Does Beard Oil Work?

What is the beard oil for?
Beard oil is a unique mix of oils that softens and conditions thick facial hair. It gives the skin a smoother appearance, controls loose hairs, and, for longer beards, avoids unsightly split ends. The pleasant smell it leaves is an advantage, although not so much for you as for those who approach you. If you're serious about having a smooth, lustrous beard, using oil is essential.

Beard oil is one of the basics of a bearded man's toiletry bag as it provides nutrition, hydration, softness, and shine to both the beard and the skin it covers, all without leaving a greasy or unctuous appearance, and with a pleasant fragrance.

How to use beard oil

Beard oil should be spread on a dry (not wet) beard, which will prevent it from dripping onto clothing. It is recommended three drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands. Rub them in and apply the product to the beard up and down to ensure maximum coverage. Once scrubbed, use a brush and beard comb to ensure even distribution of the oil. If you are not certain how much oil to use, start in moderation; you can always add another drop or two but can't take any away.

What to look for when buying an oil?

The best beard oils utilize only natural ingredients, such as argan, jojoba, and sweet apricot oils. Although they can also have skin-friendly additives, such as vitamin E, used more and more. Avoid anything that contains silicones or chemicals you can't pronounce. These "chemicals" coat hair to make it look smoother but can prevent oils from actually being absorbed. And as we mentioned before, without absorption, there is no smoothness.

Provides nutrition, hydration, softness, and shine to both the beard and the skin it covers

The perfect routine for your beard
When a man wears a beard, he stops performing the shaving ritual, and with it the peeling or cleaning action of the skin that the blade does every day when shaving.

You don't have to go full out either. With a good beard shampoo, a clear styling gel, beard oil or balm, and a specific brush, you can do wonders. The oil will provide good conditioning, and if you also need a little control, you can use the balm, which in addition to all the benefits of the oil, provides a bit of fixation. It is primal to take good care of the skin under the beard. Make sure to wash and exfoliate to avoid the dreaded flaky beard.

Tame that beard

A brush to soften those untamed beards
Whatever product you use, we note that you make sure to apply it thoroughly. Make sure you dip your fingers all the way in and give your face a good exfoliation, spreading and massaging the product well. It is also suggested to use a soft bristle brush on your beard about twice a week. It is to help exfoliate and clear out dead skin cells that can get trapped in your beard.

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Please make a visit to the barber, at least once a month, and they are good people, and your appearance will thank you.

The beard, an established trend
More and more young men have a beard and, far from being a fad, hairy faces have come to stay: "When a boy grows a beard, he takes care of it, pampers it and loves it, and then it's tough to say goodbye.

Does beard oil make the skin greasy?

As long as it is a quality product, categorically not, it distinguishes a premium cosmetic from another consumer or supermarket, the quality and balance of its components. Beard oils are specially developed to be lighter and less greasy, which means that they are absorbed by both the beard hair and the skin underneath, rather than staying on the surface. You will know that you have bought a good oil if, after applying it, you run your hands through the beard, and it feels soft, smooth and nourished, but does not leave any residue on your hands.

Is beard oil only suitable for long beards?

Of course not, what's more, for beards that already reach a certain length (3 or 4 cm.) We recommend a good beard balm.

Is beard oil just perfume?        

No, it could be one of the expendable components of beard oil. Choosing a beard oil for the perfume is essential, but it is not the decisive point we must focus on. Preferably on our skin type and the most suitable vegetable oil.

Is beard oil expendable?

If you would like to have a healthy and attractive beard, beard oil is ESSENTIAL. As the beard reaches a medium length, the hairs start to curl back on themselves, which is what causes that horrible itch in about a week. A few drops of oil will soften the sharp ends and help keep the skin under skin hydrated. Therefore reducing the risk of beard dandruff (yes, there is).

How to apply beard oil correctly?

There is no such method on
how to use beard oil, but we offer you a number of steps that you can follow :

  1. Its application is recommended after showering, as the warm water helps to open the pores of the skin, which allows the beard oil to be better absorbed.
  2. Using a dispenser, add two to four drops of oil to the palms of the hands.
  3. Rub the oil droplets between your palms so that their molecules rub against each other so that their aroma can hit home.
  4. Now, it's time for you to begin giving a light massage all over your beard. For best results, start from the roots to the ends, especially if your beard is long.
  5. Finally, we advise you to take the opportunity to shape your beard, either with your own hands or with a special comb for it.

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