Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the common problems most people face in their life. Generally, virtually all people experience this kind of problem; however, some people do a highly excessive amount. Hair loss that makes up a big part of the appearance also causes some psychological problems. In other words, people get affected by it in many ways. People need to find out the most effective solution. A lot of factors cause hair loss including vitamin D deficiency. The solution may be taking proper hair loss vitamins.

What does hair loss result from?

As mentioned above, people feel disappointed with their hair loss problem. They look for the best solution desperately. They do whatever people say. Many factors are related to hair loss problems like environmental factors, tiredness, stress, air pollution, hormonal imbalances, etc. Because of these reasons, the hair loss problem gets more increased. Besides these reasons, vitamin deficiency is a hair loss problem. 

Vitamins play a role in hair loss because their function is variable in the body. For instance, vitamin B helps the production of red blood cells carrying the oxygen for hair tissue and scalp, or, Vitamin C provides needed iron absorption for growing hairs healthy; besides, it increases the collagen contributing to the shedding of the hairs. If it is not taken enough, hairs look weak and thin. Among the vitamins, vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins. In the condition of deficiency, some vitamin supplements may be beneficial for low vitamin D.

How does vitamin D deficiency lead to hair loss?

  • Vitamin D affects most of the body including skin and hair loss. Its main function is to help new hair follicles grow. If hair follicles regrow, existing hair loss can be delayed. Taking vitamin D is necessary for the body. As well as protecting the immune system, it controls hair follicle growth. It feeds hair follicles and prevents hairs from falling out. In the condition of not taking vitamin D enough, you will have more likelihood to suffer from hair loss. Vitamin D and hair loss is related, but how can you understand you have low Vitamin D? Let's have a look at possible symptoms of low vitamin D while experiencing hair loss.

The Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Hair Loss:

  1. Getting diseases easily: One of the main functions of vitamin D is keeping the immunity system strong and running it. In case any infection or disease happens, it helps us fight for them. It interacts with cells that prevent us from being ill. If you are getting the flu or illnesses with hair loss, you may have vitamin D deficiency. 
  2. Tiredness and feeling weak: In the deficiency of vitamin D, the widespread symptom is feeling tired. You can't do anything quickly. You feel exhausted all the time. When you try to deal with hair loss, you don't sometimes have the energy to do something. You are always weak to be energetic. Then you may have vitamin D deficiency.
  3.  Bone and Shoulder Pains: Vitamin D plays a role in protecting bone health. It contributes to the calcium absorption of your body. Unless you take vitamin D enough, you have much pain in your bones and muscles. Low back pain is also a common problem in low vitamin D taking. If you experience bone pains in your body together with hair loss, you can have vitamin D deficiency.

People also have trouble with depression. 

Depression is said to be related to vitamin D.

  1. Depression: Having a depressive mood may be a symptom of vitamin D. In some patients who are in depression, vitamin D deficiency is determined. Most experts claim that giving vitamin D supplements to patients decreases the depressive mood. Many people having hair loss suffer from depression. In that case, we can say that depression with hair loss is related to vitamin D deficiency. You should start thinking about whether you have low vitamin D if you have depression and hair loss together.
  2. Wounds Healing Slowly: Vitamin D helps the healing of wounds rapidly. For instance, if your wounds heal after an operation or another treatment, you may have a low amount of vitamin D. In the condition of low vitamin D, there can be seen healing slower than enough vitamin D. While you are having hair loss, you sometimes realize your wounds heal late. Probably, you have vitamin D deficiency.
  3. Weakening of bones: You feel that as if you lose weight. Vitamin D is responsible for calcium absorption and bone metabolism. Low amounts of minerals in bones account for vitamin D deficiency. In any injury, you are susceptible to get damaged more. 
  4. Muscle Pains: There are many arguments that each age group having muscle pains may suffer from low vitamin D, so doctors say that there is a connection between muscle pains and vitamins depending on identifying the paining part of the body. You probably have vitamin D deficiency, if you experience muscle pains besides hair loss.

If you go through these symptoms besides hair loss, you could have vitamin D deficiency. You can identify whether you have low vitamin D to some extent. The best way to make sure about it is by applying some blood tests

Where can I take vitamin D for my hair loss?

Almost all of us know that vitamin D exists in sunlight. This is the common belief coming from old times. Sunlight accounts for the most amount of vitamin D. There are other nutrients including vitamin D. For instance, sunflower seeds, nuts, cheese, some fish species, etc. All help us to take vitamin D

What if we haven't the condition to use up them?. 

I mean each person can't eat fish all the time, or a child can't consume sunflower seed at school. Even some people don't have sunlight in their country because of climate changes. 

That's why the most practical way to take vitamin D is by using vitamin D supplements. To handle low vitamin D problems for hair loss, you can take vitamin D supplements; however, you have to be sure about having low vitamin D. Finally, taking vitamin D supplements is an effective treatment for hair loss. It also has other vitamins that are important for hairs. 

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