Hair Serum Oil

We must have good hair for a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Of course, to have beautiful hair, we have to pay attention to our diet and avoid stress. Besides, our hair requires more care from us. With the busy pace of life, we may not show enough attention to our hair. In cases where we ignore our hair, our hair may start to die and fall out. Haircare products make up for this lack of care, which is why there are hundreds of hair care products on the market. There are various types of hair serums, hair care creams, and hair care oils. All these products can be useful for our hair, but there are differences between them because hair serums contain different nourishing ingredients, while hair care oils have other elements. These haircare products solve various problems with the foreign substances it contains. 

If we can look at another perspective, we can see hair care oils and hair serums have common points. Both these products protect our hair against heat. We can see that our hair gets too dry when we blow-dry, or our hair is dyed. Using hair serum or hair care oil, we can solve this harmful problem. When our hair becomes too dry, our hair begins to fall out. We can use hair serum or hair care oil to prevent hair loss.

Hair Serums and Hair Care Oils Differences

Many people think hair serums and hair care oils are the same, but there are some differences between hair serums and hair care oils. Hair serums are silicone-based protective products, but hair oils are nourishing care products for hair. For this reason, we can use the word protection a lot for hair serums in comparison. In the same way, we can use the name nourishing for hair care oils. Hair serums create a protective shield around our hair. Thanks to this shield, our hair looks thicker, brighter, and more vibrant. Haircare oils do not give such an effect. We can use hair care oils for our tangled hair after the shower. After using hair care oils, we can comb our hair more quickly. 

Hair serums also protect our hair from dust and pollution. We can enter many dusty and dirty environments outside or at home. Our hair also comes into contact with oily and dirty places and can get messy. Hair serums also reduce the dirt on our hair thanks to the shield it weaves around our hair. Haircare oils reduce frizz in the hair. When we wake up, we can see our hair messy. A hair care oil we use before going to bed at night helps us from static hair. Similarly, our hair may swell and deteriorate in our daily life. In this case, hair care oils are still useful.

Also, hair serums protect us from prolonged sun exposure. We spend a lot of time in sunlight for our job, or we may stay in too much sunlight on vacation. In these cases, it is useful to use hair serum the day before or before going out in the morning. Haircare oils do not have enough power in this regard. Finally, hair serums are useful to solve the hair loss problem. We all know that hair loss is a common problem for most of us. While different hair serums help with hair loss problems, hair care oils do not affect. We can say that hair care serums are more effective.

How To Use Hair Serum Oil

Hair serums and hair care oils have similar application methods. The popular way is to apply the hair care product to damp hair. Before using hair care products, our hair must be clean. For this reason, we must first wash our hair with our shampoo in the bathroom. During this process, our hair should not be dehydrated but should remain moist. Then, we drop some hair serum or hair care oil on our hands. While doing this process, we should be gentle with our hair like a massage. According to our hair problem, the area where we apply the hair care product varies. If we are using hair serum for hair loss, we should mostly apply hair serum to the scalp. Most of the time, we do not apply hair care products to our hair follicles except for hair loss. 

As another method, we can apply the hair serum oil to our hair after washing our hair. After applying hair serum oil to our hair, we keep it in our hair for 1 hour. At the end of 1 hour, we clear our hair. We can do this once a week or three days. This frequency can change according to our needs. Our hair also wants to meet the air naturally. That is why we should not drown our hair while using hair care products. After applying the hair serum, we should distribute it evenly on our hair with a brush or comb. Haircare product accumulated in a specific area is not useful as everything else is harm. We should also determine the amount of hair care products we use. Usually, 2-3 drops are sufficient.

Are Hair Serums Better Than Hair Care Oils?

There is no 100% clear answer to this question. This answer varies according to the effect we want from the hair care product. While hair serums protect our hair, hair care oils nourish our hair. That's why they contain different ingredients. However, hair serums may also contain elements of hair care oils. Therefore, we can see that hair serum gives the properties that many hair care oils provide. Therefore, hair serums also have products that provide both care and protection. Products such as argan oil hair serums give both safety and care. Haircare oils, on the other hand, cannot provide the opportunities that hair serums offer. If we look at it from this point of view, we can think that hair serums will be a more logical choice. Nevertheless, it is always best to choose hair care products suitable for your hair problem.

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