After Wash Hair Care Products

There are many alternatives for after wash hair care products, such as conditioner, repair masks, essential oils, serums, apple cider vinegar. We need to choose the right product according to the hair type and the chemical processes of the hair.

Hair types are classified according to their thickness and pore status, such as 3A or 2B as numbers and letters. When we purchase hair care products, we need to choose the best that suit our hair type. In post wash care products, you need to choose different hair care targets, whether your hair has undergone chemical processes such as perm, chemical hair coloration or Brazilian blowout.

The porosity of the scalp should match with the product ingredients. It is more beneficial for a person with curly hair with low porosity to prefer some specific active ingredients. For those who experience hair loss, it is important to have nourishing properties as after wash hair care products. It makes a big difference even if hair care products or hair styling products are in the form of foam, spray or cream. For some hair types, it is better to take gel in contrast in the form of spray or mousse for some others.

Rinses out hair care products are better that allow the hair to breathe. The application of hair care products that do not clog pores is at least as important as product selection. With wrong applications, you can harm hydration balance or clog pores. You can both care and harm by the same product. Therefore, hair care products are both the solution and not the solution for some problems.

Types of post-wash hair care products

Among the types of after wash hair care products, there is primarily conditioner. The conditioner softens the hair and provides the necessary care, it is usually rinsed. The choice of conditioner is also different for oily skin and dry skin. Those with oily skin usually have a natural hair care structure. However you still have to balance oil structure and purify it. Some examples of hair care product types:

  • Oil Replacement Cream,
  • Balms,
  • Repair mask,
  • Serums and ampoules,
  • Conditioner,
  • Apple cider vinegar,
  • Essential hair oil.

In hair care after washing, hair creams with intense moisturizing properties are good fit for dry skins. Hair care creams that do not require rinsing are best for dyed hairs. For those who have dandruff and sebum problems in their hair, using conditioner can be a nightmare. Therefore, rinsing with products with apple cider vinegar improves hair care. It is necessary to provide deep care of the hair once or twice a week with restorative masks for dyed and damaged hair. Additionally, it is also a good choice to use hair care serums for dyed hair that has lost its natural structure. These serums are usually sold in the form of ampoules. After the hair is washed and dried, you should apply serums with finger massage. They are extremely comforting, full of vitamin, nourishing or restorative according to its active ingredient. You can get them via coiffeur salons.


You can use nature's miracle essential oils in hair care products after washing. Its porosity or hair type is important when choosing dreams. Very beneficial oils such as aloe vera and coconut are not suitable for all hair types.

After Wash Hair Styling Ideas

Hair styling after wash hair care products application is a dilemma and controversy. While we want to support the hair skin with hair care products, we can damage it with hair styling product at the same time. We should choose products that contain the least chemicals when styling our hair such as;

  • leave in conditioner
  • Hair mousse
  • Salt spray
  • Essential oils.

There are many effective methods in hair styling. We can shape our hair with machines, we can go salons, we can apply Brezilian blowout or chemical permanent perms. In all applications, your hair will wear out and need more hair care products for treatment purposes. Some hair styling sprays damage the hair much more. Therefore, we can learn from experts or hairdressers how to use one, as well as choosing the appropriate hair styling product according to the hair type.

We need to choose natural methods as much as possible to shape the hair. Additionally, it is important to use them after wash hair care products. It is important to make the right application to repair our hair that has been already harmed by chemical content or heat.

Application Of Hair Care Products After Washing

The way we apply “after wash hair care products” shows whether we can get effect from it. Improper use of the products completely affects the benefit. Generally, we apply the hair care product by massaging the scalp for dry skin types with moisturizing properties. However, most hair care products are inconvenient to stay on the scalp. Therefore, after using hair care products, you should rinse your hair again.

The most basic cleanse application you can apply to the scalp is shampoos. You can keep shampoos on the scalp for up to 5 minutes. Apart from shampoos, you should not leave serums and essential oils on the scalp for up to one hour and then rinsed. Hair care creams are not applied to the roots of the hair, but only to the hair itself. All hair styling products should not come into contact with the scalp. It is not good to use hair styling products with chemical ingredients. Moreover, you cannot apply them to the scalp either. They mostly clog scalp pores and eliminate hair care products effect. On the other hand, while some hair care products are used by massaging, it is sufficient to comb the hair in others.

Each hair care product has a different use. Therefore, when buying hair care products, we should talk to the experts or hairdressers who sell it and learn how to apply it clearly. It is best to keep hair scalp within the normal PH values. So, using after wash hair care products only to hair itself is logical.

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