Can Vitamins Cause Hair Loss?

There are lots of people complaining about falling out of their hair. Hereditary problems, hormonal problems, or stressful environments are among the reasons, but vitamin deficiency is also a big reason for hair loss. Many people try to find out the answer ''Can vitamins cause hair loss?'', which vitamins should I take for my hair? etc. There is a significant relationship between vitamin and hair loss. Is taking a hair loss vitamin a good choice. In this article, you will find the answers for which you are looking.

Why are vitamins important for hair?

As mentioned above, vitamins are vital instruments we need. Vitamins are vital in that it helps hairs not to shed. Like vitamins, they have a role in our body, they also place us in a particular position in the body in terms of keeping the hair stronger. People generally don't care about their eating habits. Because of their daily routines, stressful job conditions, and business, they can't find enough time for arranging proper eating habits. They are prone to eat fast food, snackers, etc. When they eat them, their health gets harmed. They get used to eating those harmful foods all the time. Since they do that, they have some vitamin deficiency in their body. Consequently, many problems occur in the body from tiredness, feeling pain, weakness to hair loss. Vitamins don't just harm our mood like tiredness, angriness, etc. In hair growth, they also play a negative role.

How do vitamins harm hair growth?

Although many factors cause hair loss, vitamins are the biggest reason for hair loss. They affect the growth of hair follicles. If people don't pay importance to what they eat or some eating or sleeping habits, their hair follicles give an alarm. They panic due to the shedding of the hairs. Everything in our body has some roles. Vitamins help the hair not to shed. We should abstain from vitamin deficiency to have healthy, stronger, and brighter hair and pay attention to provide needed vitamin support for hair. Our hairs need a balanced diet and taking vitamins we need. Doing sports, proper sleeping, and feeling relaxed contribute to hair being stronger, but vitamin supplements are also needed by our body. Vitamins play a crucial role in our hair, but we need to know which vitamins we should take.

What vitamins should we take for hair loss?

Many vitamins are having a specific role in our body. The human body needs to take enough vitamin or vitamin supplements not to face any problem with hair. As long as people don't get vitamins enough, their hair gradually will be weaker, not stronger. To set up vitamin balance is important for not experiencing any hair loss. Let's look at what vitamins we should take for hair loss.

  1. Vitamin E: Vitamin E provides the proper circulation for hair. In case of any problem in the hair, it solves the problem quickly. When you don't get enough vitamin E, you can encounter some possible falling out of the hair.
  2. Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 plays a big role in hair growth. If it is not taken enough, hair loss will be intense. Along with hair loss, it triggers many problems like tiredness or weakness also.
  3. Iron: When there is a low amount of iron in your body, you go through hair loss problems. If it is the lowest rate, you probably anemia. Anemia occurs on the condition that it is not taken iron enough. The iron amount is not at a proper level in that case.
  4. Vitamin C: Unlike the common belief, vitamin C is not for keeping the immunity strong; in contrast, it has other benefits for the body. Besides contributing to the immune system, it is very important for hair growth. It includes a substance called collagen. Thanks to it, vitamin C also helps not to shed hair. Vitamin C helps hair follicles to stay strong.
  5. Vitamin A: It helps the production of the substance that feeds hair follicles. In the deficiency of vitamin A, some problems like redness, itching on the scalp may arise.

B9 plays a role in hair loss to a large extent as well.

  1. Vitamin B9: B9 vitamin is one of the most essential vitamins for hair loss. Folic acid exists in the B9 vitamin. As well as benefits for body function, it also helps hairs keep strong. It is responsible for cells that are important for tissue and scalp. In the deficiency, it is possible to face a hair loss problem. When you encounter hair loss problems, your hairs also look thin.
  2. Biotin: Biotin is a highly important vitamin for hair loss. People who have a problem with their loss use mostly biotin. It exists in B vitamins. For women who are pregnant, doctors recommend it as well. 

Is there any problem with taking vitamin supplements?

We have talked about some eating habits. We mostly aren't loyal to them. When vitamin deficiency arises, we sometimes can't find any possibility to consume the necessary nutrients. We aren't able to buy them or we dislike some foods which are needed for taking vitamins. In that case, we must think about taking vitamin supplements for our problem. In the hair loss problem, vitamins are widely used by people around us. Particularly for pregnant women, vitamin supplements taking is highly advised by their doctors. There aren't any negative sides to taking vitamin supplements. Like in daily food, they have substances and minerals inside them. You don't need to worry about it, but researching them thoroughly is important.

Are all vitamin supplements for hair loss the same?

Of course, the answer is no, for there are plenty of vitamin supplements on the internet or in markets. They mostly include many chemical ingredients producing bad effects on our body, especially for our hair. Think about that you take them with big enthusiasm and use them all. Probably you see the bad effects of them, thus you should know which one is more beneficial. By the way, you must never forget about taking them regularly. In the condition of overdosage, your treatment duration will be in vain together with your dreams. Finally, your falling out of the hair can result from vitamin deficiency. After your vitamin deficiency is identified, you had better take the vitamins mentioned in the article for hair loss.

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