Anti Aging Medicine

Anti aging medicine is a new branch of medical science. It deals with the causes of aging and its effects on the living organism.

It works to alleviate all kinds of age-related ailments. Its main purpose is to prolong the healthy life span of people. For this, it uses traditional and alternative medicine disciplines together.

Let's talk about the main causes of aging first. Experts have suggested various theories for this. We can list them as follows: Telomerase Theory of Aging, Free Radical Theory,
Life Rate Theory, Wear and Wear Theory, Neuroendocrine Theory,
Disorder Theory, Immune Theory, Fault and Repair Theories, Waste Product Accumulation Theory, Crosslinking Theory.

All these theories are based on three main biochemical processes related to aging. We can list them as oxidation, glycation and methylation. vOthers will be listed as chronic inflammation and hormonal irregularity.

The medicine interferes with the biological process of aging and fights diseases related to aging. These include arteriosclerosis and cancer. The aim here is to prolong the life of the living organism in a healthy way.

This branch of medicine is important not only for its individual benefits, but also for the economic efficiency of society. Although governments have different policies for older groups, it is clear that they will prefer a younger community. The young community is more effective in many ways.

This branch is a theoretical and practical science that aims to ensure that living things are healthy and long-lived. The important thing here is not just to prolong life. It also aims to improve the quality of life. Sick and long life is not a better option for anyone.

But that doesn't mean you won't have any disease. The aim here is that you can live a quality and long life even if you have a disease.


Experts aim to illuminate the aging mechanism in living organisms with anti-aging medicine. However, we still do not know most of the mechanisms of the biological aging process today. So it is a developing science. As a result of their studies, experts were able to identify some causal factors. These studies are quite extensive, such as gene mutation, free radical oxidation, immunological deterioration, decreased cellular function and decreased hormone level.

The causes of aging identified by experts are as follows: decreased hormone levels, oxidative stress by free radicals, reduced cellular function, immunological deterioration, gene mutation etc.

In this process, in addition to traditional medicine methods, experts examined blood vessels, hormone levels, functions of sensory organs, balance between active oxygen and antioxidant potential, and others. In this way, they revealed the signs and symptoms of aging.

The importance of these examinations is not limited to lifestyle guidance to prevent age-related diseases. More importantly, it provides early diagnosis and treatment for age-related diseases. Not to mention how important this is.

Clinical anti-aging medicine includes measures to improve your lifestyle. These are: nutritional supplements, psychological guidance, exercise programs,
stress control and diet program.

Each treatment method contains different elements. When choosing therapy, patients should carefully consider the risks and benefits of the therapy they choose. Moreover, environmental safety should be given importance.

Calorie Restriction As One Of The Anti Aging Medicine Methods

Experts attach great importance to diet among anti-aging interventions. With calorie restriction, experts can slow down the aging process without leaving the living thing without food.

Moreover, in their studies on animals of different origins, they revealed that calorie restriction prolongs the average and maximum life span. For example, restricting food intake in rats prolonged the median and maximal lifespan. It also prevented chronic diseases. As a result of successive studies, experts have proven that calorie restriction affects lifespan in a wide variety of organisms.

According to experts, with calorie restriction, diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and cancer also show regression. The important thing here is to make the calorie restriction balanced.

In addition, there was a decrease in blood pressure and body weight in animals that applied high levels of physical activity together with calorie restriction. Moreover, there were decreases in serum cholesterol and insulin levels as well as other anthropometric-physiological parameters.

Experts follow 4 ways in this regard. These pathways control cell growth, mitochondrial function, and autophagy. Experts have proven the many benefits of calorie restriction.

However, it is still a difficult technique because it is difficult to apply the treatment for a long time. In this way, experts have discovered amazing compounds. These compounds affect health and lifespan without restriction in caloric intake. Experts called these compounds "calorie restriction mimetics."

To Summarize

Since the elderly population is higher in developed countries, anti-aging medicine has emerged in these countries. It is a branch of medicine that continues to evolve. As we mentioned above CRM refers to compounds that mimic the outcome of calorie restriction.
Examples of these are: mTOR inhibitor (rapamycin), GH/IGF-1 axis inhibitor (pegvisomant),
We can give AMPK activator (metformin) and activator of the sirtuin pathway (resveratrol).

Experts use some hormones in their studies to improve sensitivity, proportion order, cardiometabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and increase the quality of life of the elderly. The most common of these are as follows: estrogen, progestin, testosterone and DHEA. In addition, the HRT hormone used by specialists in treatments can increase the risk of thromboembolism or some types of cancer.

Apart from these interventions, the composition of the healthy gut microbiota through prebiotics/probiotics and FMT is also very beneficial for signs of aging. Finally, the multitude of positive effects of vitamin D on the elderly population seems to make it a popular anti-aging drug in the future.

As A Result

In this article, we told you about a developing branch of medicine. We briefly touched on the causes of aging. And we talked about the work of medical experts on this subject. We talked about the discovery of many useful treatment methods, although they have not yet been fully proven. We hope this article has been helpful in satisfying your curiosity.
Thanks to modern medicine, we have hope for the future.

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