Hair Products For Natural Hair

It is necessary to pay attention to the use of hair products for natural hair. And when using hair products for natural hair, you should take care to use more natural products. There are many hair masks that you can prepare at home for natural hair care. You can also take care of your hair with natural oils. Coconut oil care comes to the fore in the use of hair products for natural hair. What is coconut oil, what are the benefits, let's talk about them

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins E and K. And it also contains iron. Vitamins E and K are very useful for hair care. In addition, coconut oil is great for moisturizing hair. Coconut oil care is necessary for lifeless, dry hair. With this oil, the hair regains its lost moisture. And it will be more resistant to breakage. Because the dampened hair is less likely to be damaged. In addition, it gives shine to the hair. It also contributes to the rapid growth of hair. The vitamins in its content are effective against both hair growth and moisturizing.

Another of the benefits of coconut oil is to prevent dandruff in the hair. It also has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the scalp. Coconut oil can be used daily. It is applied to the surging hair, both for care and reduction. At the same time, it is waited for half an hour after applying it to the hair. And it is washed. Thus, you will have moist hair all day long. And you use hair products suitable for natural hair. Your hair will not be damaged.

Home Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

Hair products for natural hair, you can apply hair masks that you can make at home instead of chemical. Moreover, in this way, you will care with more natural methods. Below are a few mask recipes for damaged hair.

Let's start with coconut as an example of using natural hair products for natural hair. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in the microwave. And apply it to your damp hair. You can cover your hair with a cap so that the hair does not come into contact with the dirt. Sleep like this for a night. And wash your hair well the next day. Coconut oil can be heavy for some hair. In such cases, you can use avocado oil or olive oil. These oils are rich in omega 3. And avocado-based masks are ideal for damaged hair care. Provides repair and rejuvenation. The moisture of the hair comes back and the hair becomes stronger.

It is necessary to use natural hair products for natural hair. Let's move on to another non-chemical mask recipe. For this, half an avocado, the yolk of an egg, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey are mixed well. Apply this mixture to your damp hair. You need to apply it from the root to the tip of the hair. In this part, you can wrap your hair to protect it from external influences. In this way, dry your hair with a blow dryer for ten minutes. Then wait another twenty minutes or so. And finally, rinse your hair.

Harms Of Hair Dye

Hair dyes are known to be very damaging to the hair. And it's very damaging to the hair. Because hair dyes contain pigments. And the pigments damage the hair structure. The damage it causes can even cause cancer. As a result of some studies, it has been determined that lymphoma cancer is more common in people who have hair dye. For this reason, you need to take time between your hair dyes. Coloring hair more often does a lot of damage to the hair. It causes breakage, drying, wear and tear. It damages and weakens the hair follicles. Since it contains PDP, it can cause wounds in the hair follicles. It can also cause discomfort such as redness, itching, swelling.

After the hair is dyed, dryness, shedding and hardening are seen in the hair. To repair this situation, you need to moisturize your hair abundantly. Because damp hair is more difficult to wear. However, dry hair is much more likely to wear and dry. For this, you need to use conditioner and hair oil during the day. Thus, your hair gains moisture and is nourished. Hair dyes also come into contact with the skin. For this reason, it is harmful to skin health as well as hair health. When dyeing hair, you need to ventilate the area you are in. Because hair dyes contain heavy chemicals and smell bad. Inhaling the odor it emits also damages the respiratory tract. Especially those who are sensitive to smell should be extra careful. You can also try using a mask when dyeing hair.

Things To Consider While Washing Hair

The frequency of washing your hair varies according to your hair type. Therefore, it would be wrong to give an exact number of days. Make sure your hair is completely wet before applying the shampoo to your hair. Because shampoo is more effective on wet hair. And this way, you will have a chance to spread the shampoo more evenly. It is also important that the shampoo is adequately rinsed from the hair. If the shampoo is not rinsed completely, the residues in the hair will make it look dull. You don't need to use too much shampoo in every wash. It is better to use enough.

You should also apply the shampoo you will use evenly from the bottom to the tip. Because the scalp is more polluted than the scalp. This is because the scalp produces oil. Therefore, you need to be more careful and attentive while washing your scalp. Especially if you have oily hair, you need to take better care of your scalp. After foaming enough, massage a little with your hands. And rinse well. In this way, your hair is cleaned better and looks healthier. You will have lively and shiny hair.

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