients to the nourishing night cream, eye cream and masks applied starting 1-2 days a week.

Dry skin type has a dull appearance, oil secretion is below normal and the humidity is very low. We can encounter dry skin in both white and dark skin types. The pores are small and closed. If you have dry skin, the products you can use are as follows. You should prefer cream or milk type cleanser and alcohol-free tonic. We also recommend using an intense moisturizing and nourishing night cream containing intense oil. You should add moisture and oil-storing masks, eye area and neck creams, peeling cream, serums and ampoules to your skin routine as you age. If you have dry skin, you can be affected by the sun and wind very quickly, especially from the age of 20. So your skin tends to wrinkle quickly. Therefore, you should not neglect to use sunscreen after summer-winter care product

Skin Types and Products to Use

If you have combination skin, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oily, and your cheeks and eye area are more normal and dry. Sometimes there may be a lack of moisture. In oily parts, your pores may be open, you may experience blackheads and acne problems. In other regions, the pores are closed. The products you can use are as follows; You can use milk and gel type cleanser, low alcohol tonic (3-5 percent), moisturizer according to the needs of the skin. You can also choose cleansing, firming masks, peeling cream. From your thirties onwards, you should add night cream and eye cream according to the needs of your skin. If you have combination skin, you can be very affected by the climates. You may experience acne problem as oily areas become more oily in summer. In winter, your cheeks become very dry, stretching, scaling, redness and itching appear.

If you have sensitive skin, your skin is thin enough to show the veins. You have a red, itchy and burning skin type. Also, you can react immediately to bad conditions. You are usually allergic. It is a dehydrated and very stretchy skin type. For this reason, it is beneficial to use milk-style cleansers, alcohol-free tonics and sensitivity-relieving care creams. If you have this skin type, before purchasing a new cosmetic product, you should try it on an area such as behind the ear or inside the elbow for 3 days. If you do not experience any reaction afterwards, you should use it on your face.

What Skin Care Products Do I Need And Other Details

If you have oily and sensitive skin, your skin is oily but lacks moisture. Large pores may also be empty. The skin is slightly red due to sensitivity; it gets money. Products you can use: You should use a milk-type cleanser, alcohol-free tonic, and a very light moisturizer. You can also add desensitizing creams, pomades, desensitizing and oil balancing masks to your skin care routine. This type of skin tends to loosen and sag rather than wrinkle with age. That's why if you have oily skin, you should prefer firming-recovering care products from the age of 30.

Oily skin type has a shiny and oily appearance. It is a skin type with full pores and open, blackheads and acne-prone skin. Therefore, if you have oily skin type, you can use a gel type cleanser. You can choose alcohol tonic, very light moisturizing, cleansing-firming masks and peeling cream.

If you have oily skin type with acne, you have a constantly glowing skin because the oil secretion is above normal. Pimples, acne and blackheads are intense. The pores are enlarged and they are full. Humidity is normal. Your acne; You should definitely treat it medically under the supervision of a dermatologist. Products that can be given in daily care in addition to medical treatment; soap or gel type cleanser, tonic with high alcohol content, very light moisturizing, cleansing and firming masks.

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