Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products

When buying skin care products, reviews about the product are often read. Dermatologist recommended skin care products are also products that individuals tend to buy frequently. Because the skin of individuals is important. Nobody wants to be healthy while caring. For this reason, dermatologist recommended skin care products are in high demand. Dermatologists look at the ingredients before recommending products. Dermatologists do not recommend any product containing harmful ingredients. These harmful components can have a long-term toxic effect on the skin. Dermatologists must always be transparent in this regard due to their profession.

Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products

Skin care is a routine that should be done twice a day by everyone. Because during the day, the skin is exposed to dust from the environment. In addition, when the oils produced by the skin itself are combined with powders, it causes many skin problems such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Because oil and dust fill the pores of the skin. Pores are the units that allow the skin to breathe. Blocking them both leaves the skin airless and causes skin defects. Therefore, regular skin care must be done. Otherwise, skin problems are inevitable.

For a good skin care, dermatologist recommended skin care products should be preferred. Apart from this, products should be selected considering the skin type. If these conditions are not taken into consideration, products that are not suitable for the skin are selected. Thus, in the long run, the skin may age prematurely or skin defects such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads may increase. A healthy and flawless skin goes through a skin care made with the right products. For best effects, skin care should be done regularly morning and evening.

How Can I Determine My Skin Type?

It should be noted that the products taken for skin care are dermatologist recommended skin care products and that they are compatible with the skin type. Otherwise, skin defects may increase, acne and blackhead formation may increase. All we need to determine our skin type is one dry tissue. The first step for this is to wash our face. After washing, we should wait for about an hour. We should not touch our skin in any way during the waiting period. Nothing should touch our skin, including our hands. Then we have to separate the dry tissue into layers. We should wipe one area of ​​our face with each layer of the dry tissue layers we separated. We can determine the skin type according to the result.

If there is nothing on the napkin, it means you have normal skin. The ideal skin type is the normal type. If there is a flaky skin rash on the napkin, it means you have dry skin. Individuals with this skin type should moisturize their skin well. If the napkin has an oily appearance, it means you have an oily skin type. Individuals with oily skin types should use a strong cleanser and more acidic than other skin types. If the forehead and nose area is oily when you look at the dry tissue sheets, it means you have a combination skin type.

Individuals with combination skin type only have oily forehead and nose area. The forehead and nose area is also called the T zone. Individuals who have oily skin in this area and dry other areas such as cheeks and chin have a combination skin type. After determining our skin type, we can choose the most suitable product for our skin by considering the dermatologist recommended skin care products.

Why Choose Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products?

Dermatologist recommended skin care products should be preferred. Because dermatologists give information about products in a very transparent way. When a product is labeled "dermatology tested", it means that it has been checked by dermatologists. Products that have successfully passed various laboratory tests can bear this letter. This means that the product will not cause harm to the individual. However, this is not enough to choose a product. The skin type of the individual should be compatible with the product purchased.

If the product purchased is not compatible, the skin of the individual may age prematurely in the long run. Because the product, which is not compatible with the skin, tires the skin. Thus, the skin ages earlier than it is. In addition, an increase in skin defects such as acne and blackheads is observed. Appropriate products should be preferred in order to minimize these defects and to keep the skin clean. In addition, regular care with the right products delays the aging of the skin. Because the pores that allow the skin to breathe are opened thanks to skin care. Thus, the skin ages later. Also, regular skin care is very important for healthy glowing skin. This is why dermatologist recommended skin care products should be preferred. Skin care is very important. A healthy skin makes the individual look healthy and young.

How To Make A Skin Care Routine?

Dermatologist recommended skin care products should preferably be used in the skin care routine. The first step in a skincare routine is a cleanser. First, the skin is washed with water. Then it is washed with cleanser. After drying the face, tonic is applied as the second step. The use of tonic may vary from person to person. Its use is not mandatory. The tonic allows the skin to absorb products better and feel refreshed.

After this step, serum is used as the third step. The serum applies like a cream but gets absorbed faster than a cream. Its texture is lighter than cream. The serum gives the skin the moisture it needs. In the fourth step, the cream is applied. The cream is applied for skin imperfections. As the fifth step, sunscreen is applied. Sunscreen must be applied in all seasons. Skin care is done in the morning and evening. However, sunscreen should not be used in the evening skin care routine. As long as all these skin care routines are done regularly, positive results will be obtained. The skin will look healthy and well-groomed. Individuals should pay attention to their skin health as much as possible and should not neglect the care.

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