Best Hair Repair Products

Your hair has suffered from chemicals and dyeing, but from home-made recipes, there is almost no use? Try an effective way to reconstruct hair from the world's most famous hair repair products. Modern products for hair restoration are presented with various tools. They all differ in composition, method of administration, and therapeutic effect. 

Types of Hair Care Products

Shampoos - clean the hair from grease and dirt, help to quickly restore the damaged structure, saturate the strands with beneficial substances, remove dryness, brittleness, protect from environmental influences and prepare the hair for other medications. Regenerative shampoos must be used during rehabilitation;

Conditioners - seal the nutrients in the root, smooth the scales, make the hair soft, smooth and silky, encourage easy combing, have a moisturizing and nourishing effect. To achieve the effect, the agent should be left for about 10 minutes;

Capsules are among the best hair care products. As a rule, they contain proteins, plant extracts, keratin, and collagen. Possessing a triple effect (therapeutic, cosmetic, and prophylactic), they ensure rapid recovery of damaged areas, strengthen the roots of threads, stimulate their growth, moisturize and nourish;

Masks - restore the water balance of hair, give them a healthy, well-groomed look, contribute to the rapid regeneration of colored and colored strands. Renewal hair repair masks must be applied two times a week. Validity - half an hour;

Oils - help in the fight against dissecting the ends, wrap the strands with a thin protective film, make the hair soft and docile;

Serums - effectively treat dissected scales, give a healthy look even to hopeless threads. It works almost instantly. They contain amino acids, polymers, lipids, plant extracts, and various vitamins.

Composition of Reducing Agents

Repair agents must contain useful components:

Oils (argan, jojoba, shea, pomegranate, flaxseed, olive, wheat germ) - have a nourishing effect;

Vitamin E - takes care of hair follicles, restores structure from the inside;

Acetamide MEA and hydrolyzed keratin - normalize the water balance, allow to maintain the integrity of the hair structure;

Proteins - prevent hair loss and breakage;

Propylene glycol is a special substance responsible for the penetration of threads that are useful for deep layers;

Cetearyl alcohol and behentrimonium chloride - harmonize the structure, make the hair more docile;

Collagen - helps remove split ends, strengthens strands;

Ceramides are needed for the complete restoration of the structure.

The Best Recovery Tools

The modern market abounds in the renewal of products of various price categories. We bring your attention to the best complexes that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness. Why complexes? Yes, because experts claim that hair repair products belong to the same brand and take part in the course.

Wella ProSeries Winter Therapy

This line includes a shampoo and conditioner intended for the complete care of damaged hair. They combine hydrating and nourishing effects, as well as give shine to strands, silkiness, and softness. The ingredients that make up this series saturate the hair with vitamins and trace elements, smooth out the scales, forcing the hair to fit snugly, and create a great effect. With regular use of shampoos and balms, "Winter Therapy" on the curls appears a film that protects them from the external environment and reduces damage during the laying of threads.

Therapists from Kerastase

The present saves hair damaged by frequent coloring and permanent perm. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, mask, and serum. Curiously, the balm must be applied to the shampoo! The main active ingredients of each hair repair product are keratin (which is included in the hair structure) and myrotamnus extract (a rare plant that can survive in the absence of water). The effect comes immediately - the threads become smooth, hydrated, and docile.

Kiehl's Hair Damage Repair

Professional products for the care of damaged curls probably won't be able to do without this really powerful line. Hair Repair consists of three products - shampoo, conditioner, and indelible serum, which can be applied to dry or wet hair. The composition of these funds is the vegetable oil of the moringa tree, whose healing properties have been known since ancient times, as well as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, contributing to the renewal and strengthening of threads.

Intensive Recovery from Pantene Pro-V

This series includes a shampoo and conditioner designed for weak, brittle, damaged strands. Cosmetics create a strong protective barrier that protects the threads from negative influences. Thanks to procratinin and moisturizing microparticles, which are a part of Pantene Pro-V, the products of this line allow you to effectively combat brittleness, dryness, and fragmentation, as well as the absence of shine and luster. With regular use, the hair will shine after two weeks.

The Little Marseilles

The series consists of 3 products - masks, shampoos, and hair repair conditioners. They contain many unique ingredients - extracts of flowers, herbs, fruits, honey, and valuable oils - argan and shea. After washing, it leaves a very light aroma and gives the hair a real French charm. The therapeutic effect of these products is to strengthen the roots, get rid of split ends, nourish, hydrate, and restore even the driest and burnt hair.

The famous Korean brand is one of the best. "Tony Moly" products are not cheap, but valuable. The line's range includes about thirty different care products for severely damaged and weak hair - shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, creams, foams, lotions, and liquids. The composition of products includes high-quality active ingredients that do not cause allergies and allow you to get rid of dryness, breakage, and dullness.

The famous Italian brand presents its line of revitalizing products, which consists of cream masks, whose main components are:

Herbal extracts include red pepper, bamboo, sage, basil, fennel, blueberry, peach, tomato, mallow, henna, and birch;

Oils - flaxseed, olive, almond;


Aloe vera;



Vitamins - A, E, C, F

Struttura's products promote fast hair growth and renewal, as well as nourish, moisturize and protect from harmful external influences.

Instant Moisture by Paul Mitchell

One of the best professional series, which provides complete care for damaged hair. Instant Moisture contains moisturizing hair repair shampoo and nourishing balm based on jojoba oil, aloe vera extract, and panthenol. Instant Moisture is suitable for frequent use. Under constant use, the effect will be on the face - nor will it become softer, stronger, and silky.

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