How To Apply 7 Days Hair Growth Serum?

Hair serums provide deep nourishment and strengthening of the hair. It is one of the most important and powerful products in hair care. Especially, hair serums, which target hair loss, have hair structuring, hair growth, and density, are the most preferred. A serum that grows hair in 7 days is also one of the miraculous products. It is known to give results from 7 days in regular use on the hair.

The ingredients and formulas of hair care serums are more concentrated than other hair care products. For this reason, thanks to their formula, they can directly affect the hair and penetrate the hair strands. Thus, they ensure that hair strands receive the nutrients their hair needs directly. They ensure the regeneration of the hair by being saturated with nutrients.

Hair serum should first be applied to the tips and lengths of the back of the hair. Before this procedure, the serum should be warmed up in the palm. Warming the serum should be done by rubbing the palms together. After warming the serum in your palm, it should be applied to the back of the hair. It should be ensured that it is evenly distributed all over the hair. If the hair needs more hair serum, 1-2 more drops of serum can be applied.

It is recommended to apply the hair serum primarily to the back of the hair. It is then recommended to apply to the front parts last. Thus, it will not be clear even if you apply the serum unintentionally. In addition, applying it by massaging the hair follicles before bathing will also care for your hair.

What Should Be Considered When Using Hair Serum?

Hair serum should be applied carefully to get the right results and to achieve the look you want on your hair. In order to keep your hair healthy, the amount and application of hair serum is important. Properly applied hair serum nourishes and lengthens the hair. However, improper application or excessive application will aggravate the hair. If you want to see both the growth effect and thickening in your hair, you should use the hair serum correctly.

If your hair dries quickly after using hair serum, change the serum you use. This means that you do not choose a suitable serum for your hair. It is not right to use hair serum every day. According to experts, it is sufficient to use a hair care serum 3 times a week to prevent hair damage. If you have a serum that requires you to use it every day, use it sparingly.

The most important issue when using hair serum; hair is not wet. Applying a hair serum on dry or damp hair gives better results. After using hair serum, you should definitely comb it with the help of a comb so that it can penetrate all your hair. The serum is not applied to dirty hair. Therefore, make sure your hair is clean before using a serum.

Does Hair Serum Made With Argan Oil Grow Hair?

Argan oil hair serum, which is very beneficial for hair, benefits many positive changes in the hair. Its benefits on hair and skin are known to everyone. Argan oil is a serum that comes from natural ingredients. Argan oil is completely harmless. The fine structure of argan oil instantly penetrates the hair strands, preventing breakage and other problems in the hair. Especially for slow-growing hair, Argan oil hair serum is recommended. When applied to the hair, argan oil, which you can find in many places, creates a soft and silky appearance on the hair. 

It provides care and moisturizes the hair without disturbing the pH level in the hair. Repairs and cares for hair strands. Due to the antioxidant effective components in the argan oil hair serum content, the hair is nourished and gains a more vivid appearance. In addition, these antioxidants are of great importance in hair growth. It lengthens the hair quickly and healthily.

It helps the hair to have softer, brighter, and vivid colors by repairing the hair strands that become dull. It prevents problems such as splitting and splitting, which are mostly experienced at the ends of the hair. It helps to form much healthier hair strands. It prevents frizz in the hair and removes the roughness in the hair strands.

It acts as a shield in the hair when it is used on hair that is worn out by the application of blow-drying and paint. In this way, it protects the hair from root to tip. You can use argan oil hair serum daily. Thus, you will benefit the overall health of the hair. It prevents breakage and wears on the hair. Thus, it helps the hair to grow naturally.

Where Can You Get Hair Serum?

Recently, hair serum is a popular care product. It has an important effect on the nourishment of hair from root to tip. It is especially recommended for people with weak hair follicles or those whose hair does not grow. It has a much more intense content than shampoo or conditioner. For this reason, it usually acts much faster. For example; Serums such as 7 days hair growth serum are very effective. It nourishes the hair follicles deeply. Nourished hair follicles tend to grow.

In line with all this information, you can also use hair serum. You can examine different serum types to get the effects your hair needs and to ensure healthier growth. If you wish, you can easily purchase hair serums on our website.

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