Adapalene Anti Aging

What Is Adapalene?

Adapalene is a drug with anti aging effect, used in the treatment of acne, keratosis pilaris and many skin diseases. It can also be used with benzoyl peroxide. It has side effects. Therefore, it is not available for sale without a prescription. It is given together with some acne medications. Adapalene is also used as an anti aging. It is enough to use it once at night. Some exceptional patients may also be asked to use it in the morning. This drug is from retinoid drugs and is full of vitamin A. It slows the growth of skin cells and prevents inflammation. Available in gel, cream or lotion. Usually !1% is used. Up to 3% is allowed in severe cases.

With adapalene, the skin's defenses are reduced. The skin becomes much more sensitive to the sun's rays. For this reason, you should pay more attention to the use of sunscreen while using adapalene. It is not recommended to be used on sunburned, injured and inflamed skin. Before using adapalene, the skin is expected to heal. Creams containing alpha hydroxy acids and glycolics should not be used while using adapalene. It negatively affects the treatment. Adapalene also causes the skin to become worse before it gets better. After starting the drug, the skin may become red, dry and itchy. These effects disappear within four weeks. People taking adapalene should inform their doctor if they have hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the face, mouth or throat while using this medicine.

Adapalene is used in acne treatment as well as in anti aging treatments. And those under the age of twelve cannot use it. In addition, pregnant women and those with eczema should not use adapalene.

Adapalene Anti Aging

Adapalene is also known for its anti aging effect. Initially, it was considered suitable for the treatment of acne. And it has been used in such treatments. As the usage rate increased, a new effect was noticed. It is also adapalene and anti aging effect. Because it quickly heals and rejuvenates the upper part of the epidermis. It also has an active exfoliating effect. It cleans the dead and sensitive cells in the skin. As the skin is cleansed and moisturized, signs of aging diminish. Causes skin tone to even out. It causes the skin to harden, that is, to reduce wrinkles. For this reason, adapalene is also recommended in anti aging treatments. Since Adapalene is sold with a prescription, it is not possible for everyone to use it.

Anti Aging Methods

There are anti-aging treatments with stem cells. Because stem cells have the ability to renew themselves. And they reproduce by renewing the tissues. As we age, the number of stem cells decreases. But it never ends. There are always stem cells in our body. In the treatment of aging with stem cells, stem cells are taken from the bone and sent to the laboratory. And stem cells are turned into serum here. The resulting serum is given directly from the vein to the circulation. When given intravenously, skin cells are reprogrammed. And aging is delayed. Because stem cells have a rejuvenating effect. It is not a difficult process. There is no pain after the procedure. You can continue your life normally.

Another anti-aging treatment is laser therapy. It can be applied wherever the person wants. And there are many types of lasers for this. Scans are made on the skin with laser beams. During this scan, the rays are converted into heat. And in this way, an increase in collagen production occurs. Regeneration occurs in the connective tissue. Laser therapy is suitable for all parts of the body. It is used for skin rejuvenation, tightening and vascular appearance. It helps to heal the damage caused by the sun and the signs of aging.

Another method of anti-aging treatments is botox. The main purpose is to strengthen the soft tissues in the body. For this, dermal fillers are injected. It should be applied by an experienced dermatologist. Only in this way will you encounter a healthy and natural-looking result. If you do not choose someone who is good at his job, you can get very bad results. With the reduction of wrinkles and lines on the face, the face regains its old appearance.

In Which Order Is Facial Care Performed?

First, you need to start by cleansing your face. Remove daily dirt and makeup from your face with a facial cleanser. This also contributes to the opening of your pores. And the product you apply is easier to absorb. Then you can continue to clean your face with tonic. Tonic is also a part of this process. Balances skin pH. In addition, tonics also clean the remaining oil and dirt on your face. In addition, it also contributes to the opening of pores. And now you can use the serum. Make sure your hands are clean. Put two or three drops of serum on your fingertips. Gently massage this serum on your face and neck area. This will make your skin more comfortable. And you will increase the rate of absorption. You need to wait about five minutes for the serum to be completely absorbed.

Use moisturizer after serum application is finished. The moisturizer used after the serum is more effective. Sun-protected moisturizers will help you more in this regard. Because being under the sun too much causes wrinkles on the skin. But even if you have a sunscreen moisturizer, you must use sunscreen. If you follow these processes in the right order and carefully, you will see the results. The difference will be more noticeable when you apply it every day. You will have a more natural and healthy appearance. You will also reduce the signs of aging that bother you, such as wrinkles and brown spots. At the same time, your frequency and order of use are also very important. Even the best serum cannot give the expected result if it is not applied at regular intervals. For this reason, the most important thing is to perform maintenance at regular intervals.

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