Best Hair Care Products

A hair care routine works best with high quality and valuable products, which is why it is important to look for the best hair care products for a more efficient hair routine.

When selecting the right products to add into your hair care routine, you must first address the two main requirements for healthier hair: hydration and protein. Hydration provides moisture, and moisture is needed to quench thirsty hair strands. Hydrated hair protects strong hair strands from further breakage. Apart from hydration, protein is especially important in healing the hair.

Protein is the building block that makes up our hair, and a lack of it can lead to hair loss and thinner hair strands. Consistently applying protein filled products like conditioners and masks onto your hair, can heal split ends and fill up the gaps within your damaged hair cuticles, making it look fuller and stronger.

Understanding what your hair needs to keep it healthy and strong can make the selecting process easier. Incorporating plenty of protein filled and moisturizing hair products can further improve and maintain the health of your hair.

Best hair care products for frizzy hair types

Frizz is caused by the opening of the cuticles which is triggered by, heat or dried out hair. In order to address frizzy and dry hair you must look for products that hydrate the hair fibers. The benefits of well moisturized hair is it improves the strands elasticity, which prevents the hair from breaking off. Sufficient enough hydration is the key to healthier and beautiful hair.

This hair care product is a hydration shampoo for natural hair. A shampoo rich in moisture while also creating enough lather that  cleanses the scalp without over drying it. This product contains moisture providing ingredients like coconut oil and honey. The hydration shampoo defines the hairs natural texture and reduces any signs of frizz

Additionally, you should also add a foamy clarifying shampoo. This product should definitely be used for the hair. A healthy and strong head full of hair starts with a well cleansed scalp. Clarifying shampoos clean the scalp from built up dirt and dead skin cells that clog the hair roots, preventing it from growing stronger tresses. You should clarify your scalp once a week to keep it consistently spotless.

And finally, a co-wash should be regularly performed in your hair care routine. Frequent washing of the hair can be bad for curly textured hair types, who are more prone to frizz than other hair textures. This co-wash contains moisturizing components that keep the hair from frizzing up. Not only does this co wash cleanse away the dirt and oil in your curls like regular shampoo does, but it softens the hair. This co wash creates more defined ringlets.

Best hair care products that provide healthier hair strands

There are many factors that contribute to damaged hair. Heat, hair dye and dandruff. Healthy hair is vital for preventing any more damage towards the strands from occurring. Hair that is in good shape, results in versatile hair roots and strands that prevents breakage and a brittle hair texture.

Healthy hair is well guarded against heat. Therefore a heat protectant spray is definitely a product you should add for healthier hair. This spray effectively protects the hair from blow driers, hair straighteners and any heat requiring hair styling tools. It’s moisturizing contents prevent the hair from breaking off while wet. And keeping the hair well hydrated before any heating tools are used onto it.

Additionally, you can also use this spray to protect against the sun. If you live in hotter climates, and your daily routine consists of spending it outdoors, than you should apply this spray before exposing your hair to the sun. for  The sun can damage the hair

Many people love experimenting with their hair by dying it to a different color. Unfourtunaetly, hair dye is highly damaging to the hair, and if used too often can weaken the hairs strands and its texture. However, dyed hair can still be kept strong and healthy.

A purple tinted shampoo and conditioner is proficient at maintain blonde dyed hair. The purple tint, eliminates the brassiness that is caused by frequently washing dyed blonde hair. And thanks to the purple conditioner, you can maintain this lovely color for a longer time.

Harmful products you should never use

We know what ingredients we need to boost our hairs appearance but what about the ingredients we should avoid? If you do not pay attention to the products label, you can unknowingly cause harm to your hair and over time weaken it instead. Look out for these chemical ingredients when shopping for hair care products.

The first chemical compound you should look out for is sodium lauryl sulfates. This ingredient work as a cleansing agent for dirty scalps and is regularly found in shampoos.

Sulfates may be super efficient in cleaning the hair from excess oil, but it can be too intense for the scalps skin. Shampoos high in sulfates can lead to overly dried hair and cause irritation to the scalp which could lead to a serious rash especially if you have sensitive skin.

The next ingredient you should look out for are parabens. The parabens purpose is to eliminate bacteria from developing onto the scalp. However research has show it can cause tumors

Denatured alcohol. While a tiny amount of alcohol in hair care products are overall safe to use alcohol can be insanely drying to the scalp. And if you already posses a dry or sensitive head, can lead to more dryness and irritation which could lead to weakened hair follicles.

Synthetic fragrances. That heavenly smelling shampoo you love so much is the result of added fragrance into hair care products. Although we love a bit of fragrance in our products, it has been proven to cause some harmful effect towards the hair. It can cause irritation which could lead to a itchy scalp. It is best to select fragrance free products for optimal efficiency.

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