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Hair growth! It is a subject that interests many women. For me, it has been a concern for a long time, especially at the beginning of my return to nature. In this article, we will piece with you the elements to take into account when you want to gain length, but also a hair serum recipe that can help.

Everything You didn't Know about Frizzy Hair Growth

When you decide to stop straightening your hair and keep it frizzy, of course, you set yourself some length goals. And that by not taking into account the aspects that you will keep in mind every detail. You tell yourself that you wanted to one day reach their hair length. Today, you might be very far from it, if you have become a short hair fan. If so, you have learned to love your hair as it is with its strengths, as well as its weaknesses.

At the time, so you might have just focused on the length; and had not taken into account the points below.


This is one of the most essential things, in our opinion, when it comes to hair growth. Indeed genetics is our DNA, what constitutes us. And at this level, we are all different, even within the same family. When genetically you don't have a fast hair growth rate, and you are not aware of it, it can be a source of a lot of frustration.

Indeed, you will spend a lot of energy, time, and money to grow your hair, but the results will not necessarily be dazzling. On the other hand, you can have someone around you: your sister, your girlfriend, or even someone you follow on social networks for whom it will be a whole different story. Indeed you will have the impression that this person is not going but absolutely not to take the head with that, we know it's frustrating, but that's how it is.

Genetics will play a role in your hair type, whether your hair is thin or thick. Again you can't begin to compare yourself or want to achieve the same length as someone with thick, voluminous hair.

So it is essential to know your genetically good potential before setting yourself goals that are too difficult to achieve. Try out some hair serums to see which suits you.

The Hair Routine

Again we cannot say it enough, but a proper routine is essential if you want to gain length. Indeed, the right actions, the products adapted to your type of hair can make the difference. Otherwise, you risk ending up with hair in terrible condition and breakage. And who says breakage, says the loss of length, so you will never be able to reach your goal.

Food / Hydration / State of health

These are things to consider in everything, so in this specific case as well. Indeed, eating a healthy and balanced diet will provide the body with all the nutrients that will help it build strong and healthy hair. The same goes for hydration; drinking enough contributes to good health, but it also helps when you want to have more length. When you are dehydrated, it can be felt on the hair. They, in turn, dry up and become brittle.

When we speak of the state of health, we mean the deficiencies that one can have in iron and vitamins. Our modern diet is inferior in vitamins and minerals, so it is essential to fill these gaps by eating as varied as possible or by taking food supplements. For your part, you might have suffered for a long time, and might still suffer today from a severe lack of iron, which can significantly impact your hair level. In fact, iron is vital for the nutrition and oxygenation of hair reproduction cells. A lack of installed iron can lead to thinner, brittle hair and even hair loss. So it is primal to make sure that you don't have a deficiency when you want to have longer hair.

In short, keep in mind all these elements that we have just listed. Otherwise, you risk getting the wrong track, creating frustration, and not reaching the desired length.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

It is a very simple hair serum to make and which can boost hair growth. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients:

40 ml of Castor vegetable oil: we don't need it anymore! It is an excellent ally in terms of hair growth. It stimulates their growth and strengthens them.

30 ml of Avocado vegetable oil: it will bring strength and shine to the hair, thus making it possible to beautify them and maintain their length

30 ml of Jojoba vegetable oil: it has a composition close to sebum. It will bring an excellent synergy to the hair serum, strengthening the hair at the same time.

First Ten drops of Peppermint essential oil: it stimulates hair growth, cleanses the scalp, and relieves itching

Ten drops of Clary Sage essential oil: it has antifungal properties, helps to have a healthy scalp, and promotes hair growth

Another ten drops of Rosemary essential oil: it reduces hair loss and accelerates growth in a remarkable way

Ten drops of Vitamin E: it is a natural antioxidant that will allow the serum to be optimally preserved by preventing rancidity.

Final Touch

Mix the different ingredients, and your hair serum is ready to use. You can use it every other day by massaging the scalp, and a few drops are enough. You can also utilize it as an oil bath on a weekly or bi-monthly basis on the days you are going to shampoo. Beware of essential oils, and they should not be used in pregnant women and children under six years old.

Keep these things in mind, which we mentioned above, and also be patient. If you move forward consistently, you will get results. It is also primal that it does not turn into an obsession; the most important is to have healthy hair and appreciate it as it is: fast-growing speed or not.

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