Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyebrows had the most attention, even in ancient cultures and societies. Men and women valued dark and thick eyebrows. To maintain a beautiful shape, they turned to nature and discovered minerals and black paint. If you observe the historical findings and art, you can clearly see the emphasis on the eyebrows. According to them, thick and voluminous eyebrows were the embodiment of beauty and sexuality. Even the unibrow has been perceived as a symbol of beauty! So eyebrow care is not something new, and the peculiar ways of ancients evolved. Over the course of history, those minerals became today’s eyebrow serum. 

Evolution is an essential part of civilization. From medicine to beauty, every tendency has been exposed to a certain amount of change. Ultimately, some of these changes find their way to our modern world. Especially the ancient beauty methods and understanding emerged again. For instance, thicker eyebrows are the current beauty trend! Because of that, eyebrow growth serums developed and find their way within the beauty methods. Since we are in an internet age, finding information and discovering methods of beauty is very easy. Everyone should benefit from easy access to information about their general health.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Eyebrows

Before you choose an eyebrow serum, you can try natural ways to improve eyebrow health. As we have mentioned before, ancient people developed natural methods to preserve their beauty, and we have a chance to do so. You can create a healthy diet that should consist of specific vitamins, healthy fat, and protein. For instance, eggs and avocados consist of biotin, an excellent vitamin to enhance your hair growth. You can always include those in your diet easily. As you may know, the hair is made of the protein keratin, meaning you need to add protein to your nutrition process. Nutrition does not affect the health of eyebrows directly but provides general health in terms of hair growth.

Furthermore, iron and certain types of oil will be helpful too. Especially coconut oil is pretty good for cleaning your eyebrows. It is necessary to apply eyebrow serum to clean and moisturized the area, and coconut oil massage to your eyebrows will work just fine! Another oil that consists of vitamins and minerals (remember the ancients) that assist in hair growth is castor oil. Applying a couple of castor oil to your eyebrows and leaving 20 to 30 minutes will give the desired look to the eyebrows. Of course, you need to clean your face thoroughly and remove any residue that is left. You should also clean your make up too before you apply oils or eyebrow serum.

How Eyebrow Growth Serums Became Necessary?

Even though the ways of beautifying have evolved, the issues of an individual as well. Nowadays, many people suffer from a variety of things, and that causes many problems. Eyebrows are also affected by these problems. Modern people mostly suffer from stress, and that causes hair loss. A certain amount of hair loss is usual, but if we add telogen effluvium to the equation, there will be more apparent issues. Extreme diets for losing weight in the short term lead away to hair loss as well. To reach a specific body shape, many people disregarded proper nutrition, which fastens usual hair loss. These conditions bring stress to daily life, and stress creates the habit of over-plucking. 

In addition to all of that, diseases and conditions like eczema, skin infections, and aging are the other reasons for hair loss. Considering our modern problems, seeking additional help is a necessity. Consulting a dermatologist to prevent further damage to your skin, and for your eyebrows, in this case, should be your routine. Moreover, you can take suggestions for a suitable eyebrow serum from your dermatologist. In that way, you have a chance to control the growth process of your eyebrows and prevent anything that may cause excessive hair loss. You have all the rights to preserving your body and your beauty. Since eyebrows are part of your beauty, there are plenty of products on the market to help you maintain and elevate the look them. 

What is an Ideal Eyebrow Growth Serum?

To attain the desired look is a process and requires consistency. No matter what you are using to improve the condition of eyebrows, you need to apply it on a daily basis. It will take time until you see the results, but it will be worth it! If you decided to use an eyebrow serum, you need to find the most effective one for yourself. That also requires patience and research. Luckily, you can look for the reviews by the previous user of an eyebrow serum all around the internet. Social media and YouTube are full of reviews, and you can check them anytime. Internet is full of information. Unfortunately, not all of them are precise and true. Initially, you have to find suitable eyebrow serum according to your issue and skin condition. With that, you can prevent possible allergic reactions and side effects. 

Most importantly, you have to be cautious for false and fake products too and purchase the clinically-proven and dermatologist approved-products. The components of the eyebrow serum are quite important too. You should find the products which consist of natural vitamins and oils. Biotin should be in an ideal eyebrow serum because it has growth-enhancing qualities for hair. The other component is minoxidil, which also prevents hair loss. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and be aware of what you are taking to your body –medicine or nutrition- you have a strong chance to prevent hair loss. Self-care is something to push the stress away out of life so that you can feel comfortable. Eyebrow growth serum is one of these elements that will help you to reach your ideal self. Eyebrows are a small part of your body, but if you keep them thicker and voluminous, you will definitely feel more secure. You are precious and deserve the best in every way! 

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